My experience in city tech

When I got the acceptance letter to City Tech, I was surprised and excited at the same time. I was surprised due to my extremely low grades, and SAT scores. I was also excited because a lot of my friends are currently enrolled in City Tech. When people told me that I actually had to do study and submit my work on time, I didn’t believe them. Now that I actually attend college and get to experience the college courses, I realized that not believing them was a huge mistake. In order for me to pass college, I’ll have to change my mentality on school. When I first stepped into my human services class, I was extremely nervous. We all sat in a circle facing the professor. The first thing I noticed was that the professor spoke and acted in a professional manner. After realizing that the professor was serious about our work and study, it was time for me to step my game up. Even though college may be challenging and stressful, it was time for me to acknowledge that I have to push myself to further my goals in the future.

My experiences at City Tech

People running everywhere, elevators full of students and staff members standing at the entrance door explaining freshman’s where to go. That is the first memory that comes to my mind every time I think about City Tech. While I was in my last year of High School, I had the belief that college was going to be very difficult for me because sometimes I looked at how my sister stress out with a lot of things that professors leave her to do. But the reality is that for me college isn’t that difficult even though the first days I wasn’t prepared for this big step. However, as the days were passing I was more focused and prepared for everything related with college and my future.

Coming at City Tech was something new for me, obviously it has its negative things but it also has its positive ones. One of the good things was that I got the opportunity of choosing my own schedule whereas in high school I didn’t had the best one. Everyone knows that on High School we passed almost the whole day sated in a chair watching the teacher talk and basically just writing. So being able to choose my own classes was good because it changed my daily life style.

City Tech has not only opened their entrance door for me, also it has opened many other doors full of opportunities and goals that don’t come very often. All my life I used to speak on my own language even when I was on high school. Since I am in City tech I have the opportunity of communicating in English and at the same improving my language skills every day. Another good thing that City tech has brought to me is interactions with new people from a different race. City tech is definitely like my second home after my own house. College is where I spend more time and getting more opportunities and new goals. That’s why I can say that i have overcome my college obstacle.

My experiences at City Tech

Attending City Tech has come to be more than what I expected.  The first thing that really made me happy about starting school was that I didn’t have to worry about rushing from my daughter’s old daycare and be on time for class in the morning.  They have a wonderful child care program with small age appropriate classrooms right in the school.  I love that!  Each child can be monitored with what ever task that they are doing.  At the end of the semester, the parents get the evaluations taken by the teachers of their child’s progress from the start to the end of the semester.  Being able to take my daughter to school with me takes a big stress off my shoulders.  I don’t have to worry about rushing, making sure that I can pick her up in the afternoon, and whenever I feel the need to check on her I know that she is right downstairs.

The classes aren’t as hard as I thought that they were going to be but with me having a lovely habit of procrastinating with school work, I tend to make things harder for myself.  The professors aren’t as harsh as I thought they would have been.  I’ve always assumed they walk in, write stuff on the board, vaguely teach their lessons, and leave.  I was surprised that most of my professors wanted to get to know their students.  Some making it a mission to learn their students’ name before the end of the semester.  At least three of the professors that I have try to make being in the classroom a comfortable place to learn and express yourself.  They encourage group conversations and classroom discussions that they themselves participate in.  For me, the amount of effort that I put into my work and studying are starting to show, whether good or bad, and professors don’t have a problem with letting me know how good I am doing or what I can to do improve my grades.   I am enjoying the classes that I have and I hope that they will only get better.

Seeing the I wasn’t much of a social person in high school, I wanted things to be different when I started college.  I’m not saying that I talk to everyone in all of my classes but I try to have a positive attitude and I try to make myself very approachable because I know how hard it is to talk to someone you don’t know.  I have met some amazing people since I’ve been here, some so different than me but that’s what makes talking to them so much fun.  Having so many people with different personalities helps me to understand things a lot better.  Some people have even made such an influence on my life that I have changed in ways that I never thought I would.  I am starting to experience what its like to be in college but to also experience life and what it has to offer.

College is the time when you prepare yourself for what life is all about, learning, meeting new people, trying different things, becoming an adult, and developing who you are as a person.  In this time, you are beginning to mold yourself into the person you want to become.  My experiences at City Tech so far are wonderful!  I wouldn’t change a thing because everything you do whether good or bad is a learning experience and I am appreciating all the things that I have learned.  Even though I don’t plan to stay and graduate from this school, I will never forget my first time in college. The moments that I’ve had and the ones that I will create are moments that I will share with my daughter when she decides to go to college.


