Who Irish

This story is told from a grandmothers point of view, which is first person.Ā Her opinion in many ways is on different views of genders andĀ races and how some are doing better than others and etc. Her main views are on her daughter Natalie and her techniques of raising her daughter Sophie.Ā the grandmotherĀ is a very strong women who was respected ( feared) by all because she has no hair on her tongue. Natalie daughter SophieĀ  is mixed with Irish and Chinese. Sophie is the main topic of discussion between Natalie and her mom claiming Sophie is a ” wild child”. The grandmother claims that SophieĀ does not act Chinese enough, she admits her features are Chinese besides her brown skinĀ  ” she looks mostly Chinese. Beautiful black hair, beautiful black eyes. Nose perfect size, not so flat looks like something fell down, not so large looks like some big deal got stuck in wrong face.” (616) The grandmother thinks Sophie display of actions is out of control and thinks a little slap will control her wild side. This is where Natalie disagrees her view on this situation is talking to Sophie is the best way to control her child.

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