NEW YORK has been the only place I came to know since I was younger. My name is Antoine and this is my story. I am Panamanian and Jamaican but i was raised in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK most of my life. While growing up, I used most of my time drawing cartoon characters such as mickey mouse, sonic, pokemon, and etc. My artistic ability became a curse when drawing became my way of life. Whenever I became stressed or bothered, I would draw to calm myself down. During high school, I harnessed my abilities from looking at a picture of any character too drawing them from memory. Any art I have seen in the streets became a new form of understanding what art really was. Living in NEW YORK, graffiti admired me to different mediums in art topography. It made me look at how dedicated and creative they were to illustrate their name or any abstract object. Besides art, football became a dream that I still would like to pursue. Last year I played for a semi pro football league and we won the championship. The greatest feeling in the world after coming back from two years of not playing. Eventually I would hope to push my mind and body to its limit and tryout for a professional team. If I do not make the team, I wouldn’t care, it would only make me push harder for what i want…

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