Who’s Irish

Honestly I found this reading very boring and it took awhile for me to actually understand the text clearly. The style of writing was really different because of the numerous ethnic backgrounds and with that came the conflict that arose in the story. The narrator of the story, fails to accept her son-in-laws Irish roots whilst still trying to instill the Chinese culture into Sophie.

She attempts to do so by spanking Sophie and disciplining her in the way the grandmother was taught. As a result of her actions against Sophie, the grandmother was forced to move out based on her reluctance to accept another’s culture solely for the betterment of Sophie’s life. It is always good when you have family members from different ethnic backgrounds coming together and assimilating, that is helpful for Sophie’s development and to be able to learn different things based on a certain culture is great has it can allow to be a well rounded person.

The grandmother’s fierce character cost her a relationship with her granddaughter. She learned the hard way that its never a good thing to be blinded by only one thing has there are options out there. Whether you accept them or not is up to you.

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