High School to College

City Tech is a very diverse school in terms of culture. I think that is something that promotes happiness throughout the school because then you are able to meet new people from all over. I was very happy with the school once I first came here. When I explored the building for the open house last year, I noticed that it was an old school and coming from a school that was only built in 2006 was very different for me. It was kind of a bittersweet moment coming straight out of high school to college because it is totally different and you are honestly on your own. My high school didn’t prepare me at all for this experience. Anyways, coming back to City Tech, there was something about the college that made me feel at home and comfortable. Up to now I still can’t figure out what attracted my attention to this school but, it did and I am very happy with it. One class I really love is my HUS(human services) class because not only is the class itself very interesting and cool but, everyone in the class gets along really well. I love how we sit in a circle and just talk to each other before class. It reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies Freedom Writers. My grades so far are not where I want them to be yet but, I’m doing pretty well for a first time college student. City Tech has been a great experience thus far and I hope it only¬†continues to get better.


City Tech is a very interesting place. I sat down in the cafeteria and looked around. There is a large amount of diversity compared to my old high school. However, it is difficult to join groups that students divided themselves into. Every time I go to the cafeteria the group that I wish I was apart of is always there. They are always together in their laptops sharing and playing video games together. However I’m way too shy to approach and ask to join. I would seem like a creep, or very awkward. So I decided to be a “one man wolf pack,” which is very difficult.

Two of my friends from high school also attend City Tech, but I rarely see them. I found my way to the library and I saw how spacious and quite it was. I fell in love, people studying very hard, endless rows of books, and students catching up in their sleep before the next class. I thought to myself “YES! I will finally make friends here.” I sat down in a desk, and I stared at my desk for a few minutes. I felt very excited and I couldn’t believe that I was actually a college student. I then remembered why I came to the library in the first place. I had to make copies of a pages for my Sociology home work. I finally got the book from the front desk and little that I know, I would need to purchase a card to make copies. I got really upset and started to sweat, I thought to myself “I cannot start out my freshmen year by not doing home work”. I did not have cash on me so I went to the second level of the library and took a pictures of the pages I needed to make copies. My camera quality was the worst quality you can imagine. I emailed myself the pictures till I went home.

I finally printed out the pages for my homework but I saw was that my fingers were in the pictures. I felt very ridiculous. It was better than not turning anything in. I completed my home work, and the next day I got to class I turned it in with a large amount of embarrassment. The next class my sociology professor called my name and I jumped. She was just calling my name to hand back my homework. When I received it my heart dropped. She gave me a 75 out of 100 and said “This home work should be in better quality and you did not follow my orders so you are disobeying the professor’s tasks”. I was not letting this comment get to me. I will need to be more aware of options and take the opportunities that are being afford.

City Tech

So far my experiences at city tech have been great. I have transitioned well from high school to college being that i’ve adapted so well to having more free time to myself. In high school it was the same repetitive lifestyle seven days a week that just felt so stand still my mind moved at a slower pace. Now I strive to finish my homework as soon as I’m out of class so I have free time to do what I love. All of my experiences with the city tech staff have been great. Im learning to excel in areas i was once weak in. I am learning to become a better writer in ENG 1101, understanding algebraic thought better every day in MAT 1190 , becoming more of a professional every day in HUS 1101, and learning a whole lot about my self in BIO 1100. The security guards I’ve realized are all also very kind. One thing i believe that would improve the school the most would be to open all the exits and entrances. Making all doors open to the faculty and students would allow the entire city tech community to move through time and space faster. This might mean hiring more security guards, which would cost the school more money, but in the times we are living in there are people who need jobs like this. I believe hiring the right people for the jobs (guards who actually make the students feel secure in a school environment) will create very, very positive change for the school and will also allow the city tech community to positively develop faster. Another concern that is brought up very often is the speed of the elevators. I believe if you are going up stairs more than 3 floors… then by all means take the elevator. I’ve found that if you are going downstairs to any extent you should ALWAYS take the stairs. I find that walking down 10 floors after english class actually makes me feel like i have MORE energy than i did before i started walking down the stairs, mainly because it gets a persons heart pumping while gravity does all the work. So if everyone going downstairs took the stairs, everyone going up would have faster access to the elevators as well as many other positive experiences (i.e. less crowded elevators). This alone would allow the school to circulate ten fold faster than it ever did before. If you find you need exercise in your life- take the stairs up instead of the elevators, it will benefit your work ethic in ways you never imagined. Hustling up stairs to get class, working the physical body to gain knowledge in a class room. If you don’t like exercise, you may enjoy your class more because you get to sit down and take a physical break. This is just a few of my thoughts correlating to my experiences at city tech and I believe the positive possibilities for our college are infinite.

