Hey everyone, Jerome Chambers here. As you all should know, I’m attending New York City College of Technology. I’m taking this class (Eng.2001), because it was a requirement for my major. I like to read novels and short stories, but since recently I just haven’t got the time to do so. Maybe taking this class will help me get back on track with my reading and writing and help me open up new vocabularies. After finishing and passing this class, I’m hoping it can help me be more social and more open, where I can be more interactive with fellow classmates and people within my surrounding.

I am currently enrolled in the bachelors program for mechanical engineering technology. I took this course because of my love for technology and the roles it plays out in Society,and in today’s world. as a child growing up, I wasn’t always this compassionate, about working with technology, until the day my friend had made his own toy motor boat. Seeing this, had made me ignited a spark that would continue to burn within me, even up to this day. The spark of new innovations, where maybe I too could build something, but on a larger scale; and it being beneficial on the lives of others.

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