“The Secret”

In the story ” The secret” by Rhodan Byme describes “The Secret” as disease, a lot of wealth, obstacles that are overwhelming and achieving what many would regard as impossible. This is stated in the beginning of the article. The law of attraction is introduced and it is what a person life is based on. The law of attraction is what people are attracted to and what they are thinking, which is stated on page 4. An example of The law of attraction is ” they think thoughts of abundance and wealth, and they do not allow any contradictory thoughts to take root in their minds. Their predominant only of wealth are what brought wealth to them” ( Pg. 6 ). This shows that when a person set their mind to something it sticks with them and make them who they are in life. They set out goals for themselves by just having a dominant idea on their mind. I learned that the la of attraction comes in to play when a person is upset about something and as they continue to think about it they get more and more upset. I agree with the statement in the article that people are becoming what they think. An idea that made me think was , on page 12, when it stated that people focus on most of what they ” don’t want” then what they ” want” but because their mindsets are on what ” they don’t want” that is what will happen because their minds are focused on it. The law of attraction does not care what a person don’t want. I agree with this theory because if I focused on what I want then I believed it can happen if I set my mind to it. People who think negative always have negative pathways, but people who have a positive mindset have a positive pathway.

The secret

Did you know the secret give you anything you want? Money power respect or anything else you desire. The secret is the “law of attraction”. This was written by Rhonda Byrne and her belief is the secret is there without us not knowing what it is till now we realize. The “law of attraction” was written back in B.C and was always used by famous and powerful people. Everything you see is attracted to your eyes. The way the secret works is by your thought. The bad thoughts you have dominantly will keep happening in a different scenario. For example you see someone gambling and that thought is in your mind, later you’ll go gambling because the thought is strongly suggesting you to. The good thoughts that you have dominantly and repeatedly will come to you.  For example you saw a necklace that you want, all the positive thoughts that are going through your head will later make you get the necklace either a little different from the original or as the original. The idea of “the law of attraction” is not accurate to me. it does not work that way. some things happens because of luck. your thoughts can be many things but that doesn’t mean it would come true. if we put our mind into something we want and try hard to achieve it then that is possible but if its something out of the ordinary like to be the president of US most likely that wont be possible.

“The Secret”

“The Secret” was written by Rhonda Byrne focuses on the fact that the “Law of Attraction” is the so called “Secret”. This law of attraction can give you anything you want whether it’s wealth, power or just happiness. The law of attraction is the concept in which your positive or even negative thoughts become reality due to the fact that you’re always think of certain thoughts repeatedly throughout the day. It is a law we all possess whether we know it or not. The things that happen to you or don’t depends all on you, you are what attracts those things in your life. You basically can control your own life with this law and you only do it with your own thoughts and feelings also have a lot to do with this law because that is the type of life you want for yourself whether its a positive one or a negative one. What you want in life may not happen in the blink of an eye but it will happen eventually. The secret assures you that if you remain positive throughout your thoughts, you may live a happier life compared to someone whose thoughts are just negative ones.

The Secret

Have you ever wondered or thought about something, and it just seems to magically walk into your life? If this has occurred to you, you have just witnessed the secret. According to “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, The secret is a law emitted by ones thoughts, which attracts whatever walks into your life. When you portray an image or a thought in your mind, you’re the mastermind of your life, and only you.

The law of attraction has been taken place and recorded since 3000 BC. Famous poets, musicians, and artists such as William Shakespeare, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Leonardo Da Vinci have all expressed the laws of attractions through their creations, and art. The law of attraction have also been used in religions, such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

When one wants something so bad, their line of thought is probably focused purely on that one thing, and that is when law of attractions takes place. A good example is wealth, and when one is wealthy, their thoughts are solely on wealth and another thing, losing it. When one is solely thinking about their wealth, they also portray thoughts of losing their fortune, and so, they lose their wealth. One must know a very important thing, and that is  ” The law responds to your thoughts, no matter what”.

According the to the story, we’re more likely to be depressed when we start to think about moments when we’re upset, or unhappy. Our thoughts tend to multiply on that one major thought, and it’ll seem like the predicament  has gotten even more severe. As this story story seems to project, it is important to think positive thoughts, as we’re what we portray in our minds. If we’re thinking positive thoughts, we will continue to anticipate on happy thoughts and vice versa. Our thoughts are our own, and it’s essential to keep in mind that what we think are how we define our selves.

the secret

I have a secret, would you like to know? Guess what you already know it, you just haven’t realized it yet. Its believed that we all have this one infinite power that we can control the outcome of our own life. As stated “anything that you are thinking your mind you are attracting to “ and that my friend is the law of attraction. For example if you are a negative person and only think of negative things that is the only thing you’re attracting to your life negativity. Simple put the law of attraction is described as ‘like attracts like “, but the law of attraction is a transformation in the way of your thinking. Your mind and your thoughts that come across your mine become things and what is trying to be explained is that if you think about it with more focus you can actually get it. The law of attraction is not bias it doesn’t think about things that you do or you don’t want but focuses more on you thought process. I’d honestly wish I’d discover this secret before, that I had a say in how fast success can come. I like the idea that if you just think on positivity and not so much of the negativity things can get better

