Amy Tan. Two Kinds

When I read anything I always look at the title and try to understand the meaning of it and along the reading I also try to find where it is mentioned, like in this case “Two Kinds”.

The American Dream is a phrase that is or used to be an inspiration or a reason for people from other countries to come to the United States and make some of their dreams a reality like in my family’s case the idea was to come here to work hard, save money, build a house and buy a car back home, then go back.  All that became a reality except for one thing they never went back.

That is why this I relate to this story, and can tell how dedicated parents are towards their families success, like in this story where the mother draws an imaginary world inside her ignorant and young daughter’s mind until she realizes that everything her mother told her was not true and that she will not do what her mother told her to do any more. She believed she was not a genius which in the eyes of her mother she was. Maybe the mother was a frustrated old lady who could not make her dreams come true when she was youngster living in China, but instead she had to abandon her life to come to America where she redid her life. The story does not mention the reasons why she left China?  Even-dough at some part in the story is mentioned that the twin babies died.

I think the daughters reaction towards her mother’s desire for her to be someone important is understandable because I personally when I was at a very young age my parents wanted me to play a sport that I did not like, so much that one day I told my parents I hated that sport and that I will never practice it again. Until one day I realized the mistake I made. The did not wanted me to be a professional on that sport, they just wanted to see me practicing. Like in the story the daughter maybe realized that she can play the piano, but her number one fan was not there anymore to listen to her.


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