My Happiest Place

Everyone has there own places that make them happy and bring value into their life. But To be honest i don’t really know what my happiest place is because they’re are so many places that make me happy and that make life enjoyable. For example i love going to amusement parks like Adventure land or splish Spalsh here in Long Island, those places make me happy because they are fun and they are both places you can enjoy with your family or friends. And the amount of fun is endless because they’re are so many things you can do like going on water rides or roller coasters. every time i go i get so excited because i always have fun and i have a blast with my family and friends. Another place that i love going to is the beach because you can chill with your family and have a picnic along the beach. i also love laying on the sand and getting a tan. And sometimes i just like to simply sit on the sand and watch the waves crash along the shore and i like to watch people play in the water. as long as i can enjoy my time with family and friends, really any place can make me happy. There’s so many things you can do in this world so why not go out and enjoy it. so when asked Whats your Happiest place? its hard to pick just one.

LIC Piers, The Happiest Place

Picking the happiest place here in NY is actually rather hard. I’ve lived in New York all my life so picking a place here was hard. There was multiple places here in New York that I absolutely love. The place that brings me the most happiness is LIC Piers or Gantry Plaza State Park. Located in Long Island City, Queens, this park has a beautifulĀ view of the East River and Manhattan.


I have spend a lot of my time here at the piers. Since my high school was located really close, I would always have time to come by after school and relax. I loved being able to look at the water and just watch the skyline of the city. Walking to every dock is also an adventure itself. Every dock has different things that make it unique, seats, or large sinks that fishers used to be clean the fish they caught when it was allowed.


The memories I have here are endless. Having spent so much time with my friends was the best. I would sit there and think about all the times we’ve been there and remember all those laughs we all shared. Other than being a nice place to relax, the memories bring so much happiness to my heart.


The most recent memory of happiness was when my friends and I decided that we would have a photo sessionĀ at the piersĀ before prom.Ā That picture session ended up being aĀ funny one more than productive. Everyone in ourĀ high school ended up going their for their pictures.Ā I don’t think I’ll everĀ forget that, thinking about it now just brings a smile to my face.


I encourage anyone who is aroundĀ LIC to stop by the piers and just take a nice walk,Ā sit around and look at the view.Ā Gantry Plaza State Park is an easy walk from the 7 train (Vernon Boulevard/Jackson Avenue)Ā or the G train (21st Street/Jackson Avenue).

Happiest places in NYC

The happiest places in the city i have realized can be anywhere for me. But there are two places that stand out the most to me. One of those places is anywhere on my skateboard. The love i have put into skateboarding has given me the opportunity to get my soles as well as my soul off the ground to a point that feels like astral projection, when i skateboard i feel as if none of the evil in the world can touch me. My skateboard also allows me to move through time and space faster than people running because of the balance I’ve developed over the years. I like to meet different people everywhere in the city and spread positivity wherever I’m at. I love to make people smile and feel good, I’ve learned I can learn a lot about myself by talking to older people as well as younger people. Talking to little kids for example make me feel like a little kid again which is beautiful. Older people I’ve also realized can teach me a lot, some times I think they are losing hope and no longer believe in true love but I make sure to make a fallacy of such beliefs. Whenever I have Rhythm And Poetry aka rap music I’ve also learned can help me feel good wherever I’m at, for they serve as modern day hymns that give me power. The second place that makes me most happy is the building where i currently reside. “No time for sleep i gets deep as a baritone, killer bee that be holding down his honey comb, loungin’ sun, wu brother #1, swingin’ swords chopping guillotines here they come” -Method Man (Shadowboxin’). To I, Ā these lyrics reflect the lounge where I interact with the people in my building as well as finish homework, and create art. I believe its important everyone perceive there place of stay as a loving place where they can accept, spread, and amplify the love they’re feeling because as Byrnes text said, the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. Where you rest your head is important because its where your dreams develop.

Me, NYC & Happiness.

