My happiest place

The only place I can think of as being that place i’m most happiest in is my neighborhood, Fordham Road in the Bronx. I’ve been living here since I was a newborn so I basically been in this area my whole life. The thought of ever moving never really crossed mine or my family’s mind, we have too many memories around here. It would all seem weird to start all over again in a new area. I went to Pre-k, Elementary, Middle & High school near by, I’m used to having certain shops or places near by. I’m also used to having family members close by as well. My cousin also lives near by, she always did, as a children we would go to the park across the street from where I live every summer back then.There’s just a lot of memories and good vibes around where I live that I notice every day. I can’t think of any other happiest place for me but the place I call home.

Happiest Place in NYC

I love going places, whether it be the City, my Bodega, or even Barclay Center. All these places have a great memory in my heart, but there is one place that I love for its vast memories. It is called, Sunset Park, this where I ran around with my close friends since Middle School. Shared memories with many throughout all four seasons of the year. I remember running around with my three best pals, fights with an army of squirrels, yes, an army of tiny little critters and holding hands with a certain women, at the time. I can remember when ever I got into a fight with my parents, I went walking through the park while watching the sunset or even seeing the city lights at night and gasping at its beauty. Running through the park with my best friends yelling vulgar names at each other, for fun. Being with that certain someone, at the time, just sitting in the benches and having the conversation of a life time, or just walking around holding hands and her criticisms of my small hands. This park has so many memories that if I choose to write about it with every detail, I could write a 400 Page book called, My Happiest Place in NYC.This is will forever be the place I’d go to forget my day and let myself be for it contains more than just memories, it contains me.

Happiest Place in NYC

When thinking about where is my favorite place in New York I thought about what most people would say such as Times Square or Central Park or any other place. Some may even say their own house or room because of the peacefulness that they have at home. But, honestly speaking the happiest place in New York for me would have to be MSG-Madison Square Garden. The home of the New York Knicks. I have been a fan since I was about four or five years old and my father use to take me to at least one or two games a season. I use to cherish those moments and always loved the New York Knicks. When ever I go I just love the atmosphere and the positive vibe from the home crowd. From the announcement of the starting lineups to booing the opposing team, to losing my voice every time that I go to the Garden. The roaring chants of defense and the desperation that the crowd always has for the New York Knicks to win the game. I simply love it. There is no other place in the world like Madison Square Garden also known as the worlds most famous arena. Madison Square Garden has grown on to me since I was a young boy and it just continues to grow on to me. The season just started two weeks ago and I have already gone twice. I just can not get enough. It may be a tough start for the Knicks right now but I know I will continue to go cheer and lose my voice throughout the season and I will be happier than ever. Just being inside the arena brings me joy.

My Happiest place in NYC

People might have a favorite place in NYC based on their attitude or their humor but my favorite place is based on the memories that I have had on that place which is the train station. Even though this might sound weird because for many people a train station would mean something related with dirtiness or unhappy, for me it means the entire contrary because that’s where I had so many memories with my friends who I consider my second family. Every time that I pass through the 50st train station a feeling of happiness and joy comes to my mind because when I was on High School I used to spend a lot of time with my friends and that was the station that took us to many places that made me feel that I had a second family where everyone were united. For people like me memories is what makes a place valuable and important and that’s why I choose a train station instead of fancy places like a restaurant, museum or even my own house. Although I have to admit that I don’t like train stations for different reasons, 50st would be an exception because it reminds me of all the good times that I had in my past and that probably will not happen again because everyone of us took a different path on life.


My happiest places in New York City

There really isn’t a favorite place for me in New York. Everything depends on what I do at the moment but there are places that do make me happy to go around and relax such as central park. Going to central park and relaxing takes a lot stress off of me. Whenever I go to places with my family or friends, I have a good time. It doesn’t really matter where we are, it’s just fun to be around people your close with and where ever you go, you’ll have a good time. My favorite place to eat is at spice, the food is amazing but it’s not the happiest place for me. If I really have to choose what’s the happiest place for me in NYC, I’d say home because I’m home almost most part of the day and I have a lot happy moments at home then when I’m outside. Another happy place I love to be at is at time square at night, NYC is the city that never sleeps. There are people always in time square. The city lights are beautiful to look at during night time. It makes me feel as if I’m having a wonderful time and what makes it better is I get to share that experience with the close people in my life. We get to the city by using the subway station, I spend about an hour or so in the train from where I live to get to time square and what makes me happy taking the train is when I can get a seat to take a nap or to listen to music

My Personal Happiest Place in NYC

The happiest place in New York City for me is 42nd Street (Times Square). Times Square is the most touristy area of NYC. There are shops, fast food restaurants, and thousands of people … 24/7.  All the lights, stores, and restaurants bring so much joy and happiness to me ^_^. Although I dislike the huge amount of people thats always around, I love going down there with family and friends, to just hangout and spend quality time with them.
There are so many entertaining places in 42nd, like the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, which is always crowded with people from all over. I personally really like going there because the famous figures they have there look so realistic, always attract people and make them want to take pictures next to them.
Although many people, New Yorkers specifically, don’t like going to 42nd Street because of how many tourists are always around, stopping everywhere to take pictures, and make traffic, I personally like going down there because of it’s happy and safe environment. While being down there, you get to interact with many people without even realizing it. Everywhere you go is crowded, which makes one have to say “excuse me”, “thank you”, “please”.. and things like that. Thats already interacting with somebody.
Overall, I believe Times Square 42nd Street makes people in general happy, with its surroundings.