My experience at City Tech

My experience at City Tech is pretty good so far.  In my opinion, I like schools that have lawns and many trees because I think that it would look so nice and make me feel comfortable. So the first time I came here and stood in front of the Namm Main building,  I thought : This school really fits the word “ technology“. But at the same time, I think that City Tech is reasonable to look like this because this school is more about technology professional studies and it is located at the MetroTech Center area, which is the business and educational center in Downtown Brooklyn, New York City according to Wikipedia. 

Before I talk about my experience at City Tech, let me talk a little bit about my feeling of going to college.  Many people think that college is so different from high school. I definitely agree with this. The way of going to school is already different. It is not like a regular pattern in high school any more. Many of us will need to work part time. And other things in our daily lives. Therefore, it is so important for me to learn how to plan for my time and set my schedule. I need to manage my own things well. It’s like feeling  a sense of coming to an adulthood. I admit that I am still adjusting to the new experience and the environment of the transition of going into college. But I would like to try my best to adjust to this change.

I think that City Tech is actually a pretty good school. In calculation, I have been City Tech 2 months and a few days. Although this is not a long time, but I think that my experience in City Tech is pretty good so far. There are many different resources available to the students of city tech. Library is a good example. We can access to the computers, print our papers, make copies, use the scanners, and borrow the textbooks to read in the library, etc. Learning center is another good resource. This is a place that we can get tutoring assistance for problems regarding the assignments on different class subjects. There are also many computers, so we can access to the internet and print papers in the Learning center as well. There are also different clubs for students to join. Other than that, City Tech also has a Student Wellness Center, which is a place that offers many programs and services that are designed to help the students’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Another thing that I notice is that whenever there is a new event, there are many flyers that are posted at many places around the school. That way we can know about the latest information and events that are happening in the school. There are many other resources in City Tech, and the professors are always there to help their students too. 

I¬†appreciate¬†all¬†of¬†those¬†resources¬†that¬†are¬†offered¬†by¬†City¬†Tech.¬†However, there¬†are¬†still¬†things¬†that¬†need¬†improvement.¬†One¬†of¬†the¬†main¬†things¬†is¬†the elevator¬†system.¬†All¬†of¬†the¬†elevators¬†are¬†always¬†slow¬†and¬†crowded.¬†Many people¬†would¬†have¬†at¬†least¬†one¬†experience¬†of¬†waiting¬†for¬†four¬†elevators passed,¬†but¬†still¬†could¬†not¬†get¬†in.¬†There¬†are¬†some¬†big¬†classrooms,¬†but¬†the light¬†in¬†some¬†of¬†those¬†classrooms¬†is¬†dim.¬†Another¬†thing¬†is¬†that¬†the¬†library should¬†have¬†more¬†computers¬†for¬†the¬†students¬†to¬†use¬†because¬†there¬†are¬†many students,¬†but¬†sometimes¬†the¬†computers¬†are¬†not¬†enough¬†for¬†the¬†students. I¬†know¬†that¬†sometimes¬†we¬†‚Äúdream¬†big‚Ä̬†,¬†but¬†we¬†are¬†all¬†happy¬†to¬†see¬†improvements.¬†ūüôā



“Life Changes”

When I first arrived to City Tech I was so excited, I said to myself I can’t believe I’m in college. My first class was Human Service 1101 with Professor Dr. Justin Pawlukewicz. I notice that the desks are very small comparing it to high school. The walls are blank there is nothing that promote happiness in the class. All my classes give student syllabus. The syllabus is the work that we would be doing in class for the whole semester. So you already know what the professor expects from you.

The work in college is very hard is nothing like high school. You always have to be on track. No late homework is acceptable and you can’t make up for a test if you were absent that day of the test. You can only be absent 3 day per class, if you absent more you fail the class. College is no joke. I thought it would be fun but I was wrong.

