The Story of an Hour

This story is actually interesting… It talks about a woman named Mrs. Mallard who dies shortly after hearing about her husband’s supposed death. This has led her to become depressed, which is common behavior for women who lost their loved ones. Later in the story, Mrs. Mallard is said to have been “possessed” which led to her actual death. Perhaps, this is her mental instability that stems from her depression; she keeps muttering “free” suggesting her change in behavior. I might call her “crazy” considering that she “lost” her husband, became depressed, and suddenly repeat the word “free” as if she has no one to boss her around. This sudden change makes no sense to me because she lost someone that is supposed to be important to her, her husband.

This story has an interesting twist; Mrs. Mallard’s husband, Brentley, is revealed to be alive after the former died from the heart disease. When she died, Brentley just came home. This reminds me of the ending scene in Romeo and Juliet where Romeo drinks the poison and dies before Juliet wakes up. (Romeo thought Juliet was dead.) I gotta say, this story is rather depressing considering the turn in events in The Story of an Hour.

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