Hi! my name is Goutam and i am from queens new york. I attend the New York City College of Technology. I have one semester left at city tech after this one. At the end of the two semester i will be graduating with a bachelor degree in computer information system. I will be the second person to graduate from college in my family. My sister took the honor for the first person to graduate from college. My favorite sport is football.

My hobbies include reading anime books sometimes watching anime television show. I also like reading article about computer, phone, tables and video game. i sometime play video game in my spear time.I also love science fiction and one of my favorite science fiction is star trek. I also like stand up comedy and going to comedy club. Some of my favorite comedian are Chris Rock,  Russell Peters and other. In my spear time i like to go bike riding and hiking in the park. In the summer time I like to travel around the country. As you can tell I am a tech guy. After graduating I would like to have a job in network security.


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