The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The yellow wallpaper was a very interesting read. The many different entries that she was able to write during the three months that she was in that house showed the downward spiral her mind underwent while being in that horrid room as she described it.

At first i was confused in what was her true condition, why was she sick? What was wrong with her? And what really caused her so-called condition. As a “High standard” physician i feel that John, her husband was very ignorant to what truly was wrong with his wife. After i read the story a second time i noticed that she had given birth and was going through something to this date known as Post Pardon Depression, but during the times that the Yellow Wallpaper was written i can see why it was not hold accountable as a possible reason for her condition.

There is a line in the story from the first page when John assures family and friends that there is really nothing wrong with his wife but that she has a temporary nervous depression, a slight hysterical tendency. This part when he mentions this really bothered me, because when the narrator spoke about her personalities and how she was as a child it shows that she really has a very vivid personality and a strong imagination .

She is kept very isolated and treated as a mental patient kept in a very depressive room and not allowed to do any type of work or exercise, kept with with a very strict prescription for each hour of the day, a person with just nervous tendencies would not undergo such a heavy amount of pills and medication.

Her heavy interest with the wall paper at first i thought that she was just describing how she felt with the way she is being treated. But with every page i continued to read i noticed that she was becoming a part of that wall paper that she saw herself in. The last few pages were the most frightening  to read, there i saw her go completely insane, she became a part of that room and the image that was painted was a bit off but i thought she was going to hang herself, or at least she was in such a form that even her husband John could not process what he was seeing.

i felt that at the end with what she went through she felt liberated at last but her husband deemed her crazy. She closed the story by telling her husband “I’ve got out at last, in spite of you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you cant put me back!” This is her saying she is free, and with those words she tried to let John know what she has been feeling all of this time and what he and Jane has been putting her through. John of course didn’t see it this way and to see his wife become that which he tried to hard to “cure” her from caused him to faint.

It was a very fun piece to read, to see how she was turned into the very thing they were trying to cure her from.

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