(Revision) Vision of Well Being in NYC Mayoral Candidate Speeches

Democratic nominee, Bill De Blasio main point in his speech was to make the city of New York a better place for people to live. In De Blasio speech he talk about how he wanted to stop people from closing down hospital to make condos. Also he talk about how he wants to tax on the wealth people so he could fix the education system. De Blasio spoke about making affordable housing for the people of New York. De Blasio mentions the entire problem that New York is facing right now we need a change.

Republic nominee Joe Lhota main point in his speech was to build a stronger future for New York City. Lhota focus on Vision, Issue, Principals and Experience for New York City. Lhota campaign always been about things that matters to New York and how the mayoral can serve his people. Lhota spoke about how he could build a better future for New York. Lhota goal is to make a better education system for the student. Lhota said he wants equal opportunity for all students in New York City.

Bill De Blasio made good points I think it’s a good idea they should tax on the wealth people because we need the money for a better education system. I believe they should stop closing down hospital because we need hospitals in this city not condos. I believe making affordable housing is good because houses in New York are too expensive for people to rent. Our economy is already bad people cannot afford high price houses. Bill De Blasio made things more clear to understand what needs to be solved. He would get my vote. De Blasio covers most of the problems New Yorkers is facing right now.

Joe Lhota talks a lot about the future of New York. Lhota wants equal opportunity for the student of New York. He wants to cut taxes. Lhota said he wants the government to work with us not against us. Lhota seem like a person who likes to say what people want to hear. I believe all the things he promises us won’t come true. Lhota mostly care about his campaign not the people of New York. Lhota didn’t really explain what he would do for the future of New York. In my case I won’t vote for him because I don’t really believe in his words.

Candidate Bill De Blasio and John Lhota both have plans for the future of New York City. Bill De Blasio is mostly about the people of New York. De Blasio wants to build a good environment for the people of New York. Joe Lhota focuses mostly on his campaign. Lhota is mostly about what the people need not what the people want.




speech revision

In the speech that the democratic nominee Bill de Blasio gave to his people in Brooklyn after the results from the primary elections he talk about his plans to change New York and how he will do that. First he put the disaster from the 9/11 as an example to show how people were helping others on that day not matter who they were, he concluded that was the New York that he wants, a city where everyone is united. He also said that the people who have power over the city should be very vigilant and use every tool to protect their people in order to create a better city. In the minute 11:29 De Blasio talks about the Tale of two cities that New York has been for many years, the division where a part of the people are very wealthy and could not ask for more, and the other part where the people live under the poverty line and where parents fear for their children education. One of the plans that he decided to put in action is to give each citizen the opportunity to demonstrate their potential but also to find an alternative progressive to the Bloomberg ideas. Also he has the plan of changing the policies that have left behind so many of New Yorkers outside. He knows that the path of this change will not be easy but also he knows that with the support from his people and the initiative of a new change everything will be possible.

Bill de Blasio have some good plans and alternatives for the city in order to create a better future for everyone. In the speech, he said that the person who govern the city must be vigilant and use every tool to protect their people, meaning that this person should pay attention to every detail of the city, but also he must have almost the same responsibility as the one that the president has. As I said it on the summary, one of De Blasio’s goal is to give each citizen the opportunity to demonstrate their own potential and abilities. I think that his plan is something that promises the opening of new doors specially for the people who cannot afford to pay their own education but they have a lot of potential to demonstrate. We can see that Bill de Blasio’s priority are the citizens, that’s why creating more opportunities by opening new doors and creating a united city is very important to him.

In the speech that the republican nominee Joe Lohota gave to his people in Manhattan, he talk about some of the issues that New York have and what it needs to be done in order to reconstruct it. According to Jhoe Lhota now is time to come together and unite for something good by finding issues that New Yorkers have and at the same time finding solutions. In the minute 4.09 Lhota said that this is the country of new opportunities and where dreams come true and that’s why he will unify his party in order to help his people to accomplish their dreams. One of his many plans that he have for the city is creating a better education for children by creating more charter schools with good teachers and professional training. Also he said that he will support the NYPD to stop crime, but he will need the support of his people to keep the streets organized. He will also create a plan with business in order to increase jobs and give people a better life style. Lastly. he will rein stain a monthly town meetings to speak to him about issues because the only thing that he want is a city where he can live, work and raise their families.

