Two Kinds

Society in general can reflect a lot of influences upon others and this is evident in Two Kinds. The narrator Amy, has a very complex relationship with her mother. Her mother has the plan for Amy to be a successful music prodigy and believes¬†“that you could be anything you wanted to be in America,”¬† but constant failures to convince her mother that she was poised for success took its toll on Amy and one night she looked herself in the mirror started crying and came to the conclusion that it was time for a change.

Prior to her change in attitude, Amy felt pressured into playing the piano and knew deep down that this was not what she wanted to do. While Amy was sitting down in the living room one day, her mother approached her to notify her it was time to practice the piano. Nonchalantly she refused and thought to herself that her mother was not the boss of her and she wasn’t a slave of her mother’s so it’s okay to say to no. Amy was really content on her decision to quit the journey of becoming a musical prodigy.

There are always opportunities available for someone to be successful, some may have a few more than others, but as I reiterate it is never good to be blinded by just one path or goal as you should have backup plans in place in case things don’t pan out the way they should.

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