It hard for me to manage time I work and go to school. My schedule is very busy I have no time for myself. Homework is due back to back for every class. The homework is very long plus you have to study. College don’t give you review sheet for a test you have to figure it out on your own. College teaches you have to be reasonable. Sometime I have to stay up late to do homework or to study for a test. I never had done that before it’s new to me. I sacrifice lot of my bed time for college. I won’t lie sometime I feel like dropping out. But I won’t, the harder you work the more successful you would be even though you have to sacrifice the stuff you like to do the most. In the long run it would pay off.

High school is easier comparing it to college. It true in college you get to make your own schedule but the work is hard. In high school the teacher motivate you to do better. They give you so many chances for you to improve. But in college you are on your own you barely get any chances. It’s your decision if you want to pass the class or not. Professors in college treat us like an adult not like teenage anymore. It’s a big change for me from high school to college.

The thing I have to work on is managing time, improving my writing skill and studying better to get higher test score. I want to succeed in life so I have to work hard. I not a little kid anymore I have to make adult decision. College is a decision; you don’t have to go to college if you don’t want to. My experience at City Tech make me think a lot about what I want for my future plus the sacrifice I have to make to be successful.

My Experience at City Tech so far

My experience at city tech has been pretty good so far. To Start off it takes me 2 hours to get there because i live in Long Island but that’s my fault because i decided go to school all the way in Brooklyn (lol). when i first walked in my main goal was to not act like a freshmen even though i am. i wanted to look like i knew what i was doing. my first impression of the school was that it was pretty big and its very colorful because each room has a different color column. The people at the school seem nice and it seems like everyone is friendly with each other. what i like about City tech is that the students can do their own thing and we run our schedule,( which can be good or bad for most people). and i also like that City tech has a place where students can interact with each other and socialize. But there are many things that city tech can improve on. for example the Elevators ARE A PAIN. all the elevators get so crowed and they are very slow, its so annoying. The bathroom needs alot of improvement. for instance many of the stalls get clogged, they’re smelly, and there is always a line. They also look very old. i also hate that there is always a line at the financial aid office. City tech should find a way to make the line go faster for example more staff or a faster system. The classes are small, kind of makes me feel like im in high school again but at least the teachers can pay more attention to us. the food at city tech is pretty good, there is a variety of food to chose from. but we should have more food like taco bell or wendys. i like that there are many clubs that kids can join at city tech. but sometimes ¬†i am unaware because i don’t know when there are club meetings so i can have the opportunity to join a club. i know that people post flyers but i always past by them. i think that the school should have a P.A system where students can announce news and upcoming activities at city tech. I also wish City tech had sports teams so i can go to pep rally’s and things like that because those are fun but i understand that the school doesn’t budget for that.

though there are many things that city tech can improve on i think that city tech is a pretty good college and i hope to enjoy more the next three years. ūüôā


Bitter Sweet

Although I have not been at city tech for that long, thus far my experience has been bitter sweet. Coming straight from high school into college has been a bit over whelming for me. I have made plenty of friends in a short amount of time, but I miss my best friends dearly. One of them is in the Marines, while the other is away at school. I have other friends who are in New York City, but none of them know me as well as those two. Which can sometimes make me feel isolated.

People always told me to go to college and I did. Not exactly because I wanted to but because I knew that in order to be someone who was respected and known; I needed a degree. What I soon realized was how unprepared i was academically. High school is far more easier than college. The work and skills that I received in high school did not really prepare me for what college was going to be like.

While in high school all that I did was write papers and take a test every once in a while. ¬†Due to this¬†I have the most difficulty with studying because I don’t really know how to and organizing my ideas when it comes to writing my papers. Luckily, for me I have teachers who are willing to sit with me and talk to me about how to find way to work through these struggles. I really appreciate that because when I was in high school I was always told that once you get to college you’re on you’re own. Which in many ways I agree with and disagree with, it’s a matter of going and finding the help or assistance that you need because it is available.

It’s like in the blink of an eye you’re an adult. Between working and going to school I’m so busy. I really have to make sure that I prioritize when it comes to my time. I often find myself spending all of my time in the library when I am not in class. As I go along I am in charge of my own education and making sure that my responsibilities get taken care of. I just wish that sometimes I had someone in school that I knew of and can go to who can help me with my organization.