The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

this story was very interesting because it had a lot of description of how she yearned to be free from this boxed area that felt like a prison almost. This whole story is first person , you can tell by looking at the reading and see that it reads the authors actions and thoughts through out the whole story. both the author and the wallpaper had a lot in common. they were unhappy by the fact that they were isolated from everything else. her husband was one of the main factors that kept coming her way for escaping.

she describe John also known as her husband as someone who is caring and loving but also someone who is a creating a wall to her freedom. another good aspect of this story would be how the wallpaper starts suddenly moving in her eyes, its kind of like a symbolism that stands for her trying to escape and grasp her freedom. as anyone i believe freedom is a right and there shouldn’t be anyone who can try and take that. in this story its the opposite so it kind of contradict my belief, here she had to fight for it .but anyhow freedom is something every one want to have.

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