Experience at City Tech

When I first got accepted to city tech I was really excited and I felt like I was ready for college. The first time I stepped in to city tech was during summer. I had remedial math and it was a boring class. I had to be in the classroom for 3 hours, 4 days a week. Sadly I failed the class because I never did any of my homework. I thought I had to just pass the test in the end of the course but here I am again retaking the class. When fall semester started I was excited to learn about new things and make new friends. My schedule brings a smile to my face because the latest I get out is on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

The elevator in city tech comes in handy especially when I’m about to be late for class but most of the time I prefer walking up the stairs to get my morning exercise. my classes don’t stress me out  unless I get homework and decide to do it last minute which causes me to get the writer’s block and I slack on my work. The happiest moment for me in city tech is when I get to leave, that satisfaction feeling I get knowing I’m done for the day

my experience at city tech

My experiences so far at City  Tech the New York school of technology, are better then I expected it be. I started a little apprehensive about going to the school because I know that this is not what I wanted to be my original game plan was to go to Brauch college, but because my   GPA wasn’t what they required I decided I spend my first year at City Tech building it up. Any way I have met some of the coolest people to be around  which makes coming to city tech not so bad not to mention I love three of my classes, intro to college life which helps me take responsibility for my actions, my human service class which I love the most because it drives me even more to achieve my dream in becoming a social worker  and lastly my remedial math believe me I hate math but my teachers and class mates make it more tolerable.


My main focus overall is to pass all of my classes with the grade that I’ve set for myself honestly believe that I am getting  the motion of being a college student and though it is different from being a high school student I’m getting the hang of it . I love the college is unpredictable nothing can be predicted unlike high school you set the same boundaries for yourself, you do the same things college is like in a sense but has a variety of experiences. I really do enjoy city tech

Experiences at City tech

For someone who wanted to take a year off of school after high school, I didn’t think I’d be going to college this year but I am. When I had finished the process of officially being in City Tech, I was very nervous. Before arriving to or even beginning college, teachers and staff in my high school would tell me and others that the professors in college won’t care about you, your excuses to why you’re late or didn’t do your homework. That is partially correct but what I found incorrect was the “not caring” part. I feel my professors care about me enough to help me get to where I want to be by making the classes interesting and that’s good enough for me. Other then the professors at City Tech, the students here are polite. Although I do wish my old high school friends were going to the same college with me but things can’t always be the way you would like them to be. Making friends seems to be the least of my worries but I should try to be a little more social here and there at least to meet new people. Overall City Tech is a good school, the only issue I have is the elevators. I’m not used to doing extra leg work by going up those flights of stairs to class so that automatically leaves waiting for the elevator my only option. So far my experience in City Tech has been a good one it could be better but only time will tell.

My Experience IN City Tech.

I remembering walking into City Tech. for the first time during Summer, I had to take remedial math from 8:30am – 1:30pm on the 6th floor. Once I stepped in, it felt like a new world has emerged right in front of my very eyes. I was happy, yet scared, I didn’t believe I’d make it in college, the idea of failing made me fear stepping into unknown territory. I wanted to walk out with a white flag yelling “This isn’t for me.” I sat down in my chair and waited for the Professor to show up. I looked around the classroom and saw that they all had the same face I had on, skeptical. I knew I wasn’t the only one, this fact made me feel like I’m already apart of something great, apart in college experience, even if it was for one second. Once the Professor enter the room, it felt nothing like high school, everyone looked up at her and was ready to do work in a flash. I was one of them, I was capture by this fact and knew that if I wanted to start somewhere, this was the place. The feeling of failing went down the drain once The Professor started to teach. I knew I was in good hands, but more importantly I walked out with my hands and head held high. I was ready for each day to come.

My Experiences at City Tech

My experiences at City Tech has been great, but not perfect.I know that i can not change anything right away. I think im most good at adapting to different circumstances here. I know that it is important for me to work hard and pass my classes. Working towards my furture is my main concern. In order to complete my task, considering that the environment and the surroundings can improve and support peoples education.

