Introducing: Stacey :)

Hello everyone, my name is Stacey Carrasco. I am a sophmore at city tech and my major is Hospitality Management. My passion is baking, I hope to have my own shop in Italy (my favorite country in the world) someday. I want to travel the world and learn & see everything I possibly can.


I cannot say I have a favorite genre of literature because I read absolutely everything, as long as it doesnt put me to sleep. My favorite author is Sarah Dessen and my favorite book written by her is Just Listen. I also enjoy John Green, specifically The Fault In Our Stars. I really enjoyed reading Little Women as well. I love books that when I take a break from reading I realize six hours have passed and I dont even recognize where I am (I promise im not a creep.) I just love to be transported to a different world, a different time.

I love to write but my biggest, most frustrating weakness is my introductions and conclusions. It can literally take me hours to figure out how to start anything. However, once I do, I can’t stop. That is, until the conclusion time comes and I spend another couple hours trying to come up with one.

My experience with technology is similar to every other teenager with a cell phone. I can operate a computer very well and text without looking at the screen. Maybe I should put that on my resume.

My sense of fiction is creating a completely different reality, if that makes any sense. It is being able to use your words to transport the reader into your mind and see your story unfold in such a way that they can see everything just as you picture it.

I am very intrigued by Lolita and hope it lives up to my expectations. I hope I learn to better my writing and hope this is a great class.

Staceyyyyyy 🙂


love making new friends.



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  1. Thanks for this Introduction Stacey, and welcome to the course!

    I too find it really difficult to write Introductions, and sometimes not knowing how to start (or trying to find the “perfect”) way to start can be so paralyzing that you just can’t write at all. Often, I just freewrite to get my thoughts on the page (what I affectionately call “puking on paper”), and then I go back and read it over and build from there. It kind of makes sense, since you can’t “Introduce” your ideas until you know what they are.

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