Even thought Joe Lhota’s speech was very straight to the point and also in some point it was very confusing, his plans were good and concrete. One of the best plans that he have in mind is giving to every child the right of a better education by creating more charter schools. I think that this is a good plan because he is also thinking in the future generation and on those kids who someday will be professionals and will give so much to the United States. Another topic that was very good was the one from the NYPD. We know that the NYPD play a great role in the city and that’s why we need to support it, but I think that Joe Lhota will need to create another more effective plan to support it because he can’t just said “I will support the NYPD” without giving any prove of how he will do that.

We know that Bill de Blasio’s plans are similar with the ones that Joe Lhota has for NY but it also has their differences. For example, Joe Lhota is just speaking what he will do but without giving any concrete prove of how he will do that, while Bill de Blasio is thinking about some really good plans that will benefit each citizen. In my own opinion, I think that The best candidate for winning the elections in November is Bill de Blasio because he knows what he is doing and he is demonstrating with action what he will do for the city.

Summary and analysis of the mayoral speech [ Revised version ]

 Summary of Bill De Blasio’s victory speech

 The democrat candidate, Bill De Blasio, gives his mayoral primary victory speech at Gowanus, Brooklyn. Before he starts the speech, he takes a moment to thank all the people that help him and support him along the way on the success of the campaign, including his family. Then he starts the speech by mentioning the tragedy of the 9/11 event and how the people are united to help during that time. He keeps on reflecting 9/11. And he states that it reminds him a crucially important lesson “ …the jobs of us at the positions of authority is to keep our city safe; to be constantly vigilant; and to use every tool in our disposals to protect people…”(09:56) Then he states that New York is a “tale of two cities” that consists of wealthy people and the people in poverty. So he emphasizes that he wants to make sure that all children in the city are able to gain the education to reach their potentials.


Bill De Blasio’s speech seems to be touching and convincing. He recalls the tragedy of 9/11 and the way how people response to that difficult time. He specifically talks about the needs of changes to make in the city, such as the economic differences of the people; equal opportunity of obtaining the education of the children and the safety of the city. So actually he tries to say that he is the right person to help out the city and make people think that he knows what he should do for the city. His daughter’s small introductory speech helps him a lot on getting the good impression from the people. She states the 3 crucial factors why her father success on the campaign, which are the awareness and collective desire for fundamental change, and the supports from the people that she considers as their family. Also, she introduces her father as “ the man with the plan.” All words of her imply that Bill De Blasio is very prepared to be the mayor for the New York City, and he aims to make the city better.

Summary of Joe Lhota’s victory speech

The republican candidate, Joe Lhota, gives his mayoral primary victory speech at Midtown, Manhattan. As he begins to speak, he thanks all of his supporters, campaign team and his family, etc. Then, Joe Lhota states “This is the first step towards continuing a strong future for our city.”(0:55) And he points out some of his own experiences. As what he says that the three things that bring them to the victory is: issue, vision, principles and experiences. He says that he is determined to improve the quality of life for the New Yorkers. He also mentions that the republican party needs to be unified in order to serve people better. Furthermore, he talks about the important role of the mayor and the issues of the city that need to change, such as education reform, taxation, and crimes, etc.


Joe Lhota seems very confident and positive about his victory. As he states “ I want to be the mayor of all New Yorkers. I want to help the middle class and those aspiring to the middle class by making the city to be more affordable…”(10:48) He talks about some of the things about his own and his family. He may want to use these to imply and emphasize that he will win the race because of his ability. From his words, it seems that his vision of making the people in the city to be happier is by creating the “ City of Opportunities”


Overall, the two speeches of Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota have some differences and similarities in many ways. Bill De Blasio takes the strategy of having a more touching speech to make the people feel that he cares them. And he presents it in a humble and kind way. While Joe Lhota presents the speech in a confident and serious attitude. Bill De Blasio discusses his plans of how to improve the well-being for the people. While Joe Lhota lists all his plans and ideas straightforwardly and seems that he wants to focus on creating more different opportunities for the city. On the other hand, one of the similarities that they have in common is that both of them express their gratefulness to the supporters and their family and those who help them along the way. Another thing is that both of them wants to have the education reform, which they want every children can have an equal opportunity on gaining an education. Also, both Bill and Joe thinks that it is important to unite their political parties.


