Annotated Bibliography 2


The heart of the campus. (2010). Interior Design, 81(14), 137-139.


This source can be useful because it speaks about another college and what they did in order to change the way that their atrium looks. It can maybe inspire some of us at City tech to make a change towards our own environment. This can also help other schools that are wanting to make a change but don’t have an idea of what to do. It can also be beneficial to the people at the school who did the design because it can draw attention to them and other people might want them to do a project for their school. It can help us compare our atriums and make even give us ideas on things that we can do here at City tech.

Brake, A. G. (2011). a learning experience. Interior Design, 82(3), 220-227.


This source can be useful because it talks about a college that wasn’t satisfied with the fact that the rest of their school was being renovated except the place where many students come together to study. That being the case they found the resources they needed in order to make a change. They were able to make a change but still have the space relate to the rest of the school so that the students would not feel disconnected. This can help because our research is examining City techs lounges, etc which can help us think about how having certain things can help students at City Tech. For example the environment and the way that it is.




 Freebody, Peter. (2003). Qualitative research in education, SAGE publications. 31-33.


This source can help us better understand our observations and how we can use this knowledge to create positive change within the school. The text explains how we can reason and debate what we know about our findings in an educational facility like city tech and apply qualitative mathematics to our findings in order to create positive change. This source also supports creating social policies for the mass good and community progress. This source helps us use our new found understanding of city tech’s educational environment to take part in creating this positive change. With this knowledge we can create an environment that fosters happiness and the well being of students.


Freebody, Peter. (2003) Qualitative research in education, SAGE publications. 76-80


This source teaches us to interpret our data and most important findings in a way that we can efficiently and reasonably apply the educational conduct aspect into the relationship between socializing areas and happiness at city tech. Most of the lounges that had high levels of volume and laughter I noticed also had the most smiles. Areas of city tech with nothing exciting happening in them felt dreary and boring, which can be supported by the student I observed sleeping in one of the less exciting rooms.


Works Cited

Rothenberger, Stuart. “Modern Eats.” American School & University 82.13 (2010): 138-141. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Dec. 2013.


The source above is about some of the plans that are made by some schools and universities to improve their food-service areas. Since cafeteria is one of the socializing in schools, they are the places that “encourage a variety of social interactions”. This could be a valuable source for getting ideas on improving the wellness on the campus. By looking at this source, people might get the inspiration of what plans can be initiated to the cafeteria that is around them.



observations Eunice Kiyanna Nahid (in that order)


Observations at the SEEK building (Midway)

Upon reaching the SEEK building (midway building), you notice that it’s a rather small place. When reaching the floor where the SEEK office is located, the first thing you see is a collage. A very colorful collage that seems to be made by the SEEK students. It’s promotes family, and that diversity is welcome to that site. There is a small window next to the collage. This window has bars on it, making it seem like you’re in some soft of jail, or a constricted place. Below the window are extremely comfortable chairs that students may sit in. Next to these is a table with flyers and pamphlets with information for the students. There are also boards with more information on student academics. Reaching the office, everything is very small. The cubicles seem to be too small for the workers to work comfortably. There is a small area with chairs so students are able to sit and wait, but the lighting in this area is terrible and it seems more like a place where one can sit and grieve about their dead cat. They also have a TV where information is to play, but it wasn’t even on. The staff is very nice and helpful, assisting whenever you need help and going you additional information when needed.




Student disability


The student disability office located in the namm building is constructed with 6 rooms designed and built to assist and counsel students with disabilities whether it be physical or emotional.  Once you have a one on one meeting with the counselors provided at this establishment then only will you receive pamphlets books and reports about what the program does what it supplies and who fall under the requirements of  receiving the help that is given. It doesn’t really seem like a happy environment no one really smiles except for one woman I cant recall her name, but   once you go in there and have to wait before you actually tell somebody what you want so the waiting is a problem overall the assistance in the hope that they do give with the computer lab that they do  have there and tutors is actually great.




Cope Observation

The hall way and the cope room is a quiet area. The only sound that be heard is the sound of the air conditioner. There a big table in the center of the hallway with 4 chairs. It seems to be a really empty place. There is a room around the area where people go to pray. The office looks very comfy. They have a couch and pictures on the wall. The staff is busy at the time, not able to talk to the staff at moment. There’s a lot of information’s on flyers about insurance. The smell of the area has a nice coconut smell and the surrounding is peaceful. They also have telephones that can be used. There are two cubical in the cope room where the staff does their work. The cope room is accessible from the probe and Namm building.


Professor Belli Sick: No Class Today (Th 11/21)

Dear Class:

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it into campus today. I’ve been at home sick for the past few days, and am still dealing with flu-like symptoms and a 103 fever, so I’m taking a sick day today to get better and not infect my students/colleagues.

We will be moving ahead with finding, evaluating, and annotated sources over the next week or so, so continue to work on that for your project. I’ve arranged for alternative assignments to make up for the missed class time, and will be posting it to OpenLab by tomorrow afternoon, so please check back then. Of course, don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions/concerns.

Please also remember that on Tuesday, 11/26, we have our Library Session, so we will not meet in our classroom, but outside of the library entrance on the 4th floor Atrium.

Also, just in case your classmates don’t check their City Tech e-mail accounts on a regular basis, can you pass this e-mail along (via personal e-mail address, call, or txt) to anybody in class whose contact info. you have (at the very least, your group members), so that they know class is cancelled?

Many thanks for your understanding, and see you on Tuesday!

