“Two Kinds”

A girl whom ,as a child, was told she could be the best at anything she wanted. The only issue was that she thought that she would become a prodigy without any work. She just wanted to instantly become great at something. Her mother was her motivator, and she made do tests everyday to see if she was good at anything. The girl soon decided to do be herself and not work to be the best. This was a poor decision.

Once the girl decided to no longer be something she wasn’t, she lost motivation. She didn’t take things seriously and never tried. Her mother got her piano lessons, but the girl took advantage of the fact that her teacher was deaf. She didn’t practice and constantly made mistakes. All she needed to do is to try to do well. She kept putting herself down, saying that she won’t ever be a prodigy. She wanted an easy way when there wasn’t one.

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