Since I did not help build or incorporate any ideas into the process of the college i will not dwell on the fact that things at the college are not what i expected. But i will say that since i been here i have learned to cope with the environment. The elevators is an issue, but i can not fix it. This issue interfers with people’s education here at City Tech, because the eleveators are crowded to where people have to wait for the next one to come. It is very disappointing to me. I try not to complain instead i feel that it s better i smile, and then wait on the next elevator. Learning to adapt to the surroundings at City Tech have not been the best, but certainly not the worst niether.

Working hard to pass my classes is my main focus. I feel like as long as nothing is getting in my way of doing that, then i can manage. As long as i have the right mindset, that alone helps me stay focus. Another issue that may get in the way of my work ethic, is the computer room. There are limited computers, so when i have to print my work from there i have a hard time, why? because every available computer becomes unavailable. I found a way to fix that issue by trying to get there earlier to wait for a computer and actually use it.

Overall, i hope that every downfall here at City Tech changes for the better. I really hope that space for many oppurtunities become more open. City Tech is not bad but not all that good yet. I know there is a bright furture for a better college for students. Giving up will not help , but pushing foward will help with every issue that is incorporated with City Tech.

Gildaira’s Experience at City Tech

My experience at City Tech so far have been okay. Coming to college as a 16-year-old was very surprising to people, in general. Not having a long enough break from the transition of high school to college, it has been hard to adapt to the amount of work (assignments and homework’s) I’m given on a daily basis. The amount of work is incredibly different in college. At first, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with it, but I have. My grades aren’t the best, but I think I’m doing pretty descent for this to be my first year in college; I’m actually doing better than what I was expecting from myself. Everything is just completely different.

College has made me a more social, mature and responsible person. Social because I have to interact with so many people, from different cultures, on a daily basis. Mature because of the responsibilities I’ve been having to take care of, academically. These are things I’m still getting used to, but will soon be something common to me. So far, I’ve been enjoying this other part of just growing up as a person and as a student.

I also like the effort that I see personally notice in the professors when they’re teaching. I’ve noticed how hard they try for us students to have and receive a better education, and a better understanding of things, and even a better view of the world, in general. I just wish the amount of work we receive would be decreased just a bit (^_^). However, I believe the education offered here at City Tech is very well performed and benefiting. I also think the professors are dedicated and committed to what they do. So, what ultimately promotes my happiness/well-being at City Tech is the type of education I’m currently receiving. On the contrary, what doesn’t promote happiness for me is the fact that there’s no sports teams. I would of never thought I could attend school without being in a volleyball team, having something to do other than academic work.

My Personal Experience at City Tech

I knew since, I applied, that City Tech was going to be a crappy school. I was only partially correct. Physically, the school looks nothing, and don’t feel like a college. I feel like I’m going to high school again, in an old Macy’s warehouse, however, here it’s all alone. The transition from high school to college or me was really frightening. I came from four years of the smallest high school ever, a cozy, window-less, one floor of learning. My high school had about 600 students in total, and that included grades 7-12. Everyone in the floor knew each other, from the smallest 7th grade, to the 12th grader. Coming from that to a place where there are 11 floors, thousands of people and multiple buildings, it was frightening. After knowing all the same people for four years, I forgot how to make friends. I didn’t even know how to interact with people anymore. Yet, I managed to make a few.

During orientation, I was introduced to the campus app, Oohlala. There, I was able to meet a lot of people and then proceeding to meeting them in person. Most of the people I meet there were creepers, but others were pretty interesting. I also got to meet a lot of new people from the classes I’m in. Because our English and HUS classes have the same people, there isn’t new people that we can meet. But in my math and speech class, I’ve been able to meet new friends that I am in constant contact outside of school. I’m also in contact with some of the people who came from the same high school as me. I love seeing them in the halls because, for that slight second, I feel like I’m in the one floor of high school again.

What brings me the most happiness here in City Tech is the learning center. There, you can just sit in front of the computer, and just focus on your own stuff. It’s a nice place to study alone because everyone is into their own business. You don’t have to worry about looking like a loner because everyone is  focused on their own stuff. What brings me the least happiness at City Tech is the elevators. They take forever to get here. I usually have to wait about 10-15 minutes for the elevator in the morning. Since I am not athletic at all, and most my classes are above the 7th floor, the stairs are not an option for me. All in all, I would rate City Tech a 6/10. For someone to make the best out of this college, they’d have to bring all their friends with them and spend their free time with them at this college.