Final Project Write-Up

Writing Task/Purpose
Your goal with this research project is to produce an argumentative (thesis-driven) researched/documented final report of 8-10 pages (not counting appendices or Works Cited page/s) in which you present a focused, engaging, and fully-developed assessment of and set of recommendations to improve the “site” you chose at City Tech. Your goal is to enter into the conversation surrounding a debatable/complicated issue and, through traditional academic research and fieldwork (ethnographic/qualitative research) to stake out an informed position on this issue and present a series of realistic, context-specific recommendations for improvement.Your write-up should be double-spaced, with Times New Roman 12-inch font, 1 inch margins, and page numbers (with group members’ last names on each page).The Final Report should include the following components (in the following order):

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
    Written Report (8-10 full pages; images can certainly be included if they are relevant/discussed, but they don’t count towards this length, and neither does the Works Cited pages/s or the Appendices); written in the 3rd person; use a mix of quotation, summary, and paraphrase for your sources
  • Introduction (overview of issue, significance/relevance/stakes, relevant background info. + local/City Tech context, with research/sources/citations)
  • Presentation/discussion/analysis of sources/data (remember, your fieldwork–observations and surveys–are sources too!)
  • Recommendations: these must be local/context-specific, supported, realistic, and discussed/supported adequately (they should emerge from your discussion of the issue/research in the previous sections). Your recommendation/s can be multi-tiered (such as including both short-term and long-term recommendations, suggestions that involve both individual responsibility and systemic changes).
  • Works Cited page/s
  • Use MLA style for the Works Cited and also your in-text citations. As a City Tech student you have access to EasyBib for citation, if you chose to use it. You should also consult the Writing Resources on our course site. And, of course, you have already done a lot of these citations from your annotated bibliography, so if they are already correct, you can cut/paste from there.
  • Appendices (clearly label these, and refer to them within the body/discussion of the write-up):

A. Observations
B. Survey: survey questions
C. Survey: stats & results
D. Updated Annotated Bibliography (for this, refer back to the guidelines provided earlier in the semester). This should be revised from the earlier version, and should include more recent research.

Due Dates
Tu 12/10 (before class begins): complete first drafts (including Cover Page, Table of Contents, Works Cited, and Appendices). Submit to Dropbox (all as one file) and bring four printed copies to class.

*This first draft is ungraded, but it is important you submit a solid first draft. If your group does not turn in a complete first draft by the due date (Tu 12/10, beginning of class), you forfeit your right to all feedback (including conferences with me) on the project.

Tu 12/19: Submit to Dropbox (all as one file) and bring one printed copy to class. Individual Final Project Reflections should be e-mailed to me and given to me (as a printed copy) in class.
*If your final draft is not submitted both ways by this due date/time, you will receive no credit for the project. Late submissions will not be accepted.
In addition to in-class workshops and peer review, each group will meet with me to discuss its projects and get feedback/revision strategies.
[Conference Schedule]
Tuesday, 12/10
1:00-1:20pm: Brittany, Dina, Steven
1:20-1:40pm: Eloina, Ivan, Saladin
4:10-4:30pm: Chea, Pamela, Taya
Wednesday, 12/11
2:05-2:25pm: Cris, Katherine, Sophonie
2:30-2:50pm: Alex, Kiera, Reina
5:45-6:05pm: Diana, Fen Fang, Wes
Thursday, 12/12
9:20-9:40pm: Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid
Keep in mind that this is a cumulative project, and through all the Pre-Drafts you’ve been working on all semester, you already have a substantial portion of the report drafted already. What you should be working on now is synthesis/revision.

  • Pre-Draft #1: planning your group work and proposing/refining your topic as well as traditional academic research (annotated bibliography)
  • Pre-Draft #2: observations/survey draft and survey revisions/reflections
  • Pre-Draft #3: interview draft and interview revisions
  • Pre-Draft #4: Survey/observation write-up/analysis/reflection

The final draft of the report will be worth 20% of your course grade, and will be a collaborative grade (each member of the group will receive the same grade).

The quality/thoughtfulness/comprehensiveness of your revision throughout the process is a substantial part of your grade. You should make both global revisions (re-thinking/adding to content, organization, design) as well as local revisions (editing, proofreading, formatting).

Plagiarism of any kind/quantity will result in an automatic zero on the Final Project and possible failing the entire course. Please consult the City Tech Academic Integrity Policy and come see me if you have any questions/concerns.

There is also an individual reflection on the Final Project that is will be part of your final project grade (you can read more about that assignment here).

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