The Secret

The secret, is now not so much a secret. The secret is a piece of literature written by Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction and how it is believed to be the natural force that governs our lives. Have you ever thought something and then it just so happened to become a part of your life? well that is just how it works. The secret of the law of attraction is supposedly something we all posses whether we are consciously aware we are allowing it to guide us or unconsciously aware that it is guiding us. Further understanding how the law of attraction works can bring prosperity to those who utilize its power. One can attain  wealthiness, good health, and become one of the richest people on earth just by  applying the concept of the law of attraction to their life.  So how does it work? Well first you have to think, thats the basis of it all, literally your thoughts. Once you’ve thought of something (whatever it may be) you have to then feel as if you have it. For example, suppose you apply for a job and are awaiting a call to hear if you’ve been hired or not. Now you really need to be employed at the time in order to pay for medication to help your severe back pain, so you make sure to fill out the resumee as best you can ,list a reference or two, and leave a good impression on the staff each time you’re in there. You feel good about your actions and that the future holds good things to come. Now upon receiving the call you are informed you were not hired for the position you applied for, instead they found you eligible for a position in a department with equal salary and easier work. Through your thoughts, feelings, and actions you can manifest your own reality through the law of attraction. The secret is bringing your thoughts into your life.

The Secret (To Life?)

Bob Proctor states; “The Secret gives you anything you want: happiness, health, and wealth.” The Secret is the key to life. Basically, we have to learn to apply the Secret in our daily lives. So, what exactly is the Secret? The Secret is basically the “law of attraction”. The law of attraction is what has always been around since the beginnings of time and is what is constantly shaping our lives, whether we know it or not. The law of attraction revolves around our thoughts and the way we perceive things. If an idea is so strong in our heads, then they can become real. “Thoughts become things,” as Mike Dooley states it. We have to be constantly thinking of the things we want and how we want them, and they Universe will find a way to deliver it to us. That is the law of attraction. That is the Secret.

However, how much of this can actually be applied to our lives? The Secret might actually be something very difficult to be able to use. For example, page 105 talks about the author playing a game believing that the bills coming to he were actually checks. However, when a credit card bill of a thousand dollars comes to our door, how easy is it for us to believe it’s actually a thousand dollar check? When it’s time to pay our bill, and the thousand dollars are taken from our bank accounts, can we really still keep in our minds that that bill was just a check when we are now a thousand dollars short? I, personally, will find it hard in keeping that aspect of the Secret.

Setting your mind to the things you want is what really will actually get you far because  you will be changing and creating things that will help you get there easily. This aspect of the Secret I can believe because it is something we have been told repeatedly throughout our lives. We just have to work for it.

The Secret…?

Have you ever thought about how thoughts run through your mind? Do you know what the secret to life is? Well the secret of life is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is beyond the most powerful law in the universe. Human beings would not be alive if it weren’t for the Law of Attractions, whether you are conscious or unconscious of it.

The Law of Attraction states, what comes into your life is what you are attracting into your life. Some of the greatest teachers on earth says this is the most powerful law, from Beethoven to Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Sir Isaac Newton, and many more. The Law of Attraction was recorded in stone in 3000 BC., so in reality it has been around forever. Religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism have delivered this law throughout all of their stories and teachings.

The Law of attraction goes into action whenever you start thinking. Your thoughts sets off the law of attraction. It controls your everyday, your every moment and every single thing you do. If you are capable of understanding The Secret, then you are capable of being apart of the 1 percent of wealthiest people alive. People who have drawn wealth into their lives used The Secret whether it be, consciously or unconsciously. The law responds to your thoughts. Your life works like a television. If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts. Yes, this may sound crazy and unusual but, read The Secret and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and guaranteed you will understand life 10x better than you ‘think’ you do now.

“The Secret”

I bet you did not know that there is a secret. A secret to the way that you think, it’s called “The Secret” which is a law of attraction. It is the most powerful thing ever that many famous historians in the past have used. Such as William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, and Beethoven. It is used in many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.. Wealthy people use “The Secret” to gain more wealth because it is all that they know. It is the only way of thinking that there is to them.

The more that you think about something that makes you unhappy or sad, the more that those thoughts whether it be pleasant or unpleasant will multiply. It is interesting because in the reading we were described as human towers, meaning we get whatever we give off. So the more positive thoughts that we think the more good will happen in our lives. Often we tend to spend much of our time thinking about the live that we do not want instead of the life that we do want and that negativity controls the rest of our thoughts bringing negativity to us.

The law of attraction does not understand don’t and no it only understands thoughts, so you get whatever it is that you give off. By controlling the way that we think our lives become better, if we say that we do not want something to happen we are basically asking for it to happen. We can not harm others with our thoughts only ourselves so the key is to stay positive and optimistic. You have to be super optimistic when it comes to income because if you are sad about what little money you do have instead of how much money you want you will never progress. Always give back what you can, because when you give you will be rewarded. You are control of your thoughts and feelings.