Survey Questions from Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid

1. How many times have you seen school student services advertise themselves around the school?

Never     Sometimes     Often     Always

2. How many times have you felt the need of academic guidance  but have nowhere to turn?

Never     Sometimes     Often     Always

3. Do student services provide for the well-being of a student body?

Never     Sometimes     Often     Always

4. Have you ever thought financial eligibility for some programs is rather unfair?

Never    Sometimes    Often     Always

5. Do you think student programs are accessible?

Never     Sometimes    Often     Always



Steven, Brittany, and Dina’s Survey Questions.

On A Scale from Never to Always…

1.How many times have you gone to the wellness center?

1) Never 2) Sometimes 3 )Often 4) Always

2.Was any information useful when you went and visited the wellness center?

1) Never 2) Sometimes 3 )Often 4) Always

3.Does the Wellness center answer your questions about health, thoroughly?

1) Never 2) Sometimes 3 )Often 4) Always

4.Do you feel welcome when you walk into the Wellness center?

1) Never 2) Sometimes 3 )Often 4) Always

5.Does the Wellness center properly promote health around the college?

1) Never 2) Sometimes 3 )Often 4) Always

“Group Survey ” from Cristian, Sophonie, Katherine

1. On a scale of 1-4 how useful do you find the technology access at City Tech?

1. Never         2. Sometimes        3.Often                    4. Always

2. On a scale of 1-4 how often do you use the computer labs provided at City Tech?

1. Never        2. Sometimes           3. Often                 4. Always

3. On a scale of 1-4 how easy is it to access yourself to the technology provided?

1. Never        2. Sometimes            3.Often             4. Always

4. On a scale of 1-4 how troubling is it to access the City Tech Wi-Fi?

1. Never       2. Sometimes          3. Often                4. Always

5. On a scale of 1-4 how easy is it for you to print out papers for class with the City Tech technology?

1. Never       2. Sometimes       3. Often                   4. Always

6. On a scale of 1-4 how frustrating is it when City Tech computer labs get crowded?

1. Never         2. Sometimes         3. Often             4. Always

Group Survey Questions (Eloina, Ivan, Sha-Kina, Gildaira)

1. Does the atmosphere of the hallways in City Tech promote well being?
Never        Sometimes        Often        Always

2. Do the colors of the walls at City Tech promote a sense of happiness?
Never        Sometimes        Often        Always

3. Is the City Tech environment helpful to study?
Never        Sometimes        Often        Always

4. Do you think this school is a clean facility?
Never        Sometimes        Often        Always

5. Do the elevators help promote happiness?
Never        Sometimes        Often       Always

City Tech’s Learning/Working Center Survey (Reiana, Tekiera, Alex)

Survey questions for human services (HUS 1101)

1. Does the Atrium provide a  pleasant environment for students to study in?

Never, Sometimes, Often, Always

2. Do library staff members provide assistance according to student needs?

Never,Sometimes, Often, Always

3. How often is the library crowded?

Never, Sometimes, Often, Always

4. In City Tech the tutors are helpful.

Never, Sometimes, Often, Always

5. Do the Working/Learning centers provided by City Tech meet up to your expectations in terms of it being a peaceful learning/studying environment?

Never, Sometimes, Often, Always


My group survey.

  1. Do the Vending Machines make you happy? Never, Sometimes, Often, Always.
  2. Does social interaction at City Tech make you happy? Never, Sometimes, Often, Always.
  3. Does playing ping pong make you happy? Never, Sometimes, Often, Always.
  4. Does it make you happy when you hear music at City Tech? Never, Sometimes, Often, Always.
  5. Does having the ability to charge your phone at school make you happy? Never, Sometimes, Often, Always.

HW for Tu 12/3

I hope that you found today’s library session useful in terms of discovering library resources, locating sources, and using appropriate keywords to search. We will continue finding/evaluating sources for next week.

For our next class (Tu 12/3), each person should find/annotate two additional sources, and these sources must be found using the City Tech library databases. This means that each group will have 6 new sources by our next class. Each group should submit their work the following ways (don’t forget to put all group members’ names and the topic/site on your work):

  • post their new six annotated sources to OpenLab (categorize as “Annotated Bibliography)
  • bring¬†three printed copies of their complete¬†(12-source, with sources from Th 11/22 and Tu 12/3 combined)
  • submit one copy as a Word Document to Dropbox.

You should also touch base with your group members at some point before Tuesday’s class and start to discuss all of your research so far (fieldwork and academic research). Now that you have all of this new information (from your observations, surveys, and academic research), how are you going to approach your topic? What have you learned? What do you still need to learn? Can you focus things more with this new information? How are you going to put it all together?

*Also, as Professor Pawlukewicz explained, your observations and surveys are due on OpenLab by tomorrow (W 11/27). Each group should make two collaborative posts, one for observations and one for surveys, and categorize appropriately.

Most importantly, enjoy your holiday/break ūüôā