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Imagine a phone app that can bring happiness! The citizens of Smartville city serve as a Guinea pig for this new project that’s main goal is to promote happiness. Previous before this creative idea ,  “Somerville distributed happiness surveys to residents and compiled the data into a “Report on Wellbeing,” which has been used to steer policy in the city” this city is indeed ambitious to promote happiness to their residents. The h(app)ton project has created a app that’s has made something so hard to obtain so simple. After one  survey, a person is matched up to a hobby or interest of theirs.. So in simpler terms  their “identifying where people already find meaning in their lives to help connect them to ways to get happier while helping others.”

While others of focusing on what makes people happy brian Merchant discusses New York City  and where the happiest and the saddest place in.  you’ll never believe the happiest place in New York City is Time Square. An area filled with tourist different ethnicities traffic loud noise and busy intersections is the happiest place in new york. Maspeth Creek in Brooklyn is noted to be the saddest place in new york. According to the article “It’s not unhappy because it’s poor—it’s unhappy because it’s one of the most polluted places in the city. “While it’s geographic features are unremarkable, this area is one of the most polluted urban water bodies in the country,” the report notes. There was a massive oil spill in Maspeth years ago—one of the biggest in American history—and it’s still getting cleaned up. The cleanup process releases a foul stench, and the toxic nature of the spilled oil may have adverse impacts on the community’s health. And they hate it. It’s the least happy place in all of New York because of it.


I personally believe that once it is taking care of in the right manner then it can bring hope and happiness to its citizens

An App For Happiness and An Obvious Research

The H(app)athon Project, an app, set to release March 2014, is being developed to increase a person’s happiness and well-being. The app will take the information from a person, via data and a survey, and connect them to activities, organizations and services. The people of Somerville, MA, serve as a pilot community for the app. City officials see this new app as something that can bring out new ideas. The app will also be able to provide real-time happiness data from around the world, making it monitored by officials.

This app sounds like a really interesting idea that can be put forth for people. The app sounds like it can be able to provide for more for people, since there are many events that go unheard because the advertising for these go unheard. For people who know of this app, expectations for is should be really high, so this app should reach these expectations.

Researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute are trying to pinpoint New York City’s happiness geographically by using Twitter. Based on the mood given off by the tweets of New Yorkers, researchers will be able to show  where the happiest of the sites are. The results were very obvious, parks and high tourist areas were very happy, while transportation hubs, cemeteries and medical centers were very low in enthusiasm.

The findings to this “research” is very obvious. The analyzing of tweets is not even necessary. Anyone who lives here in New York would know that anywhere around the Holland Tunnel, JFK airport and Penn Station can be a hassle t be around, it causes stress and leads to unhappiness. This is really obvious because not everything goes as planned. Traffic, trains running with delays and flights being cancelled cannot bring happiness to anyone, unless one is trying to avoid getting home.  Central Park will obviously be a happy place in the city because it’s very peaceful and an attraction for anyone in the city. There is always something to do or see every time you get there.

” What brings Happiness”

In the city Somerville they are using a smart phone to promote happiness. According to Jarret Bencks “Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone said in a statement. “ But I know that the data will help us run the City as much as it will help resident find resources that they might not know about otherwise.” The mayor of Somerville what to promote happiness so he using a app that is call The H(app)athon Project. With this app Somerville would be rate the best city in the world because they know how to make people happy. I think this app is a good idea they should start caring about what would make people happy. Somerville really care about people happiness I respect that, other city should do the something.

Brian Merchant talks about the happiest and the saddest place in New York City. According to Merchant “And you would never guess what the happiest place in New York City is Time Square Yeah, Time Square. The report notes bluntly that sentiment progressively improves with proximity to Time Square.” It true Time Square promote lot of happiness. You always see all kind of different people, light are everywhere in Time Square. They sell all kind of different food. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends and family. They say that Time Square is the heart of New York City. The saddest place in New York City is Maspeth Creek in Brooklyn. According to Merchant “ Which brings us to the saddest place in New York, which again, you’d never guess. It’s Maspeth Creek, Brooklyn. It not unhappy because its poor it’s unhappy because it’s one of the most polluted place in the city.” I know nobody would like to live in an unhealthy place. Maspeth Creek have spilled oil everywhere and toxic. It not a safe place at all. That the reason it rated as the saddest place in New York because no one wants to live there. It needs some cleaning. When Maspeth Creek is clean you would see a change.


The Quantified Self

So in Somerville, a happiness survey will be turning into the H(app)athon app. An app to help residents find resources that will boost their happiness levels. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone thinks that the data will help him to run the city better than it is running right now. I think that this idea isn’t the brightest of the bunch because now we have to use technology to find our happiness. It seems pretty cool but, I don’t think it will really find peoples happiness. I think the old school way of finding your happiness works pretty well, do what you like to do most and bring out your happiness.

We all know New York is the happiest place in the world aside from Disney World, obviously but, where are the happiest spots in New York? Well I can tell you the happiness moods are lowest at Penn Station, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc. Basically all local transportation areas are the saddest places in New York, people hate lines, crowds and congestion. But the most happiest places with no surprise are all parks and the New York Botanical Garden. Prospect Park, Highland Park and of course Central Park, along with others, are the happiest places in New York. But the happiest place to be in New York is not Central Park but, it is Times Square. Who would’ve thought the most congested place whether it be day or night would be the most happiest place in New York.

