Who’s Irish by Gish Jen

The author show the clash between the Chinese, the irsh and the american cultures. It’s talk about narrator grandmother marry to a different culture and having mixed race children. In the begin the narrator held the reader interest talking about the grandmother having power in a man’s world.

The grandmother part of the story was more interesting that the rest of the story. Grandmother try to live Chinese live life style in the united state. She live as if she was living in china. The grandmother is the head of the family. She is someone who is will do anything to protect her family. On the other hand her granddaughter lives a completely different life from the grandmother. The story show that some family are a scheme of their relative whom have to to live the American life style.

I am from a different country and the life style from where i am from is different from the American life style. My parents still follow the tradition life style, but I done follow the tradition. I do sometime follow. When two or more culture clash, the most popular most likely to win. Like most teenage today people are likely to follow what most of the other people are doing. This story is very confusing, it goes from one generation to another generation of people for the same family.

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