Introductions: Aaron Hunter

How’s everyone? My name is Aaron Hunter. I was born and raised in the Bronx; and am of African American descent. So far I’ve been stuck on the desire of wanting to create something, whether a painting, sketch, or graphic design. I’m not too sure yet, but something will come to mind soon. By the way if you didn’t guess it already, I’m a graphic designer; therefore, I practically spend all my time on the computer, call it a hobby if you will. I also have an extreme desire to go to Alaska, I don’t know why; but maybe its because I’m more of a laid back individual. I’d really enjoy country life over the crowded city life.

I am a Graphics Arts major at CityTech and this semester will start off my fifth year here. In the future I can see myself working my art magic at an ad agency, but nothing too big and nothing too small. A matter of fact, during the summer I did a bit of research on how I might start my career goal off and in the process of doing this, I found some freelance work. Hopefully during this school year, I will be working some more, but at the same time I do want to concentrate on my courses first and get my degree.

Though I never read the whole thing, my favorite book would have to Misery by Stephen King. I heard it’s basically the movie with much more details and events. One would classify this type of book as a fictional thriller. Now, I can read a book but one of my main problems is that I can never finish a book(though in the past I’ve been forced to). I also have a strong habit of skimming. What I do enjoy about reading though, is that it increases the power of your mind, your “brain power” let’s just say. My use of technology is average but more advanced on programs such as Adobe Illustrator and other graphic programs. Literature to me is basically a written story, whether true or false, displayed in figurative or literal elements. Now, with that being said I hope to learn more about the “actual” meaning of literature. I am also curious to know whether it will use elements of a speech class, meaning in the way you read.

Yes, I know my ears look like Spock.

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