Gish Jen. Who’s Irish?

Who is Irish?  This question got me thinking before and after I read the story. I am trying to figure out what is the author purpose of asking that question, and to whom is she directing it.

This is very realistic story that include regular everyday activities, personal dilemmas, and duties inside a household where cultures clashes at each other due to its differences.  The opening sentences of the story tells how critical and judgmental the grandmother is towards the behavior of her granddaughter named Sophia. Being from another country in this case from China “Meanie” that’s how Sophie calls her grandmother, describes Sophie as a smart kid, but also that she is different from her and her daughter Natalie, she says Sophie is wild outside and the Chinese heritage hidden inside.

Meanie describes herself as having a strong personality that even gang members were afraid of her. I think her youth was not easy growing up in China where in those years people struggle to survive and step ahead in life. I believe that id what drove her to be a very hard working woman together with her husband who die probably before Sophie was born.

Natalie is “fierce” like me says Meanie she has an important job in the bank now. She goes on and on about how her daughter is successful, but there is someone that makes her offset.  John is her son in law, he is lazy and a male chauvinist. Even dough the grandmother shows a strong character she suffers to see her daughter work so hard while her husband is at home or at the gym. Natalie supports her husband behavior I guess because she loves him very much and love blind her of reality or maybe she is afraid of a divorce. The last one made her decide between her marriage and her mother.

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