Quantified Self H(app)athon; The Happiest and Saddest Places In New York City According to Twitter

      Every one would love to be happy where they live and everywhere they are, but that is not always the case. It is really disgusting and not fair that  people have to live in places that have a horribe environment. The best places to live nearby is the city parks, the environment is much better. The H(app)athon app is a good way for people to keep up with their happiness. Any persons that are able to understand what makes them happy or unhappy is the best way to balance their way of living.

Would any one like to live in a polluted environment with disgusting garbage or see unpleasant stuff on the street? The answer is no. According to ” The happiest and saddest places in New York City, According to twitter”  it is a true statement people that are surrounded by unpleasant areas are unhappy, it states “we find that public mood is generally highest in public parks and lowest at transportation hubs, and locate other areas of strong sentiment such as cemetries, medical centers, a jail, and a sewage facility.” (Para 6) Here it shows that based on the environment will explain why people on twitter living around it will post about unhappiness rather than being blissful.

City parks are beautiful and clean people love to take a walk in a park such as Central park, it is apart of making people smile. Based on the article “Happiest and saddest places in New York City, According to twitter” city parks are what makes people more happy based on tweets who live in these areas, it explains ” happiest parks in the city, according to complex systems theorists. A1. Central park A2. New York Botanical Garden………there seems to be no better argument for city planners not to skimp on the urban green spaces than this. People love parks!.”( Para 8-9) This explains people happiness based on the environment and how city parks are apart of people happiness depending on the area they live in.

Knowing what makes one self happy is very important and a good way to keep track of it. According to the H(app)athon app for iphones, which basically allows people to discover their personal happiness through a survey.Here it states “the things you do and say focused on well-being, meaning, purpose, and action.” (Para 1) This showing that the H(app)athon allows people to understand a good way to keep a balance of their happiness and what they behaviors are on a everyday basis. It is important for people to maintain the balance and have a good understanding to have a healthy mental and behavior process in life.

Overall, The environment and understanding one self, is based on the balance of a person happiness. The environment interfers with people happiness. Whether it is good or bad it still have an  impact on a person. In addition to that, understanding of one self as far as happiness goes is very important in a way to balance between what makes one self unhappy and happy on a daily basis. It is important to balance between the two because people rather live happy than to live miserable lives.

Quantified self

Personally at this point I believe we can all agree that happiness or contentedness comes from within, especially after reading “The happiness project”. I see the key to being happy in todays world is simply understanding how to be content when things aren’t going great, and how to spread the love when you are truly happy. Giving my change to people on the street that appreciate it greatly makes me feel happy because i know what goes around comes around. If anyone truly wants to feel good about life I suggest they find themselves, and by that i mean understanding your thoughts, feelings, and then interpreting how you should positively express them instinctively. So when you’re sad, learn to be content. When you’re happy, learn how to pass it around and it will inevitably come back around to you because we live in a friendly universe (Says “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne). People shouldn’t feel hedonistic, in todays world true pleasure will find you, chasing it will only make it farther from you. Using a program like the H(app)athon may work to maximize some peoples happiness for the time being. I think whats most important in response to these passages is that as humans we have free will, which means we can choose to think/feel/live however we want. So I wouldn’t chase happiness, I would study knowledge of self to alter your perception of life in ways that can make you feel more content about living when you’re not happy. Also accept the fact that no one can deny your thoughts or feelings, If you have strong feelings about something express it, don’t just say it. Being happy all the time isn’t healthy anyways! High levels of dopamine often cause schizophrenia later on in life, so when you’re down consider yourself blessed.

Diana’s 11 commandments for surving the coming into adulthood.

1. Stay in school

2. Get a job if you don’t already have one

3. Learn how to do your own laundry

4. Learn to be grateful

5. Love your family and friends

6. Prioritize

7. Spoil yourself sometimes

8. Learn to sit back and let life take it’s course

9. Do what you want

10. If you have no regrets it means you’re not living.

11. The golden commandment: Fall in love at least once; it will build character.


“Be Gretchen”

I found it interesting how in her book “The Happiness Project” Gretchen Rubin spoke about her struggle throughout her “project”. It made it seem like she was easy to relate to, she took her readers through her journey. She came up with her own twelve rules that she had to obey and her readers were able to see her progression. Before she started her project she was not miserable she was just under a lot of stress with her husband having hepatitis and her sister having diabetes.  Gretchen took a lot of little things for granted which we all do when we are put under a lot of stress. The only difference is that she chose to make a change. There was a point towards the end of her book where her husband tells their daughter her mother is about to buy something that is going to make her very happy and it only cost five dollars, turns out I was a sponge. It is he little things like that which people should learn to appreciate more. Then she goes on to say that her husband was supposed to call her and her never did, but he sent her an email saying “don’t be mad, see below”, when she first bean the happiness project she was afraid that if she stopped nagging her husband he would stop putting an effort into their relationship but the opposite happened actually. Gretchen put a lot of thought into writing her book, especially with her side notes, it was simple and easy to follow.