“Subway eat fresh” Advertisement

subway-eat-fresh This logo is telling people that subway makes the best fresh sandwiches. They are trying to bring consumers to buy there amazing sandwiches. Looking at this subway advertisement brings a joy to people heart because you see that they make fresh sandwiches. Looking at those sandwiches make people want to buy one because it looks so good and fresh. Subway makes all kind of sandwiches any choice that you desire. When I see this advertisement of subway I feel like I have to have one just by looking at it. It seem when people buy this sandwich they would be satisfied. The way subway presents their sandwiches would attract people to buy one. Subway is one of my favorite fast food places because they make the sandwich in front of you plus it taste so good. They know that people like fresh food this is how they get people to buy there sandwiches. Subway promote happiness just by looking at it. People get happy when they see something good.If you never had a subway sandwich you should get one you won’t regret it.

Picture: http://www.subwaymenus.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/subway-eat-fresh.jpg

Folgers For This Holiday

For the following assignment, I chose my favorite ad on TV.


Viewing this ad from a very innocent view, it is a Christmas commercial of a brother coming home from West Africa. His sister greets him, and claims that he is her best present. All promoting Folgers coffee.

This ad brings in the theme of family. We see an older brother and a younger sister. We are also introduced the parents of both. This ad also shows that this brother was not present in the household or a long time since he shows that he cannot recognize his sister. The fact that he is coming home to spend the holidays is really heartwarming. It’s something that everyone looks forward to when they do not have their relatives nearby. The whole family looks very happy that the will be able to spend the holidays together.

With this, Folgers is trying to promote the happiness is what this coffee shares with other memories. If this coffee can share these moments with this family, anyone can make this happiness if they have this specific coffee every morning. This ad comes out after Thanksgiving, in time for the holidays. The thought of the holidays rolling around can make everyone happy. The time, and theme, of this ad is very well thought of. Share your happy moments with the sweet taste of Folgers coffee.

iPod & iTunes : Billboard Advertisement

iPod & iTunes : Billboard

iPod & iTunes : Billboard

September 26th, 2009 by Bibhuti

The billboard advertisement is basically trying to persuade people into buying the iPod. The billboard shows an abundance of  different album covers of songs coming out of the device, which makes people think that they can download whatever and how many songs they want to the iPod. The message that it is sending to people is that an individual no longer has to buy albums in order to listen to music. People can now download all the songs that they want to this little device and be able to listen to them whenever they want.  To many people, music brings happiness and relaxation all around the world, it can also in many different ways help people express themselves.  Keeping track of all the albums one may have before they even knew of the iPod can be difficult and has been to some people and that is why the iPod is looked at as being convenient. What also draws people to this advertisement is that they see all of the songs going into the device which is also very tiny. People do not always want to have something so big and bulky on them all the time as to where it becomes difficult to move around with them. The iPod is small and light weight which will make even more people interested in buying it. The creators of the billboard are aware that music brings happiness people and they are using that to their advantage in order sell the device to the public.


Coca Cola Advertisement

The bottom right Barbie doll is all dressed up with her evening gown and her pearls. She’s ready to dig into her food but, wait she needs a cold, flavorful coca cola so she can enjoy her food. This coca cola advertisement promotes a great deal of happiness, just showing that everyone in the picture are all jolly and smiling. This advertisement appeals to single people, couples and families. If you buy this product, you will have a refreshing beverage to drink while you enjoy your delicious meal. Also, I’ve noticed that they made the coca cola bottle a bright red color, so its more bright and it stands out. Therefore, if it stands out more, then more people will be attracted to it and they will buy it.


Checkers Advertisement Of Coupons

CAM00087This advertisement of the coupons is trying to persuade people to use these coupons in their store. First this coupon is saying ” hey the food is fresh and good when you come to checker “In the morning or evening” and “when you come here at night”. Based on  that observation the persuasion is trying to tell people a few things; the food is good, fresh day and at night, and the flavors are very good people should eat here and be more satisfied. The bold print on the coupon is trying to persuade people and get the attention of the readers to actually use there money to buy this food. The ” FREE” In bold is trying to tell people hey its free only with a small purchase of anything you may like. People will feed into this people they want to eat good but also save money,which is ” having the cake and eating it too”. Looking at this  coupon made me want to buy a few things i wanted to eat at the resturaunt. Another thing that I notice is that the advertisement is giving free offers but also making people buy something first. That is good and a very clever to allow people to use there expenses but offer them something in return inorder to further persuade them to spend their money on the food.