Professor Belli

best place in nyc….. subway trains

The Subway. The New York subway in a way is kind of like another world of its own, where people are rushing talking laughing crying and arguing that noise alone can turn many people  away from the subway but   in the same sense it was a place of peace and serenity were your mind can wonder off freely. I love the subway for many reasons  one of the reasons would be the whole different ethnicities. it’s a diversity of different cultures and backgrounds even Beliefs. actually its mind-boggling to know that you can learn on the new york subway.

I remember going on the train one day to go to to soho and i met one of my closes friends on that ride. i remember it like it was yesterday ….

i noticed her. i didn’t know her name but if i could have guessed it; it would be something like Blessed or Angel, she looked heaven sent. She had dreads but her dreads were like no other past her knees but too precious to touch the ground. Golden spirals of curls that looked soft but strong, caramelized complexion with a hint of vanilla seemed to cover her bones like satin silk sheets on a queen size bed she was the definition of elegance.  Her body was slender but curved in all the right places hips built like she carried a village in her past life, bust laid on top of her frame like she nursed all babies back to health. her nails were cut short and polished with clear polish hands decorated in Hindi designs but she was no Arabic she loved beautiful things. she stood tall like a tree that has been around for many centuries she couldn’t be knocked down. Eyes seemed to  bless you when she glances your way like they have been placed  on her body so you  can get a glance at her soul slanted and squinted they looked, she was mixed but to me i didn’t see the mix of ethnicity i saw a mother cheetah ready to attack her prey and all in the same eyes a saw a lil girl who looked like she lost her best friend ,Greenish-brown her eyes were, seemed like they couldn’t decide which earthly color they wanted to be so they chose both.Her lips pink round soft and curved in a smile line or a frown line  i couldn’t distinguish it she was mysterious. she was beautiful.High cheek bones but concealed by a her soft flesh. Her ears were plastered in jewelry she liked expressing herself through body art and then I saw it was less noticeable because it blended so well with her complexion Her hearing aid, she was deaf.

i remember actually having enough courage to write her a note saying i love her  I love her jewelry….long story short thats how one of my closes friends met.

Joy to the world.

Residents of Somerville are coming together with an organization geared towards happiness. Their goal is to create and app that will help increase a persons happiness. The way that it works is people are given a survey which asks what makes them happy. They are then matched with activities to do that will help increase their happiness. This app will be of use to the residents of Somerville because it can help bring more joy to people. Aside from bringing more joy to people, residents hope that other people will hear about their results and use the app to help increase happiness in their cities.

Others are keeping their eyes open for things that make people happy in New York City. Researchers at the New England Complex are in the words of coming up with a mathematical way to map peoples happiness using their tweets on twitter. In the hopes of soon being able to create a map that will show people’s happiness through all of the five boroughs. They are looking for places which seem to make people happy. So far they have found that people seem to be happier in places such a central park, rather than in the subway. People seem to be happy in open spaces, opposed to dreadful dark crowded places.

It has been shown that people who live in poorer neighborhoods tend to be more angry than those who live in wealthy places based off of their tweets. So then the question that comes into play is how can you make everyone happy? A lot of people are doing research and giving surveys in the hopes they will find what makes people happy and creating more of it. In fact there was a survey taken that shows the day that people are the happiest is on Christmas. I think we all know why that is. We as humans like things that make us happy like clean parks and holidays spent with our family. Researchers hope to find other things that make people happy and create more of it.

Quantified Self

Wouldn’t living in the happiest place be so amazing? Or at least living somewhere that made just you or your surroundings more happy to actually live there. There’s an app that will test your happiness? Yup! In Somerville there will be an app being made for the people of Somerville to see just how happy they are and what brings them happiness. The app is displayed as a survey at first then after the survey it will link each individual to specific programs or services offered around the area to see if it could bring along more happiness. “But I know that the data will help us run the City as much as it will help residents find resources that they might not know about otherwise.” Basically the plan for this app is to try and see what the residents believe their happiness is and to see if the city has anything in store to provide for the residents. If possible the app will tell the resident about places to go to, it is a very useful app.
What would you say is the most happiest and unhappiest place in NYC? Happiest place probably Central Park, but however according to The Happiest and Saddest Places in New York City According to Twitter Time Square 42nd Street is actually the happiest place in the city. Looks like tweeters actually like spending more time in the the main part of the city. Although the more poor places in the city are tweeted bad about not every main street is tweeted good about also. Main check points such as East Harlem 125th street around where I live is considered one of the unhappiest places in NYC. If i do say so myself I do not like going around there, just is not a very welcoming environment. Of course we may ask what is the most unhappiest place in the city and according to the article that place is called Maspeth Creek, Brooklyn. A place that i have never heard of. It is truly amazing for the city to where people are happy and judge it by their tweets. Gets a good sense of why people are mad or where people don’t like the environment.

Eloina’s 10 Commandments

1. Always believe in myself
2. Don’t hold any grudges
3. Manage my time better/Plan ahead
4. Procrastinate less
5. Create a bright future for myself
6. Surround myself with positive vibes
7. Keep an open mind at all times
8. Give respect in order to recieve it
9. Remain with a positive attitude
10. Make my loved ones proud of me

Happiness Project

In the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Rubin speaks about what happiness means and specifically what it means to her. Rubin speaks about how she tried finding happiness and what it meant for herself. She let go of everything that she had just to find her happiness. Rubin is a mother with a husband and two children, she’s wealthy and is living well but according to her she was not really happy. She began to try and find her happiness step by step with reading books and taking time off of her job to try and really realize what happiness meant to her. Now of course Rubin never really says that she is what we know as unhappy she just wants to become more happy in her life because her family and her wealth already brings her happiness. Changing day by day with her daily basis tactics that she has worked to change.

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