Two Kinds by Amy Tan

I believe in both Two Kinds and Who’s Irish have something similar, parents in Asian culture always want their children to have a good future and always become someone other than their born to be. i am Asian myself, i may not be Chinese but i surely can relate to their feelings. I had to always bring in top grades or i always had to top the other kids my parents talked about. It came to a point where to them i was nothing then just someone to boost their morale for. In front of their friends they used to speak about how my grades are and that I am doing far better. i detested my parents when they did that because they wouldn’t understand if i really wanted to do this at all. if i didn’t bring good results consequences would follow.

I didn’t have a hard time accepting the american culture when i first arrived in United States. I was embracing this new culture instead of isolating myself from it. While my Parents saw this as a danger to their kids. not just my parents but also the people they knew felt the same way. Once I was old enough to decide my own future. Anything i would do, they would not like it. they would blame the american culture for making the way i am. in truth i wish in future Not just my parents but to those that comes from a different background can accept american culture. I hope they can take it positively and wish no one else has to suffer like the way they suffered.


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