Enternal Happiness for only the price of $99.00


Here we have an eye glass advertisement that instead of having numbers and letters in the chart spells out “The Secret To Finding Eternal Happiness”. This advertisement is clever because it leads people to believe that if they by glasses from here than they will be happy for the rest of their lives. This advertisement causes people to want to buy glasses because it says sale and when we see the word sale we tend to want to buy things even if we don’t need them. Also the words Secret and Eternal are underlined to put empathies on the fact that these glasses can provide happiness for a person for the rest of their life. In my ways this advertisement is a joke because how can a pair of glasses make a person life fulfilling with joy, etc for ever. It’s unrealistic to even be advertising these glasses like this.

open happiness

coca-cola-open-hapiness1    I chose this advertisement because it is simple and straight forward to the audience. Although it may not be true that simply opening a bottle of coca cola will lift your mood, the advertisement still has a positive message. I also like how the ad has a simple color scheme of just red and white. Theres no actors or questionable expressions, its just one simple logo with a unmistakeable statement next to it. But as I look closer there is also a TM in much smaller font to the right of “open happiness”. The TM stands for trademark (unregistered), which I just learned specifies a recognizable design, symbol, or expression that identifies its goods or services of a particular source from others. In this case “open happiness” is an unregistered trademark of coca cola.

Looking for love? Go to Match.com



I decided to use a ad from Match.com.   When being in love it brings happiness, so I felt this ad was appropriate for this post.  Being that you actually have to buy a membership package to use certain things on the website, it’s using the desire for love to promote their product.  I feel that this advertisement is toying with the emotions of people who really want to find love.  It’s telling people that they will find someone that is their “match”.  How do they know who is a match?  Is it based on what people put in their profiles or do they know who is a person’s soul mate?  Of course, not!  How could they?   The fact that the advertisement guarantees a match without getting to know each and every individual personally and knowing what they want when being in love is wrong.  Knowing that most people are trying to find true love,  how could anyone use that to gain a profit?   The website maybe top rated, but it shouldn’t, not at the expense of others happiness.  I honestly hope that people who use the website don’t get their hopes up if they don’t find what they are looking for.  It gives false hope to the many just because a few people that had success stories,  or fake success stories.


War Bonds, Propaganda.

War Bonds


This propaganda, during the time of WWII, was mainly trying to push people who haven’t invested to invest in war bonds. War Bonds finance military operations and other expenditure. They are trying to push the fact that something like in the picture will happen, unless you contribute to the war. This picture is promoting happiness by showing that it starts with investing in what ever it is telling you to, in order to be safe. The picture is showing who the “bad guy” is here, those who we are warring with. Showing their deadly side, trying to promote that this is the face of terror. At the end it saids “Back up our Battleskies!” with a man wearing a sailor hat and suit. Trying to say that this is the type of man you should trust here, and invest.

Derrick Rose advertisement


In this commercial not only is basketball itself being advertised by Derrick Rose, but he is also sending a message about happiness and how basketball means everything to him. Now he does not specifically say basketball brings me happiness but he gives hints saying that basketball means everything to him. He speaks about taking away all of the fame, money and flashy lights and how even at the end of the day all he’s left with is basketball. So what he really is trying to persuade is don’t think about the after effect that could happen just go out there and do what you love to do no matter what it is. Do what brings happiness to yourself and not what brings happiness to others or anything of that sort. Basketball is all Derrick Rose thinks of when he thinks of happiness. So in our predicament it may not be basketball it may be soccer or football or maybe not even a sport it could be food or sleeping or anything else that we can think of. Well, what this commercial is saying is just go do it if that is what really brings happiness to you.

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