The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

In the story the author Kate Chopin emphasize Mrs.Mallard endures after hearing of the death of her husband. Mrs.Mallard is in the hospital with a heart problem. Her sister Josephine had to told her the bad news in a gentle way. Her husband was believed to have died in a railroad disaster. The death of her husband had brought her some relief. Mrs.Mallard loved her husband and was said to hear about his death. At the end Brently Mallard was not kill in the railroad accident and was far from the scene of the accident. The unexpected arrival of Brently cause Mrs.Mallard to have a heart attack that kill her. When he return it was too late Mrs.Mallard was all ready dead of heart disease.

Even though the story is short, the author leave little room for character background information and flashback for the story. When Mrs. Mallard hear the news about her husband accident she when throw all five stage of grief in a few minute. The five stage of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The author should have done a better job to describe Mrs. Mallard grief to her acceptation of her husband death. The author should have give more details on Mrs. Mallard and Berently life before Berently accident. The author leave the reader with lot’s of question about Berently and Mrs.Mallard life.

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