Visions of Well-Being in NYC Mayoral Revision

In Gowanus, Brooklyn Bill De Blasio gives his victory speech  and explains the things that he wants to change and improve. Before De Blasio gives his speech his daughter, Chiara, introduces him. When he comes on stage he thanks his family and everyone who has been working with him during his campaign. Then he begins to say that due to 9/11 the affordability of houses has dropped significantly and expensive homes are being built in place of hospitals. He also addressed the issue of the stop and frisk policy that some police officers have been following also known as racial profiling and  hurts our communities. Lastly he goes on to say that we are New Yorkers and we strive to live the best way possible and some people may call us crazy and selfish to want to do so.De Blasio states,” And there are those who said our ambition for this city is too bold. That we’re asking of the wealthier New Yorkers too much.”(14:41-14:53) He explains that we aren’t asking for too much and our ambition isn’t too high because we are New Yorkers and “thinking big isn’t new to us.”(15:33-15:37

Bill De Blasio’s goal of happiness is to make life better for New Yorkers. He spoke about these luxury homes being built in place  for hospitals. If this continues to happen a lot of people are going to die because they are not going to get the proper care they need when sick or battling a disease. The affordability of houses has gone down and as a result, there are a few people who can actually  buy these houses, in turn forcing people to live in shelters or elsewhere. Racial profiling should not be something that is happening like De Blasio stated nor should  it be looked at as being  normal. De Blasio wants us all to live comfortably and be happy and content with our lives.

Joe Lhota’s Speech is given in Midtown, Manhattan. He thanks his family, friends all the people who have been supporting him through the campaign.He then goes on to say that they need to unify and strengthen their party so that they can improve their communities or anything they want to change for the better. “Now is the time for our party to come together and unite for the common good.”(2:55-3-05) He also acknowledges why he wins and lists four things, “issues, visions, principles, and experiences”(3:29-3:34). He says that he focuses mainly on the issues of the people and commits himself to trying to better the people’s circumstances, no matter how big or small. He also explains that New York is a city where anything is possible and he wants to give everyone the same opportunities he had growing up like furthering their education after high school by going to college.for instance. He also elaborates on how we need to keep our city safe and says that will only happen if we support and trust in the police.

Joe Lhota’s view of happiness for New Yorkers  is to keep us safe and to provide for us the different opportunities and privileges that we should be entitled to, like being able to go to college. To help entrepreneurs create new businesses he wants to cut some of the taxes that we have to pay so this can happen.

Bill De Blasio,a democrat and Joe Lhota, a republican have different and similar ideas of what they believe they need to accomplish to make life better for New Yorkers.  In De Blasio’s speech he not only thanks everyone who assisted him during the campaign but also readdresses some of the issues New Yorkers have been having. Joe Lhota’s also thanks his family, friends and others who helped him through he campaign process.  Joe Lhota wants the stop and frisk policy to continue because he believes it’ll help make New York safer, while Bill De Blasio expresses his  concern about how this can negatively affect our city. Like De Blasio, Lhota also wants to make it easier for people to live here by making houses more affordable and to improve our schools. Lhota also speaks about wanting to expand charter schools and wanting us to be more active members of our society.


Revision for Summary and Analysis of Victory Speeches.

In Bill De Blasio’s victory speech, he starts off by thanking his supporters and family, for everything they’ve done to help him make it this far. Bill believes that all with authority should keep the city protected, and he expresses his gratitude towards anyone who helped those in need of support during 9/11. Bill states that ” New York has become a tail of two cities”, meaning there are two different types of people in New York. One, being the wealthy class, and two, people living near poverty. While the wealthy class live in luxurious life styles, the poor strives on to help their kids get a better education. Bill resorts to helping those in need, and believing everyone should deserve a chance to reach their potentials.

