The Yellow Wallpaper

When I first started reading this story I felt like the narrator was going to tell one of those horror stories like in those horror movies with haunted houses and creepy things going on around the house making the people in the house lives miserable. But in fact the story went another way than what I imagine it would be. The story is told in a first person point of view. At the beginning of the story the narrator explains to us that her husband, John, brought her to this house for the summer.She describes the house in many different ways for example as “a colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house.” The house is very big and it looks like its been abandoned for quite a while which in my opinion it’s kinda of creepy. She also wonders why the house been abandoned for so long. The narrator tells us about an illness that she suffers and that she’s been prohibited to do any types of activities and writing is one of them.

Her husband, John, is a doctor and also her doctor which he takes very good care of. John has many cases out of town so isn’t really much around and comes home late. So the narrator also suffers from her marriage apart from the illness that she has. She describes the house a lot and soon she describes to us her bedroom walls, the bars in her window and especially the yellow wallpaper. She sees many things wrong with the wallpaper and she describes it as strange formless patterns. She also talks about how it changes light colors in the day and then at night is different. She becomes obsess on finding out whats behind that wallpaper and she wants no one around to take a look because she wants to figure it out herself. She finally comes the conclusion that she discovered that the pattern does move and that there is a woman that shakes it. She says that she feels sometimes that there are great many women behind and that there are sometimes that there is just one, that she crawls around fast. At the end she becomes very insane and tells John that she is finally out of the wallpaper and that in fact she was that woman trapped inside the paper and that he can’t put her back inside.

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