New York CityĀ is probably the happiest place in the world for me. I love its fast pace lifestyle, the different boroughs, all the different little worlds in NY that I have yet to see. You would think I would like Times Square or Central Park but no, the one place besides my house that makes me happy and at peace is Pier 6. As a matter of fact, I didn’t discoverĀ Pier 6Ā or otherwise known as the Brooklyn Bridge Pier, until I started my exploration at City Tech over the summer. Pier 6 is the most wonderful place to go, whether it is by myself, with friends or with my family. I love it over there! I’ve never gone in the morning but, I’m sure its just as beautiful as any other time of the day.Ā Playing volleyball during the summer at the courts is amazing as well, its so much fun especially when I’m with my friends. Also, going in the evening, watching the sun set is gorgeous and just so peaceful. I can go to the pier for hours and never get bored. Another place that makes me happy is anywhere with food because I really love food. I really love Chipotle and Panera because I can get my food and walk down to the pier and relax. The Pier for me is a way of relaxing and getting away from the world. Its my go to place whenever I want to get away from life and everything else going on. Pier 6 is my happiest place in New York.

The best Saturday that I’ve had in years… (^_^)

Honestly, I didn’t have any place in New York that has brought me happy memories. Ā For the ones that I did have, too many negative things and people ruined those memories. Ā So I decided that I wanted to change a lot about my life for the better. Ā I wanted to experience things that before I’ve never did. Ā When I started college, I wanted that to be the starting point and it did in such a unexpected way because I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Ā I have met a bunch of wonderful people but these two people just seem to get me in ways that others have judged me for. Ā They are so much fun to be around and makes coming to school even more enjoyable. Ā They have made such an impression on me that I always go home and tell my sister about them. Ā Anyway, we had decided, one day while being in school, to go out. Ā At first, I was very hesitant. Ā I’m not one to “hang out” I personally prefer to be in the house but I, along with my sister as usual, convinced myself to actually go out and have fun because I can’t stay in the house forever. Ā I had so much fun! Ā We went to Manhattan on 42nd Street Dallas BBQ and AMC Movie Theater for dinner and a movie. Ā I haven’t enjoyed myself like that in a long time, at least not with people outside of my family. Ā It was like a breath of fresh air from my life at home. Ā I can actually say that I experienced life the way a young woman should, being out with people who you can laugh, talk serious with, or even cry in front of over something that may have been so simple, even if it didn’t feel that way at the moment. Ā I wouldn’t change anything about that day because that it will always be special to me and hopefully many more to come. Ā Those places my just seem like just simple places to everyone else but for me, I will always remember when I walk pass them, the crazy time I had with two special people.

Dallas BBQ

AMC 25

Two Happy Places– Central Park and Metropolitan Museum of Art

OneĀ ofĀ theĀ happiestĀ placesĀ inĀ NYCĀ isĀ CentralĀ Park,Ā itā€™sĀ oneĀ ofĀ theĀ mostĀ famousĀ 

parkĀ inĀ NYCĀ orĀ evenĀ inĀ theĀ world.Ā ItĀ isĀ locatedĀ inĀ theĀ centerĀ ofĀ Manhattan.Ā Ā 

IĀ thinkĀ CentralĀ ParkĀ promotesĀ happinessĀ soĀ much.Ā ThereĀ Ā areĀ manyĀ reasonsĀ 

thatĀ IĀ likeĀ aboutĀ CentralĀ Park.Ā OneĀ ofĀ theĀ reasonsĀ thatĀ theĀ IĀ likeĀ theĀ parkĀ isĀ thatĀ 

itĀ makeĀ meĀ feelĀ soĀ comfortableĀ andĀ haveĀ aĀ senseĀ thatĀ IĀ amĀ surroundedĀ 

byĀ theĀ nature.Ā ThisĀ isĀ whereĀ aĀ placeĀ thatĀ canĀ giveĀ peopleĀ theĀ feelingĀ ofĀ 