In Joe Lhota’s victory speech, he states that taxes and other issues dominated campaigns, but what he is trying to fight for is resolving issues for New Yorkers, and how they can be solved. Joe states that his family members were all New York civilians, working and providing aid to the city. His mother also worked just so Joe and his brother can attend school. Joe states “New York has been my blood from the very beginning” (4:57), showing how he relates to the people, and how determined he is to provide well being for the residents of New York. Joe also mentions the Tale of Two Cities, and how it wants to tear down the over all progress the city has achieved (5:37). By saying how the tale of two cities is nothing more than class warfare, it is not only trying to divide the city, but it almost brought down the city to bankruptcy (5:42). Joe states he will not let that pass, and will fight to unify the city. Joe thinks that school is a huge priority for city, and he wants to expand charter schools so parents have options to better their childs education. Joe closes the speech by saying he is not a slick politician, and he will always tell the truth.

Between these 2 victory speeches, I feel that both mayors try hard to do whats best for their people. During Bill’s victorial speech, he was being specific about what needed to be changed, and what would be better for the city. By bringing up 9/11, he reminded us of what happened during in times of difficulty, and sent a message to the city that we’ll never be left unprotected, even when when under poor circumstances. Joe’s victory speech showed that he had a lot of knowledge of the city, and how New York has been his blood since the very beginning. He drew out the important issues in the city, and prioritized them by calling it out. Like Bill, he also seems to know about the Tale of Two Cities, and is well aware of how it is ripping apart the city. I feel that both mayors have similar problems they want to find an answer for, and they’re doing a pretty good job in their campaign.

Mayoral Speech Revision

New York City mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio was giving a speech live from Gowanus, Brooklyn. Bill De Blasio came up on stage thanking people for voting for him and offering them his love and gratitude. Bill De Blasio talks about putting an end to “stop and frisk” because it is looked as racial profiling. He also wants to solve the issue of the “Tale of two cities”. Bill De Blasio wants to move forward and make New York a better place.

New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota was giving a speech live from midtown, Manhattan. He was the first person in his family to attend college and he said he will make all New Yorkers gets the opportunity. Joe Lhota wants “stop and frisk” to continue. Crime rate is low but he wants it to be at a rate where it’s safer for the citizens. He wants to support and help businesses to become successful and to improve the education system.

New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota was giving a speech live from midtown, Manhattan. He was the first person in his family to attend college and he said he will make all New Yorkers gets the opportunity. Joe Lhota wants “stop and frisk” to continue. Crime rate is low but he wants it to be at a rate where it’s safer for the citizens. He wants to support and help businesses to become successful and to improve the education system.

Joe Lhota wants to unite both parties to end the “tale of two cities” but didn’t explain much on how he would. He takes sides with the NYPD and there is nothing wrong with that but it shows that he’s okay with the NYPD taking advantage of citizens because he agrees with the law “stop and frisk”.

In my opinion I believe that Bill De Blasio should win the NYC Mayoral Candidate because he knows what he’s doing and he wants to help the citizens of New York. Joe Lhota has some good points but he cares more about helping businesses and entrepreneurs. Both parties could help the city of New York but BIll De Blasio will be helping the people in need.


Revision of NYC mayoral speeches

Bill De Blasio’s speech took place in Gowanus, Brooklyn. When De Blasio makes his appearance he first begins by thanking his family and those who have supported him throughout the campaign. He then mentions the tragedy that occurred 12 years ago (9/11) and how united people were that day by helping one another. De Blasio also elaborates on how New York City is a “Tale of Two Cities” between the wealthy and the people in poverty and the changes he wishes to make starting with a child’s education. Bill De Blasio wants to better New York City and make it a place people are happy with.


De Blasio’s speech seemed very convincing to me because he had such great ideas on how he wishes to make these changes. He was sure of where to begin with these changes and how.The fact that he brought up what he calls the “Tale of Two Cities” between the rich and the poor is what made people sure he is the Mayor they are looking for and want since that is something he wishes to improve. He also points out the dreams of a parent which is their child’s education. In my opinion, De Blasio is someone New York City needs as a Mayor.


