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Hello, everyone. My name is Wayne He. This is my third year in City Tech, and I am currently majoring in Computer Science. I expect to graduate at the end of this semester.

I generally enjoy playing video games. This hobby has inspired me to pursue a career in video game development which first led me into computer programming at first because video games ARE programs. I started learning Java in high school and earned a 5 in my AP exam. Then in City Tech, I learned C++ in my last two semesters; I earned an A in both CST 2403 and CST 3503. I am currently learning C# in CST 3603 in this semester. C# syntax is similar to Java, which I am already familiar with.

During my summer break, I moved into my new home in Florida and set up some furniture (computer desk and beds) before relaxing there to enjoy my free time playing video games. I originally wanted to start looking for a job when I get there, but I got in a traffic accident a few days later. This forced me to deal with another driver’s insurance company because he caused the accident by hitting my recently bought car rear-ended. It took me one month to get my money back for another car. Because I waited that long, I figured it will not be worth working for two months, so I just relaxed in my new home.

I generally do not like reading, so I do not have a favorite book in particular. However, most video games have fictional stories associated with them (notably, The Legend of Zelda series and the Mario series), so the only fictional stories I enjoy come from video games. One video game I enjoy is “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. Its story tells of a young boy named Link who embarks on a journey to awaken as the legendary hero known as the Hero of Time. Using a sacred blade called the Master Sword to travel between 7 years of present and future, he awakens five Sages to help him defeat the game’s antagonist, Ganondorf. The story is interesting because the Sages who helped Link defeat Ganondorf are the very same friends he met during his childhood. (He becomes the Hero of Time as an adult.) This means that friends can play an important role in one’s life (in this case, an adventure). Fiction overall does not have to be represented as a book, although the purpose of this course is to read from books; I enjoyed some stories solely from video games.

I do not enjoy reading from books because most of the details a book provides are just senseless (like watching the many filler episodes of Dragonball Z), even to the point of confusion. I usually stop reading because of this. I usually do not write as much as I want to because I frequently run out of ideas. In this course, I hope to learn how fictional stories are born.

~Wayne He
E-mail: wayneh000@gmail.com
Skype: flanthis

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful Introduction Wayne … I particularly like how you relate video games to fiction by discussing their narratives (super interesting!). Welcome to the course 🙂

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