Happy Endings (Aaron Hunter)

The short story, Happy Endings, reminded me of a “What If Story”. What if John and Mary loved each other, what if John doesn’t love Mary but Mary loves John, what if Madge falls for Fred, etc… At first, I thought the story was going into the direction of “perspective”; like from the start we know John and Mary will, Letter A, have a happy ending. Then the story moves on to Letter B in which we find out Mary is really the one in love with John, not vice versa. Letter C to then reveal John’s actual love for Mary, but Mary’s sorrow for John. I thought there was going to be some sort of twist at the end in which would make sense of it all.

But yeah, at the end before the author made sense of the stories, I had already started to draw the conclusions. The stories were in no fashion meant to connect; there’d be no way. The author, Margaret Atwood, was trying to say that in the beginning there’s two people,man and woman. In between, there’s the lust and the life, and in the end, there’s death. It seems as if one of the points she was trying to make out was that either with a happy life, exciting life or miserable life, it’s still a life; and that “the only authentic ending” to that life is death.

One point that did have me laugh, was when Margaret Atwood stated, “endings are the same…don’t be deluded by any other endings, they’re fake”. We all live and we all die.

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