Getting to know Kiera

Me Hey, my name is Takiera my major i am mostly interested in Human services to become a Social Worker. I would like to help people with the major issues that they are going through in life. Also, i see what people go through and its sad , so that inspire me to want to help them.

Hey its kiyanna (^.^)/

Hello , my name is Kiyanna Cush my major is human services. I’m aspired to  become a social worker for adolescence youth.  I am 19 years old I obtained  my regents diploma June 21st 2013  from the High school of Applied Communications. I enjoy drawing writing poetry singing and playing the piano as well.


I have  a strong passion for writing , for me there are no boundaries once your pen hits the paper, I enjoy going to poetry readings, slams and contest. I love being around diversity and I welcome change.

A Short Intro to Eunice


Hello, everyone! My name is Eunice Sanchez and I am 18 years old. I am a college freshman, recently graduating from Robert F. Wagner Jr. SSAT in LIC. Coming from a high school that had absolutely no windows, it feels so nice to finally sit in a classroom where I am able see the outside world.

I am currently attempting to learn ASL (American Sign Language). I hope to one day be able to have a conversation with a deaf person. I am currently hooked on the TV series; The Fosters, Switched at Birth and Supernatural. I also enjoy watching anime. A lot. I love food. Any food but spicy food, soup, soup, pickles or tomatoes in solid form. I have a great fear of bugs. I don’t understand why they have to be around.

My strengths as a writer is writing things out and being able to bring out my ideas into writing. I enjoy peer editing, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Happiness to me is being able to find a spark in everything you do. I think you can find happiness everywhere, for example in math. A lot of people hate math, but once you solve that struggling problem, there is that joy of completion. Yay math!

I look forward to meeting all of you 😀 !


Getting to know Gildaira



Hi, my name is Gildaira Saladin but prefer to be called Saladin, which is easier to pronounce. I’m a 16 year old freshman. I was born in the Dominican Republic, then moved to Puerto Rico, and now, here I am. I attended IN-Tech Academy High School, located in the Bronx, where I played in a Varsity Volleyball team for two years, my Junior and Senior year, as the team captain. I was also awarded MVP both years. I love the sport with a passion. This was a productive summer for me, I worked for the first time ^_^.

My current major is Human Services. However, I want to become a Psychiatrist, to be able to understand why certain people act and behave the way they do. I don’t consider myself an excellent writer. My main weakness as a writer is connecting the sentences to each other. My strength would be the spelling and grammar. I dislike when I have to write too much of something, because I run out of things to say about just one topic. I took various Microsoft courses in High School, so I am comfortable with using technology.

Happiness to me is being surrounded by people who love you as much as you love them, enjoying their company, and doing things you love to do with them. Also, being able to smile everyday and always having a positive state of mind. From this course, I expect to learn what happiness means to the rest of society. I also look forward to becoming a better writer and getting to know the rest of my classmates ! 🙂


Who is Erik?

Hey my name is Erik Estevez, I am 19 years old. Like a lot of other classmates I’m new to the college setting. From what i have experienced and seen in the past 2 days i can say that it is much like I expected. My major is EMT, I really wanted Computer Engineering but apparently I didn’t Qualify. I’m the type of person that would enjoy anything as long that I’m doing it with people that like and can have fun. I like doing many things Playing sports (Don’t really have a preferable one), hanging out, movies etc, you name it and I’ll go for a try.This summer i didn’t really do much, i spend it with my family going out to places such as Six flags, Play land,P.A.

My favorite subject is not English is Math, but i do find the good in writing. Reasons that i like writing are because in writing there are so many ways that a person or persons can express themselves, also because you can express yourself the exact same way as someone else is feeling but without using the same words as the other.IMG_0234



A few words about Reiana A.

Hi, my name is Reiana Amarsingh and I’m 17 years old. This is my first year in college, therefore, I am a freshman. My major is human services and I want to become a social worker. I love watching TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Twisted and The Fosters. I also love playing volleyball. I was the captain of the Girls Varsity Volleyball team in my high school for 3 years. During summer break, I went to Canada with my family and went to six flags and Seaside Heights with my friends.

What I enjoy about writing is really getting into a topic that I’m passionate about. I think my weaknesses in writing are elaborating on specific subjects. Happiness to me, means enjoying yourself and doing what you want to do, basically living your life and no one else’s. What I hope to learn in this course is what makes other people happy and how other people interact with each other.

A little bit about Professor Belli :)

As promised, I’ll introduce myself here as well. So … I’m Professor Belli … hi!

