“The Yellow Wallpaper”:

When I first read this short story I felt as if I was visiting a abandon old nursery home where illegal activities were being place since the setting of the old place had maze like gardens. Jon suggest that even her imaginative power with the nervousness would lead to fancies that only in certain conditions can be produced. I saw this around page 3 in which John was suggesting that her sickness was also a part of her this imaginative power.

After reading up to the beginning main point of the story which was the wall paper, I began to understand the narrator’s obsession with the wall paper and the type of relationship she had with john who later appears as a lover on page 5 “Why darling! said he, “our lease will be up in three weeks, and I can’t see how to leave before”.  As the weeks past the author determines that only she can understand the wallpaper on the same page (5.) “There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me, or ever will” since she stayed in that room for long amounts of time since she was suffering from some sort of sickness but John just didn’t believe her so she had to stay away from anything that was stressful.

Going back to the subject of the narrator’s obsession with the wall paper later appear as if a woman lived in the paper and only she would leave in the daytime and the narrator painted the scenario  of this woman seeming like there were a ghost inside the place. In the end the room caused her to have these delusions of “creeping women” around the area so she really believe people came out of this “paper” and the only one that is able to save her is John to take her away from that place to finally be able to take the narrator home.



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