Who’s Irish?

When I first started to read this short story, I said to myself that this person doesn’t know english well. When a story is written this way it makes it seem more real. An old woman from China is speaking in broken sentences.

I think it is a good story. Its a story about different cultures of the world. It shows how someone is raised in one country sees others in other countries. One difference that was in this story is how parents treat their children. In this country today, it’s considered abuse when you hit your child. Even if they’re doing something bad. Even if they won’t listen and punishments won’t work. The text says, “John and my daughter agree Sophie is a problem, but they don’t know what to do. You spank her, she’ll stop, I say another day. But they say, Oh no. In America, parents not supposed to spank the child. It gives them low self-esteem, my daughter say. And it leads to problems later, as I happen to know.”

A part that I thought was amusing were the male and female roles. In the beginning of the story she was saying how she was fierce. Her husband and the staff in the restaurant were afraid of her. Even gang members were afraid of her. They would hide their faces behind menus. Her daughter Natalie is fierce too. She is the vice president of a bank. Theres another part where the Shea family has four brothers and none of them work. All of them are on welfare.

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