That's me, this past winter, in front of a big ol' rubber ducky (part of an art installation for a big festival) in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia!

That’s me, this past winter, in front of a big ol’ rubber ducky (part of an art installation for a big festival) in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia!

I did my doctoral work at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and my current research interests are in utopian studies, happiness studies/positive psychology, composition and rhetoric, digital humanities, American studies, and the scholarship of teaching and learning (feel free to ask me what any of these areas are!). I played ice hockey in college (right wing), and have played the violin since I was two years old (and currently play in the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra). I love Thai food (the spicier the better!), kale, & tzatziki as well as watching old sitcoms from the 70s and 80s (some of my favorites are MaudeThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowRhoda, Soap, All in the Family, The Golden Girls, The Facts of Life, & Family Ties)!

This summer I spent a few weeks wandering Scotland, and it was absolutely wonderful! I even visited Loch Ness, but didn’t get to see Nellie, the infamous Loch Ness monster …

I look forward your reading your Introductions and getting to know you, first virtually and then in person, as the semester progresses 🙂

Introductions; How to Add Images to Posts

Introduction Posts (HW for Tu 9/3)
In order to start exploring the site, getting comfortable with posting/adding media (blogging), practicing reflective writing, and getting to know one another, please make sure to create an initial post that introduces yourself to the class.

*This Introductory Post is due no later than the night before our next class on Tu 9/3, but I encourage you make this initial post as soon as possible to become comfortable with OpenLab and to give others a chance to learn a bit about you).

Content of Posts
Tell us a bit about yourself … what are your interests, hobbies, desires? Your year/major at City Tech? Career goals? What you did over summer break? What you plan to do this semester/winter? Share some photos of you (you can either pull a photo from the web if you have one up there, upload one from your computer, or … you can even take one with photoshop right now!) and your family, friends, neighborhood, etc.

At the end of your post, please address (in at least a paragraph) the following questions (not necessarily in this order):

  • What your strengths/weaknesses as a writer in general?
  • What do you enjoy/dislike most about writing (in general)?
  • What is your background with using technology (it’s OK if you don’t have any!)?
  • What is your sense of happiness/well-being (what does happiness mean, or involve, anyway?)? Don’t do any research for this … just state what you think it is, prior to entering the course.
  • What are your expectations for this course and for the learning community (what you think you will learn and what you hope you will learn)? Any questions?

Categorizing/Commenting on Posts
Don’t forget to categorize your post as “Introductions” (and uncheck “Uncategorized” if it is checked already by default). If you forget to do so before you “publish” you post, you can go back and edit/update it after the fact.

I am about to make an Introductory post about myself (if I’m asking you to share some of your personality/background with the class, it’s only fair that I do the same!), so you can get to know me a bit better as well and also so you get a sense of what this type of post might look like/include.  Browse through everyone’s posts (if you choose the “Introductions” category for the right side of the homepage, you will be taken to all of these posts) and drop comments to get some conversation going!


*Here’s a quick tutorial about how to do add images:

1.  When you decide you want to add an image to a post, click either on the button with the camera/music notes and the words “Add Media” that is on the top left of the editing box. Remember that your image will show up within the post wherever your cursor is when you click “Add Image.” So if you want to insert the image in the middle of your post, make sure to put it there.

2.  If you are choosing a file from your computer, you can then browse for it (the same you would if you were uploading an attachment to an e-mail) by clicking “Upload Files” (if you add to the Media Library first, you can also select your image from there).

3.  Once you find the image you want, click “Select.”

4.  You can then edit the image (e.g., to rotate it) … make sure to click “save” after editing it.

5. You should re-title the image to make it easier to manage/find later on (ex: Jill Belli, Introduction Photo). If you wish, you can also add a “description” and “caption.”

5.  At the bottom of the screen you can change the “alignment” and “size” of the image.

6.  Don’t forget to click “Insert into Post” (NOT “Save Changes”) at the bottom.  If you don’t click “Insert into Post,” the image won’t show up in your post when you publish it (it will just be added to our site’s “Media Library” … more on that later in the semester).

7.  You can always click “Preview” before you click “Publish” to see what the post will like like after the images are added. Make sure, however, once you are satisfied with your post, to click “Publish” (you can also click “Save Draft” to continue to work on the post later, but no one else will be able to view the post–and I won’t be able to give you credit for it–until you hit “Publish”).

*Remember, if you don’t like something (either the post or the image), even after it is published, you can go back and change it (just click “Edit” and work away).  That’s the nice thing about blogs … you can keep revising 🙂