The happiest place for me in NY?

To be honest, I can’t really choose what’s the happiest place for me in New York, but I can tell you the various places in New York that makes me happy. I’ve been living here all my life, and I have to say there’re too many places for me to choose from. New York is much too big of a place, but the place where I hangout the most is Manhattan’s Chinatown. I’ve grown up there and lived there my entire life, so I know the in’s and out’s of the place. What makes this place so unique is the various handball courts, restaurants, KTV’s, and pool halls. Even though the place is called “Chinatown”, the stores, parks and restaurants are filled with different cultures. It’s almost impossible to get bored in Chinatown as there’re so many places to eat and enjoy yourselves.  Another place that makes me happy in New York is 34th Street. It has one of the best movie theaters in the city, and there’re a lot of places to shop at. The place is filled with lights and people, giving the environment a nice vibe. 34th street is also extremely convenient, as there’re many places to shop, eat, and play. Overall, the city is filled with cheerfulness and buildings, giving off a positive and welcoming aura to people. From the monstrous sky scrapers, to the bright city lights, New York is definitely a place that produces happiness and entertainment

Happiest places vs. Unhappy places in NYC

From what i observed in NYC the happiest places are places that people can get away, walk around, meet new people, and be themselves. When i see people in NYC walking around crowded areas it is unpleasant. Malls are something people like as well. Subway stations makes people very upset. Being happy is very important and it has to do with the surrounding.

When people is walking on the side walk and it is crowded there is pushing and shoving. Some people even argue over a little push, which starts fights or even riots. This rarley happens. People are less likely smiling on a crowded sidewalk than a happy place like Riverbank park. A person who wants to be happy might cross over to a less crowded side walk, but most times their is no way to get out of that.

People go to he mall and go shopping and meet new people. The mall is a great way to be happy and do some things with friends. Sitting at a resturaunt or a spot with multiple chairs to sitor chat with friends is a part of what makes New Yorkers happy. Buying things at the mall, helps people with their happiness. A mall is great for a couple of things, which are walking around, socializing with people or with friends, eating and going shopping.

Subway stations are a prime example of unhappiness in NYC today. People spend lots of money riding the subway each and everyday to get to their destination. But the  subway is very dirty, crowded, and the trains are messed up at times. Its hard for people who have to ride the train everyday. People get arrested everyday just for going through the door or the turnstile and haveto pay money for a ticket they can or cannot pay. The train station can atleast be clean and platforms should atleast feel safe.

Over all surroundings effect peoples happiness in NYC. It is important that people measure their happiness with there surroundings. A park such as River Bank is fairly big and people can walk around to get away and to think. The park gives people a sense of space from others or even bond with others. It is hard to be around filth and walk around unhappy because of it. People should work hard to not liter and their should be better quality on the train. People should feel safe.

“The Best Place In New York City”

Time Square 42th street located at Manhattan, New York is my favorite place in New York City. The best time to go is at night time, there have so many light and people everywhere. The posters are electronic. It the best place to hang out with family and friends. In time square 42th street they have everything such as cinemas, food, and name brand clothing stores. The buildings are very tall. Plus they have tour buses for people who want to see around time square. It a good chance to see a celebrity. They say that Time Square is the heart of New York City.


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The first time I went to time square 42th street I feel like I was in a different environment, so many people. The time I went was on Christmas, I love the big Christmas tree it have so many light it really stand out. Everyone there is always taking picture. The light in time square is what brings me joy. Everyone in there seems so happy. They have an ice skating place for people to ice skate. They have so many restaurants; the restaurant I like is Applebee’s. The people I like to go with in time square 42th street is my friends. They have so many things we could do there. You could never be bored.


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Every time I go to time square I’m excited there something about this place that brings me joy. It always crowded I like that. It’s a loud environment it never quiet. You are able to meet people. The food is great. If you never been to time square you should go it the best place in New York City. It’s like a different world that brings happiness for everyone.

Happiest Place = My room

As you can tell my happiest place in New York is my room. I know it might be weird and different, but I will show you guys why my room defeats all of the beautiful places that can possibly be a happy place for me. My room is where I spent all of my life in. Now that I have my laptop it’s easier for me to stay in my room. I have all the resources that I can possibly need to learn about the world without going outside my room. I have a desk next to my bed which has a lap and stacks of books that I have already read or am going to read. I call that section my office. Across my bed my T.V (which I rarely watch) is attached to the wall, and it looks like it is floating. Unlike other places in New York, I feel very safe in my room. Also it’s never too cold or too hot it is always just right. Everything that I need for any type of apocalypse is in my room.

Though it might sound very lazy, I find it very important that the place that I live and spend most of my life in brings me happiness. I do roam around New York and hang out with friends in really cool places, but those are places where I have memories. It is different from a place that makes me happy. I have theorized something that distinguishes between a places that makes me happy and a places that brings memories. My theory is: If I go to a place that only gets me happy with friends around then it is a place of memories. However, when you are in a place where you can find happiness by yourself than I have found my happiness place. If anything happens now you know where to find me.