The Yellow Wallpaper

The story set suspense and trill like a horror movie. The first page the narrator describe her trill for living, she want something exciting in her live but is trap in a house.  Her husband does not have the patient for living an exciting and trilling life because he has not patience with faith and intense horror of superstition. The narrator tone state of anxiety throughout out the story. The narrator show angry desperation and sarcasm. Because the story is set in the 180’s, women feel trap in a relationship.

“At night in any kind of light, in twilight, candlelight, lamplight and worst of all by moonlight, it is being causes bars! The outside pattern I mean and the woman behind are as plain as can be”(p6). The narrator describes her life as she was trap in the house. The pattern on the wallpaper remind her how she is trap in the house. As the pattern repasts and does not have a begin or an end, her life does not have a meaning. She have dreams of been a write but is unable to write because John hate when she write.

On page 3 “I think sometimes that if i were only well enough to write a little it would relieve the press of ideas and rest”; the narrator describes how she feels if she could write better. On those two page she describe how when want to do more in life but is unable to accomplish things in her life. She is not fully aware of been trap in the house, she think John know what’s best for her. At end of the story she feel so trap and angry that it came out with a outburst rage.

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