As for Joe Lhota, his speech was given in Midtown, manhattan. His speech also began by him thanking his family and supporters as well. He then continues by sharing his families struggles and how that made him the man he is today. He elaborates on the “Tale of two cities” and says that it is nothing but a class warfare and “he will campaign to unify the city” (6:20). Lhota stated that he wants to make education possible for many children, cut taxes, and stop crime by supporting the NYPD and letting the “stop and frisk” continue. Torwards the end he makes it clear that he will be a man of his word and won’t just speak of what he will do for the city.


Joe Lhotas speech got straight to the point in the beginning. He not only wants to unite our city but also wants to make it safer by letting the “Stop and frisk” continue that on which i agree yet disagree. Although there were a few things i agreed on that he spoke of he didn’t seem so convincing.


In my opinion, Bill De Blasio would be the Mayor i’d prefer because his speech seems more passionate of what he will soon be doing for the people of New York and he knows where to begin from. Joe Lhota on the other hand, his ideas are somewhat all over the place he brings up good ideas but he doesn’t make it clear enough where he wants to begin from. Lhota’s speech isn’t as strong compared to De Blasio since De Blasio seems to be more concerned with the people’s well being while he barely is.

Summaries & Analysis of Victory Speeches [Revision]

Live from Gowanus, Brooklyn, NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is first being introduced by his daughter, Chiara de Blasio. As his supporters cheer him on, he moves towards the microphone with his wife, and starts to express his gratitude to everybody that has supported and voted for him. Before he continues, he speaks about events and tragedies that have affected Americans in the past (9/11) (9:09) and what can be done to not let something like that happen again. De Blasio refers to New York as “a tale of two cities”, a city that consists of poor individuals, and wealthy people, all separated. New York is a city that he plans on uniting and find a solution to. In his speech, Bill de Blasio speaks passionately about his ideals, stating, “Thinking big isn’t new to us.” The democrat mayoral candidate encourages a movement that would transform the way people think about their city, New York and it’s future. Bill de Blasio is promoting a better future for the citizens of New York City by planning on uniting them and offering more opportunities like an education for this and future generations.

Live from Midtown, Manhattan, republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota introduces himself. As he begins speaking, he thanks all of the voters who are watching at home. He then thanks his family, his big campaign team and his friends. Lhota seems very positive and hopeful about his victory, as he states “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight represents a mile marker on our road to victory in November.” (2:49) He talks about how the republican party needs to unite for the common good. He also says what his campaign has always been about the issue that matters to new yorkers and how the mayor can best serve the people of this city. He hopes to unify and strengthen his party, and prepare for victory in November, where he will likely be going up against Bill de Blasio.

Bill de Blasio’s speech focuses on the needs of the people, and what can be done to meet those needs in order to make New York a better city. His speech was more realistic because he even talks about the events of 9/11. He took a moment to remember those victims and their families that were affected by that tragedy that day. De Blasio cares for the new yorkers, wanting them to feel safer with the authority and improved security in the city.

Joe Lhota’s speech differs from de Blasio’s. His speech was very short, quick and straightforward. He basically just talks about what would be better for his party, not for the people really. Apparently, both candidates have different point of views and goals for the citizens of New York.  However, they have one main thing in common, they both want to unite their parties and build a strong future for New York City and its citizens.

REVISION -visions on well being of nyc mayoral candidate speeches

Bill De Blaisio new york city primary victory speech starts in more of a personal light his eighteen year old Chiara opens a warm felt dedication to her father and all his work ethics. He than thanks all whom have participated in supporting him in his efforts to help him become NYC’s new democratic  mayor. As the speech goes on he passionately give thanks to his close love ones. Blaisio also held in remembrance nine-eleven, later on he talks about  “A Tale Of Two Cities” which it refers to the “have and have nots” the wealthy and the poor in  political terms the “taxation of the wealthy” ,  racial profiling and the abuse of  “stop and frisky” and lastly the most important one of all that was discussed was the education policy . in his conclusion he states that these are “Risks as a city, we can not afford to take” (16:20). Overall his speech was a discussion on what he wants to do for the citizens on New york and what he believes is the best procedures to take in order to get where he believes we need to be as a way to achieve as a whole.




