Lolita: 1-34

After reading these first few pages a couple times, I think I might like this book for a while. It started off by introducing to us the main character’s childhood and his past. This is good because it helps me, the reader, to get to know the character that I am following throughout the story, and I get to learn about who I’m dealing with.

Throughout the pages that I have read, I have learned that the main character has had love interest in young girls, which he calls “nymphets”. In my mind I thought he was just being a pedophile, which may be true, but by the end of the reading, we found out that he was insane. I guess this can excuse his pedophile-like behavior. I also think that this is forshadowing as he does acknowledge the fact that he is insane. He said (on p:34) the “The reader will regret to learn that soon after my return to civilization I had another bout with insanity…” This makes me more interested in the story because insane characters tend to be unpredictable, and this would be able to keep my attention as the story play out with a pedophile for a main character.

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