Response to Who’s Irish?

To be honest, I really think the title of this short story to be very accurate. “Who’s Irish?” Even though the main character’s son-in-law and his family is Irish, the story mostly talks about the elderly main character (who is a chinese immigrant) and her grand-daughter’s mischievous ways. This is excusable, as the granddaughter is a 3-year-old child, but I think that the story shouldn’t have mostly been about her.

At first glance of the title, I thought the story would have been about an Irish person or something, but I was very surprised to know that the narrator/main character is a Chinese immigrant. Afterwards, the story goes on to talk about how she had to deal with her mischievous granddaughter named Sophie. What puzzles me is why the author decided to write a paragraph, on page 616, explaining that Sophie is brown-skinned and it constantly talks about her being brown. That information was kind of misleading and pointless because I thought that meant that the main character’s daughter cheated on her husband, but nothing of that sort came up later in the story.

Afterwards, the story then goes into Sophie’s rambunctious behavior. For example, on page 617, the narrator talks about how Sophie would take off her diaper and run around naked. Also in page 619, she learns to “hit the mommies of her friends.” At this point, I was actually satisfied when the grandmother spanked Sophie for her misbehavior, even with the whole “foxhole” incident from pages 619 to 620.

The rest of the story didn’t interest me, and overall I forgot that the title of the story is called “Who’s Irish”. However, I did find the story humorous when it came to Sophie, but that’s it. The story had little to do with the Irish and mostly to do with a mixed 3-year-old’s life with her Chinese grandma.

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