Puertoricanness by Aurora Levins Morales caught my attention because it was the only one that actually had me reading it twice–okay maybe three times. What had me puzzled was the fact I had absolutely no idea who was the narrator in the story. At first by reading the first line “It was Puerto Rico waking up inside her” I was caught by surprised, and then the very next line through me off by saying “Puerto Rico waking her up at 6 AM.” after reading it a couple times i still have no clue who is the narrator and why this story is being told. I wrote side notes asking myself why is the narrator so mean, what race or ethnicity is the person telling the story and why is he/she critiquing the girl for who she is, yes okay she tries to hide her culture but that’s how she feels she is comfortable with her self, and its nice to see how even though she tries so hard to be someone shes not, her true self, her culture, in other words who she really is comes out everyday in all the things that she does. However, I don’t know why the narrator seems to come off as if it annoys him/her that shes refusing to accept who she is. This story actually had me upset because it just left me wondering why the narrator was so offended by this Puerto Rican girl who is having trouble finding out who she really wants to be and who she really is.

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