Hello my name is Jovan English i am from Montego Bay, Jamaica; the land of great dance, loving people,and food. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and attend New York City College Of Technology (City Tech) as a full time student persuing a carrier in nursing. I love to play basketball, play video games, Collect retro sneakers such as Nike Air Force Ones, And Air Jordans. I like to collect them because i can always sell them in the future and supplement the financial aspect in my life. Like other produts such as phones and T.V’s they lose value over time but Air jordans and Retro Nike Air Force Ones they’re the opposite, they gain value over time because of the quality and scarecity they offer.I also like to travel and learn new languages. Personally i like to learn new things and expierence new things; what better way to do that then to travel. I like to learn new  languages because it gives a pathway to how a specific set of people think and interact. For example back home in Jamaica we speak to each other joyfully and warm depite the fact of what status or what role you have in society. I like to read books as well. Books that i like to read are nonfictional genres- practical books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad that you can enroll in and implement them to your life. Also Nonfictional scientific books such as Physics of The Impossible By Michio Kaku that gives us knowledge of the latest break throughs in the scientific world and the coming revolutions that are coming/facing to the human race. And the major decisions we will have to make. Very Interesting book Coming from a Theoretical physicist. I look forward to what the future holds and hopefully the future is brigh for me. I am a hard working person and maybe 5 years down the road I’ll aquire my carrier in nursing and live a normal peaceful life. thats my inttroduction looking foward to learning alot in ENG 2001 fictional literature and the elements  of writing.

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