Who’s Irish by Gish Jen

In the short story who’s Irish i believe there was a lot conflict between the grandmother and Sophie, its hard to be someone you’re not especially for Sophie. She s still a child yet her grandmother punishes for anything that is not common in a Chinese girl. i believe her grandmother takes to much pride into making Sophie be like every other Chinese women out there. having said that one of the ways her grandmother got to make her listen was through physical punishment. its that same reason why it had led to Sophie rebelling against her. “I hate you! she yell. I hate you, meanie!”.  her grandmother needs to understand not everything solves by physically hurting someone. i don’t want to sound stereotypical but i feel that Asians are known to spank their kids. for them it is a way to teach them not to do something they don’t want. it’s good in a short time,but in the long run they tend to be rebellious. i say that with confidence because I too have gone through those days as Sophie had, but in a different perspective.

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