the Yellow Wallpaper (1899)

While reading this story I was definitely confused. In the beginning I understood that the narrator was sick and her husband was taking care of her. They were also renting a little home until they home got completely finish. But then when she was put into the old nursery or should I say the slammer I wasn’t sure if was for her benefits meaning to help her get “better” or for her husband benefits. Not completely understanding the text I thought John just wanted to control his wife. It seemed to me that the narrator believed whatever her husband said and that whatever decision he made it was only for the best for her and to help her get better. In the beginning of the text page 2 she says “He is very careful and loving and hardly let me stir without special direction” After reading that my instant thought was everything she must do she has to go to her husband to get his approval. After reading a couple more pages I was then stopped when I notice that the narrator spoke up for self and expressed what she wanted to do. As stated at the ending of page 4 beginning of page 5 she says ” I tried to have a real earnest reasonable talk with him the other day, and tell him how I wish he  would let me go and make a visit to cousin Henry and Julia”. But as I kept reading she was eventually shot down and just like the beginning her opinion didn’t matter. I’m not sure if the message was to point out that John was a controlling husband or should I say a “Mr. know it all” but that’s what definitely stuck out to me.

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  1. its a good thought… though the story does explain it self once after you read it you look at the time the story was based upon, it was normal during those times for the wife to be submissive and always look for the approval of the husband, hence why she wasn’t getting any better because her needs were ignored and constantly being treated as a crazy person at one point you yourself start to believe it. From the beginning of the story you see the narrator grow into her madness and become that which she hated the most, ending up empathizing with the horrid Yellow Wallpaper.

    -btw, you have a few grammar mistakes, but I like reading your blog.

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