19 years old currently a college student born in New York but lived  in Madison Wisconsin for 7 years I move back to New York City 4 years ago majoring in Human services i enjoy  spending time with my family & friends specially with my two sisters . My goal are to succeed and graduated form college.

Hi everyone!

My name is Katherine, I’m 18 years old from Guatemala and a freshman. In June 2013 I graduated from Manhattan Bridges high school (which is a bilingual high school). I came to the United States 7 years ago, to be honest I didn’t wanted to come to this country but I had to because my father died when I was 1 year old and my mom had to come here trying to find a better future for my sister and me. As some of you may know English is my second language and I really passed through a lot of things in order to learn it because I was thinking that English was just not for me.. One of the many hobbies that I have is listening to music, I don;t have a favorite artist or song but I always like to try new rhythms and new types of music, also I really enjoy been on Facebook, twitter etc all the time so if some day you don’t see me online it means you should worry about me LOL :D. I have many goals in my life but one of the biggest one that I have is becoming a child abuse social worker and having the right knowledge and skills that I need to help all those kids who need someone to help them.

One more thing I have to say… At the beginning I might be a little shy and quiet but once you get to know me I am very enjoyable and sociable person so don’t be afraid to ask something ^__^

I look forward to know all of you during this semester 🙂


A little bit about me.

Hello everyone. My name is Diana, I’m 18 and a freshman. I am studying to get my degree in Human Services so that I can one day be a therapist. I would like to help others in the future. I hope to someone day make enough money to live comfortably and be able to travel to a lot of different places.

I dream of one day possibly moving to L.A (just a thought). I would also really love to write a book or two or as a side job work at a high end clothing place I enjoy fashion. I’m not really a big fan on reading I dislike it, but I love writing because it allows you to get your thoughts onto paper. I hope to get a lot out of this class and learn more about myself and others.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 🙂


Introductory post

My name is Wes Ackley and i was born born May 22nd, 1995. I was raised on east long island in a mildly sized town known as Riverhead. At a young age i grew to love skateboarding. Skateboarding has not only allowed me to challenge myself, but also shape and allow me to grow as a unique person. I met many of my close friends through skating and have even been introduced to to other various hobbies.

Currently i am enrolled as a student at CUNY New York City college of technology, majoring in human services. After i attain my bachelors degree i hope to one day study for my masters in either California or Hawaii. Once i have my masters degree i would like to become an art therapist. What is that?- you may ask yourself. Art therapy originates from two fields being art, and psychotherapy. It can focus on the art making process as therapeutic itself or the therapist can use the art to interpret the clients symbolic self expression. So for now, that is my plan in life.970411_629482407064281_946382553_n (completed 9/1, some confusion with site, spoke with you after class)

Getting to know Ivan.

Don’t worry I’m not the reincarnation of Ivan The Terrible. I’m an 18 year old college freshmen who lives in the Bronx. I graduated from a very breath taking high school called Kipp NYC College prep. I know none of you ever heard of it because I was apart of the founding class which started back in 2009. The reasons I say it’s breath taking is because the teachers and the students were amazing people to be with. Enough with that, well as you guys know I like to watch anime which I said multiple times in class. I also do theater in high school. I’ve done “The Twelfth night”,”Much ado about nothing” both by William Shakespeare,and Evening with Ives. (I forgot the play write for that play)


I found this very funny

I’m currently a human services major and I’m pretty excited to start my first semester because I believe college is a new chapter of my life that I will defiantly will enjoy. I’m currently reading “The Fall of Five.” the fourth book of the “I am number four” series which was released last week. I love reading so much that I set a goal to read ten books by the end of the summer and I need one more book to go! I can’t wait to be friends with everyone and share experience with one another!

Hey it me Sophonie

My name is Sophonie Audain. I am 19 year old. I just graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School last June. I am current majoring in Human Service but thinking of changing my major to Business. I am a outgoing person like to try different things. I am a friendly person don’t be to shy to ask me for anything. This summer I spend my time working in a summer camp. This semester I’m look forward to get to know new people.

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My name is Sophonie Audain. I am 19 year old. I just graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School last June. I am a outgoing person like to try different things. I am a friendly person, don’t be to shy to ask me for anything. I am a person who like to get to know different people around the world.                                                                                                   My favorite things to do is going out to different places, l love to moving around. I love spending time with my  family. Me and my family love going out to eat. I enjoy go shopping, when I go to a store and I see something I must get it even though I don’t need it. I spend lot of my time in my phone playing candy crush. Most of all my favorite things to do is going to the movie theater, every movie that come out I must see it.                                                  I am current major in Human Services but thinking of changing my major to Business. I am still confused in what I really what to study. In Human Services the things that interest me is learn about people behavior, the reason they behave that way. This really catch my attention.                                                                                                                                           This summer I spend  most of my time working in a summer camp. Now I am working in a after school program. I enjoy working with children. I learn so much from them. I used to be this shy girl that hate speaking in public.This job change me a lot, now I’m not that shy anymore.                                                                                                                This semester I’m looking forward to get to know new people, and to decided what major I want to study.



Where do I begin…


My name is Lataya but you guys can call me Taya for short.  I am 22 years old, this is my first semester of college, and my major is Human Services.  I choose HUS as my major because it is the starting point for me to become what I’ve always wanted to do and that is becoming a Child and Family Therapist.  I have a 2 years old daughter name Amicia that I love very much. ^_^  I am a very friendly person but like most people until I am comfortable, I’m quiet.   I look forward to this adventure with all of you and getting to know all of you better.

A little something about Cristian

Hey everybody my name is Cristian I’m 18 years old, Mexican & live in East Harlem. I wont mind if you would prefer to call me Cris. Where to start ? Well I’m currently a freshman in college as most of you and I am very excited to adjust myself to the college life and this week I pretty much saw it as a teaser I thought it was pretty amazing I really liked it. Being successful isn’t much of an option it’s more of a must for me since I’m a first generation & I want to make my parents proud as many of you may want to do as well.

A little something about my interests and what I like. I’m a real big sport fan but mostly a basketball fan. I’m a diehard New York Knicks fan, I have been a fan since I was about 5 years old. I love to stay active I hit the gym when I have time because I’m working & school now. I love to hangout with my friends and just have a good time playing basketball or just hanging out. I love to eat with a passion LOL. Mexican food is the best in my opinion, I eat it everyday but I can’t get enough of it. Music? I love pretty much anything that gets my attention but hip-hop/rap is my favorite. My favorite rapper is Jermaine Cole aka JCole.

I love to meet new people! I may be shy or a little quiet at first but I promise I’m a very outgoing person once you get to know me! I always try my best to have the people around me in a positive mood.

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