Response to The Yellow Wallpaper

This is a story whose main character seems to have some mental problems. The woman claims to be sick, but her husband, a physician, believes she is not. It is soon, after this point, that the story begins to lose me and get me again, only to lose me some more. However, I’ve managed to get attached to the near end of the story. Once I’ve read the line “It is the strangest yellow, that wallpaper!” (pg. 7), I knew something was bound to happened. The reason for this is because that line referenced the title of this story.

The story then talks about how the woman pulled off the wallpaper in her insane state of mind. By the end, she confronts her husband after doing what she did. As far as I’m concern, the narrator/ main character is a nut case and has confused me completely throughout this story. However it is that type of confusion and insanity that kept me some-what interested in this story. It has actually forced me to read it several times and, I am still slightly confused by the main characters actions and behavior.

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