In order to publicly share the research into/recommendations for your Final Project, each group will give an approximately 10 minute in-class, oral presentation on its research, arguments, and recommendations (synthesizing and thinking critically about the data/research it has compiled).

This presentation is worth 15% of your overall course grade (5% for ENG 1101 + 10% for HUS 1101 … you will receive the same grade for each course). This is a collaborative grade: all group members will receive the same grade for this assignment, and each member should speak during the presentation. You will be graded on the quality of both your oral presentation and your multimedia presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.).

Each group’s presentation must be uploaded to Dropbox before class begins on W 12/18.
A few things to keep in mind as you prepare your presentation:
  • Your presentation should present the main points from your research project, including an overview of the issue/stakes & relevant background info./local context, a discussion/analysis of your data (particularly your local fieldwork but also including your traditional academic research), and the recommendations (they should be presented in detail, with realistic plans for implementation), and the problems they address.
  • Since each group only has 10 minutes to present, it will not be able to cover all the details discussed in the Final Project Report. Choosing what details/data/info. to include/exclude and how to present that information in an engaging, concise manner is an important part of the presentation.
  • 10 minutes will go by very quickly, so make sure to practice giving your presentation before the official presentation, and time yourself as you go (I also suggest videoing it, if possible, to see/hear how the presentation comes across to an audience).
  • Your group is responsible for creating an engaging presentation for your classmates, so while you can bring note cards to help you remember certain points, you shouldn’t read directly from your notes/write-up (this will prevent you from making eye contact with your audience).
  • You should dress nicely for your presentation.
  • Each presentation should include some multimedia aspect (using presentation software, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), which should help your classmates and professors to follow along in your discussion. You may want to consider using these slides to: provide bullet points of key talking points, list the data/sources/quotes – with the relevant citations – that you will refer to, provide images/video clip, pose questions for further discussion, etc.
  • Remember to provide a “Works Cited” for the sources (including images, music, etc.) you use within your presentation (this can be your last slide).

All seven groups will present during Professor Pawlukewicz’s class on W 12/18.
 We will announce the order of the presentations at the beginning of class. All groups should make sure to have their presentations loaded/open on the main classroom computer before class begins, as we will have to move quickly from one presentation to the next. Therefore, all groups/students should arrive to class early to load their presentations onto the classroom computer.

*Here is the helpful presentation outline Professor Pawlukewicz provided on presentations. Remember that, in addition to the sections listed in her outline, you must also discuss your traditional academic research for your project: this should be discussed in conversation with your fieldwork sources (observations & surveys).

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