Bill De  blaisio’s speech was outstanding in a short amount of time that he talked. He seemed to really care about the New York citizens it was more heartfelt. De Blasio decideded to do his speech in Brooklyn instead of new york which showed that he haven’t forgotten where he came from. He talked about what he felt the issues of New York City which many can relate to.  His remembrance of 9/11 allowed people to actually  he respect and compassion  for  the people of new york . because he himself hold his children to high standards he wants all the children to have the best o what education has to offer. He also sheds light of the economic growth of  the mid –class and poor referring to the taxation of the wealthy .




Joe Lhota Victory Speech, was very straightforward . it started out by giving a lovely thank you to his  daughter and his wife  he also give thanks to his parents his campaign team and  also all who put  effort into making his campaign stronger  from his point of view. He seems to be attacking the other party in reference to the “Tales of Two Cities” from his understanding its just distraction method used by the other party to keep focus on the real problems, he doesn’t really go in depth  of the economic struggles the lower class and middle class is dealing with. But he does express his interest in making charter schools better. Lhota says he doesn’t want to attract only one group that he himself wants all union for new york citizens.


Lhota , was very vague in his approach to win my attention into believing that he would be the best candidate for mayor. On numerous occasions he discusses how he wants the community and the parties to come together in union but he doesn’t discuss how he’s going to do it, which in my personal opinion makes me believe that he’s all talk and no action.

Mayoral Speeches, Revision

Democratic nominee, Bill de Blasio, gives his victory speech at his headquarters in Gowanus, Brooklyn. De Blasio states that what he wants for the City of New York is to bring everyone to help each other not taking into concern their differences as well as fix the problems dividing New York. De Blasio take his time to thank everyone around him. Using the event of September 11, he states his main theme and goal is to get everyone to help one another. De Blasio also states that he wants to stop and resolve the “tale of two cities” (11:25) in New York, as well as Stop and Frisk which is turning into racial profiling.

Bill de Blasio talks about the people who helped each other in the disaster of 9/11. He spoke of how first responders did not give a second thought to risking themselves to save the lives of the people in danger. De Blasio states that these are the people to look up to and that there is something that can be taking of that. “The jobs of those of us in positions of authority is to keep our city safe, to be constantly vigilant, and to use every tool at our disposal to protect our people.” (9:55) De Blasio wants New Yorkers to feel safe with the authority figures in New York. He also added how Stop and Frisk became more about racial profiling. This made the city very unhappy, however he wants to make New Yorkers feel happier with these changes in authorities. Lastly, Bill de Blasio speaks of how New York has become a “tale of two cities”. One city those the rich and wealthy, while the other is made up of the people who are close and are living in poverty. De Blasio wants to change something about this as Mayor.

Republic nominee, Joe Lhota gives his victory speech in Midtown, Manhattan. He speaks that what he wants is the complete opposite then what the Democratic party wants. Lhota starts by thanking everyone, especially his parents who have helped him get to where he is today as well as using them as an example for what he wants. Lhota states that the city has been changing and will continue to change if the city can stay safe. This includes continuing with Stop and Frisk to make our communities safer. Lhota also states that a “tale of two cities” is “nothing more than class warfare in attempt to divide the city.” (5:40) To make the city better, Lhota wants to unify the city, keep change going by supporting the NYPD, help business and have an education reform.

Joe Lhota’s speech was very straightforward. From the beginning, he is stating that the two sides are fighting for completely different things. He added his own personal visions of how to make New York a better place. Lhota starts by praising the city and saying that “New York City is the city of opportunity.” (4:10) He mostly praises the NYPD for helping the city come to where it is now; “I am so proud of the men and women who have brought our crime down 75% over the last 20 years, and I’m determined to bring it down even further.” (8:38) What Lhota is trying to do is make the city a better place. By continuing Stop and Frisk, he can make our streets safer. By wanting to help business, he can get our economy to go up. Stressing the importance of an educational reform can bring better chance for the children of New York. Lhota states how his parents have fought for him and his siblings to get a good education and how every child deserves the same education. Lhota wants to keep the city changing for the better good of the people.

What both parties want for New York is completely different from each other. They both want the same thing, which is to bring better well-being to the city. However, at the same time, they both want completely different things. In a way, Bill de Blasio wants to bring happiness to each individual person, while Joe Lhota wants to change the way people feel about the city.