relaxation.Ā OtherĀ thanĀ that,Ā peopleĀ canĀ alsoĀ getĀ freshĀ air.ItĀ isĀ soĀ beautiful,Ā 

theĀ sceneryĀ isĀ suchĀ aĀ fabulous,Ā splendidĀ pictureĀ toĀ me.Ā ThereĀ areĀ plentyĀ ofĀ trees,Ā 

lakes,Ā ponds,Ā statuesĀ andĀ differentĀ facilitiesĀ asĀ well.Ā ā€œTheĀ parkĀ boastsĀ severalĀ 

lakes,Ā theaters,Ā iceĀ rinks,Ā fountains,Ā tennisĀ courts,Ā baseballĀ fields,Ā manyĀ 

playgroundsĀ andĀ otherĀ facilities.ā€Ā (Ā AsĀ weĀ canĀ see,Ā thisĀ isĀ notĀ onlyĀ aĀ park,Ā itĀ alsoĀ likeĀ 

aĀ recreationĀ centerĀ forĀ peopleĀ inĀ theĀ cityĀ andĀ evenĀ forĀ theĀ visitorsĀ inĀ theĀ 

worldĀ toĀ haveĀ fun.Ā TheyĀ canĀ haveĀ manyĀ activitiesĀ thereĀ orĀ theyĀ canĀ justĀ 

spendĀ theĀ timeĀ toĀ takeĀ someĀ niceĀ picturesĀ withĀ theĀ beautifulĀ sceneryĀ 

forĀ memories.Ā AnotherĀ reasonĀ thatĀ IĀ thinkĀ CentralĀ ParkĀ isĀ aĀ placeĀ thatĀ 

promotesĀ happinessĀ aĀ lotĀ isĀ thatĀ itĀ isĀ nearĀ theĀ MetropolitanĀ MuseumĀ ofĀ Art,Ā 

whichĀ thisĀ isĀ anotherĀ placeĀ thatĀ isĀ goodĀ toĀ visit.Ā WeĀ canĀ learnĀ manyĀ historicalĀ 

thingsĀ fromĀ thisĀ bigĀ museum.Ā BecauseĀ ofĀ this,Ā peopleĀ canĀ visitĀ thatĀ areaĀ forĀ 

notĀ onlyĀ theĀ relaxationĀ inĀ theĀ park,Ā butĀ alsoĀ canĀ learnĀ aboutĀ historyĀ atĀ theĀ 

sameĀ areaĀ ifĀ theyĀ wantĀ toĀ goĀ toĀ theĀ museum.Ā IĀ thinkĀ theseĀ areĀ someĀ ofĀ 

theĀ reasonsĀ whyĀ theseĀ twoĀ ofĀ theĀ ā€œNewĀ YorkĀ CityĀ Attractionsā€Ā canĀ beĀ 

consideredĀ asĀ happyĀ placesĀ inĀ NYC.

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My world.

The two places in New York City which always seem to bring joy to me when I am down and out, are 14street andĀ a pier.Ā Not many people know about this pier.Ā  I’m not going to say where because it holds a special place to me and I don’t want others going. I enjoy going to 14street because I know the area so well and there is always something happening or something to do. Usually I will go by myself and walk around and shop or get something to get from chipotle, maybe 16 handles. I enjoy doing this because it gives me time to clear my head and get away from my stress. I also like to go to the stores and see what’s in. I’m almost always in forever21, when I go to 14street.

For me the pier that I go to holds a special meaning because someone who I hold dear to my heart first brought me there. ThereĀ are a lot of memories and whenever I go I feel a sense of joy, although things have changed I still have that place where I can go and feel okay. The view of the water makes me feel so at peace and I can just lay on the grass for hours. I have never brought anyone else there and I don’t think I will any time soon because it’s a place where I can go when the world get’s too hectic for me. It’s like I’m am in my own little world where for a moment everything else does not matter.