Nahid’s 9 commandments of adulthood

1. Have someone special that will always be there for you

2. Work

3.Lay back and enjoy life

4.Stay in college

4.Spend time with family and close friends

5. Have money to buy things for yourself

6. Eat anything you like

7. Help someone when they’re in need

8. Be caring

9.Donate money once a month to charity at your local mosque

Diana’s 11 commandments for surving the coming into adulthood.

1. Stay in school

2. Get a job if you don’t already have one

3. Learn how to do your own laundry

4. Learn to be grateful

5. Love your family and friends

6. Prioritize

7. Spoil yourself sometimes

8. Learn to sit back and let life take it’s course

9. Do what you want

10. If you have no regrets it means you’re not living.

11. The golden commandment: Fall in love at least once; it will build character.


The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project, by Grethcen Ruben, is about about how she tries to find true happiness throughout her neutral, yet complex life.  She wasn’t completely satisfied with her life, yet she has a husband which she admires, and two delightful young daughters. To other’s, acquiring these things are already a blessing, but in the author’s eyes, she has yet to find true happiness.  The author is constantly in a state of complexity, as she can never find anything satisfying. ” I wanted to change myself but accept myself. I wanted to take my self less seriously, and also more seriously”. (4) The author is regularly contradicting herself, to the point where it drives her to pursue the happiness project even more.

Like “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne’s, she associates herself with the worlds greatest philosophers, such as Plato, Boethius, etc. The author does research on these great theorist, on how they once obtained great achievement and prosperity in their lives. Despite all the hard work she performed, she questions herself, ” First, did I believe it was possible to make myself happier? After all, the “set-point” theory holds that a person’s basic level of happiness doesn’t fluctuate much, except briefly.” (5) She then concludes that it was actually possible; that people have an inborn disposition. You just have to raise your happiness standards higher.

It’s quite interesting that the author is always in a state of confusion, but yet she still strives to be a perfect character. The author is aiming for true happiness, despite her contradicting thoughts interfering with her actions.

“Be Gretchen”

I found it interesting how in her book “The Happiness Project” Gretchen Rubin spoke about her struggle throughout her “project”. It made it seem like she was easy to relate to, she took her readers through her journey. She came up with her own twelve rules that she had to obey and her readers were able to see her progression. Before she started her project she was not miserable she was just under a lot of stress with her husband having hepatitis and her sister having diabetes.  Gretchen took a lot of little things for granted which we all do when we are put under a lot of stress. The only difference is that she chose to make a change. There was a point towards the end of her book where her husband tells their daughter her mother is about to buy something that is going to make her very happy and it only cost five dollars, turns out I was a sponge. It is he little things like that which people should learn to appreciate more. Then she goes on to say that her husband was supposed to call her and her never did, but he sent her an email saying “don’t be mad, see below”, when she first bean the happiness project she was afraid that if she stopped nagging her husband he would stop putting an effort into their relationship but the opposite happened actually. Gretchen put a lot of thought into writing her book, especially with her side notes, it was simple and easy to follow.

newport’s advertisement



What a radiant smile and passionate embrace, that’s what Newport brings peace serenity and happiness . well that’s what Newport Americas well known cigarette company  promotes, or in other words persuades buyers to believe once they purchase the product. I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to feel good, and in total paradise ? and just to think by buying there product you can achieve that? Shoot I’d buy it to but in all actuality the logo and promotion picture is promoting these great Ideas when in reality the product being promoted is well known for  being that force that causes majority of individuals death worldwide. For a quick second this  even  forced me to think about getting  a cigarette to see how it feels or to see whether it  up to what it promotes and that would be relaxation




Target makeup beauty commercial

This Target makeup beauty commercial in my point of view is promoting make up as several different ways that can make people happy. Target is trying to make people  buy they brands of make up by offering women a flawless,fabuoless ,boundless look that many women want achieve now in days. Also that  target make up products  that would make them look young and natural and make them shine as bright as the sun.Also this Target makeup beauty commercial  promotes that by women using they makeup products  it makes then feel more confident  and comfortable with they skins and  of also by using target beauty products make you more fearless and less stressed about your skin by making you more beautiful by paying less and receiving more for example on the last scene they say “Expect more. Pay less”  they trying to say that you can achieve the look you want and be happy by paying a low price  and not spending a lot of money on what makes you feel good with yourself


Promoting Happiness With a Happy Meal


(March 6th, 2012, Dale Buss)

This McDonald advertisement promotes happiness by showing that one can eat healthy, while enjoying their food at the same time. In this image, the mother and daughter is smiling because the daughter is having a well balanced meal. This advertisement expresses that one can have a good time by bonding with their child, and buying them a happy meal. The fact that the meal itself is called a “Happy Meal” is indicating that this meal was intended to make people content. This advertisement is extremely eye catching, especially to parents who are serious about their child’s health. It is also beneficial for the parent and child, due to the fact that the Happy Meal is healthy and cheap. Food in general can promote happiness in general by fulfilling one’s hunger, but if it’s both healthy and great tasting, it would satisfy people even more. When one can be happy by providing their child with a cheap, and healthy snack, why not go for it?



The Secret

The book The secret by Rhonda Byrne focuses on the law of attraction and how we can achieve the things that we want just by being positive. “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And its attracted to you by virtue of images you’re holding in your mind.” she also says that this “attraction” determines the complete order of the universe and your life. I think the secret and the idea of Law of Attraction so far is misleading unrealistic. for instance Byrne basically says that in order to be happy in life and get the things that you want you have to be positive about everything. I think that’s false because it depends on the situation and sometimes its hard for people to be positive about everything. I also think that the Law of Attraction is too materialistic because it just focuses on getting THINGS that you want to get in your life. “through this powerful law, your thoughts become the things in your life”. Byrne also wants to make it seem like The Secret has just been unearthed, ands its been around for thousands of years and she uses people like Plato or Socrates to make it seem like they have discovered and used The Secret to make it credible. I think that the Secret might help some people but I think the book will mostly benefit the wealthy.

