“Two Kind” by Amy Tan

“Two kinds” by Amy Tan, is a short story that help briefly described herself, being forced into some thing she doesn’t want. In this short story, what was symbolized the most was Amy’s piano. The piano had two effects, both being bad and good…


Starting with the bad first..During the first half of the story, the piano was something Amy didn’t wanted to bother with.  I believe, she wanted, to find her own way in life.  The only thing stopping her was the piano, and her mother’s ideals. The piano, in her mother’s mind represents a good status for her daughter.  A symbol of hope,  of becoming something good, to save her own pride. Also, in my opinion, the first half of the story, the piano  representing a type of torture for Amy. She was being forced, into something she didn’t wanted…After she had done her talent show, and failed miserably, she didn’t wanted anything to do with the piano, no more. I believe the piano was a bad sign, an omen, because she and her mother had an argument; now Amy doesn’t bother to look at it cause it brings back bad memories.


Well, now its time for the good of the piano. Through the end of the story, a bit of light was shown upon the piano. Years past and Amy is now an adult and both she and her mothet had settled their past argument. After her mother’s death, the piano is now in Amy’s care, and she begins to play it for the first time in a long while. Now playing it, the piano seems to bring about a different meaning.  Its brings back the past, but this time its something that she can recollect and build upon. She started to really notice what was around her, the song next to her was “Perfectly Contended”. She stated that she “realized they were two halves of the same song”. Now I’m remembering that when she was younger she was always pleading about what she didn’t wanted and wanted, and the song she played during the talent show was titled “Pleading Child”, which signified her actions. Now at a later age in time she is perfectly contended “at ease”. What she was missing was probably being happy and she has now found that other half.



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