Summary Visions of Well-Being in NYC 2


Bill De Blasio was the democrat in the victory and was very straight forward when he was doing his victory speech. Started off thanking his supporting cast for everything that they have done to help him get into the position that he is now in. De Blasio had many different visions of happiness when it came to New York City. He visioned a safe city, he wants to protect our people. “New York had become a tail of two cities. One where the very wealthy had not only rebounded from the great recession but where life couldn’t much better for them”(11:40) this was what Bill had to say about what he referred to as one “part” of the city. De Blasio also then added this about the other “part” of the city “another city where nearly half our New Yorkers are living at or near poverty line.” De Blasio wants to stop these two “different types of cities.” He also says that he’s a fan of stopping NYPD law of “Stop & Frisk”. Bill says he also wants kids to have the best education that they can have.

Analyze :

I really liked Bill De Blasio speech, because he didn’t hold back on what he thought was right or wrong for the city. He’s really on point when saying that there’s pretty much “two cities” in one. He also made a good point with “Stop & Frisk”. Nobody should be worried about walking home or anything and a cop wanting to pull you over just because you look “suspicious”. I liked that he also said that there pretty much is no such thing as a high standard when it comes to New Yorkers. High standards for children, their education, jobs and affordable housing.

Summary :

Joe Lhota was the republican in this victory speech. A very well speech was put together by his part. Supporting “Stop & Frisk” & saying how stop and frisk is very useful for the city giving the Police the power. Lhota also said since giving the feds the power he also wants safe neighborhoods. All together he pretty much sums it all up saying that he wants to really support the NYPD to the most that he can. He wants to keep NYC going at the same track that it’s going right now. (11:30) “We need high standards.” Lhota here is saying high standards about school and education for students with better teachers and charter schools. Joe believes to help small businesses and middle class families as well because they are the “back bone” of this economy.

Analyze :

I believe that Joe really made a strong case in his victory speech. He believed to help middle class families and believed that to keep city streets more safe there would be more power and support for the NYPD. He had a very strong and demanding victory speech that showed just how much effort he would really put to his job if he’s elected mayor.

Comparison: Both candidates had very strong victory speeches and neither really didn’t make any weak points. Bill made great statements about poverty and how to try and help middle class people, but so did Joe. Joe and Bill had different views on most things like police enforcement and how much power should police have. Bill thought Stop and Frisk should be stopped when Joe on the other hand supports stop and frisk 100% percent. Both guys really want to develop and find ways to help education grow and become better for the children. More affordable housing is on the list for both guys. I just believe that Joe was more demanding and made a stronger case but I like Bills policies and ideas more.

NYC Mayoral Speeches (Revised)

Bill De Blassio: Summary

During the 2013 primary Victory speech, Bill De Blasio first thanked all his family and Friends who have supported him through his run for position of mayor. He also talks about Rebuilding New York City into a better City and fixing social and economical problems among New York. He also wants to pave the way for a better education for the children so they can reach their full potential.


Bill De Blasio’s speech tapped into the city’s issues of income inequality and aggressive police practices (racial Profiling). this shows to me that bill acknowledges the social and economical issues in New York. Bill also talks about a tail of two cities implying that New York is a large gap between the wealthy and the middle class. Bill also reflects on 9/11 and how those in position of authority or the (Dominate class) should protect and keep the people safe. “We were reminded that day of a crucially important lesson,” he said, “that the job of those of us in positions of authority is to keep our city safe, to be constantly vigilant, to use every tool at our disposal to protect our people.” i think bills vision of happiness is to serve and protect the people and basically Fulfill issues that need to be fixed Among the city. i also think its humbling of bill to talk to his hometown of Brooklyn instead of Manhattan Because it shows he never forgot where he came from and he relates to the people.

Joe Lhota Summary:

in this victory Speech Candidate Lhota thanks his Daughter Katherine and His wife Tamra because they were his Inspiration for running. He also thanks his friends and parents. Joe also stresses the importance of people picking a Mayor who would best serve the city and how New york is the land of opportunity.


joe carried his tough minded approach on crime fighting and city spending. joes aim is to unify the City Lhota calls his Victory “the first step in continuing a strong future for our city.” joe stresses alot about unity and if everyone comes together the City can become better. “New York has always been the beacon of hope for the world. America is the land of opportunity, and New York City is the place where dreams come true.New York City is the City of Opportunity. There are no limits to what we can accomplish”. Joe also stresses alot about the Future and visions for New York to becoming a better City. he Also disagrees with the fact that people shouldn’t treat NY as a divided city but to unify all classes to improve the city. he doesnt want to send the city back to economic despair, fear, and hopelessness. “We’re New Yorkers and we’re in this together”. i think that joes Vision of happiness is to unify the city and come away from the division that people have set on the city. he hopes to improve the city by unity.


i thought that both speeches were very powerful and encouraging. they both talked about improving the city and its issues but i thought Bill’s speech was more personal and he actually states whats he wants to do with city. Joe talks alot about the future and unity but i dont  know what he wants to do with the city because he doesn’t state how hes going too improve the city. Bill has my vote because its more Relate-able and he has a better vision towards making the city better.