Corrections on my response to both speechs.

In his speech Bill De Blasio’s brought up those who are less fortunate, the lower or working class and spoke about how things such as hospitals which are a necessity especially in poorer neighborhoods; are being taken away so that other things such as condos can be built. He spoke about how he wants to put an end to racial profiling. In his speech he thanked a lot of people that helped him during his candidate such as Organizations, Ambassadors, his Campaign team, family and friends. He spoke about how everyone should have an equal opportunity to receive an education.  Overall he showed where he stands and the changes that he wants to make.

Bill De Blasio’s speech was very humble, heartfelt and humorous. In the beginning of his speech his daughter spoke and he had a brief moment where he thanked his kids and wife and it was very sweet. He chose to do his speech in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan which shows that he has not forgotten about where he has come from.  People like a family man it is very appealing it shows that he has morals and is trust worthy and Bill De Blasio certainly does seem like someone who is true to his word.At 17:36 minutes in his speech he spoke about change and it reminded me of Obama, which makes him seem like he more appealing candidate because it shows that he is for the people. He spoke about how he wants to put an end to racial profiling and that can really appealing to the people because it shows that someone is listening to what they have to say.Bill De Blasio’s speech was strong because he had evidence to back up what he was saying from 11:51 minutes to 12:22 minutes he discussed how the lower class or working class are being forgotten, because the upper class are coming into poorer neighborhoods and they are buying out what little is there. His speech was very well put together, humble, it showed unity and loyalty.

In his speech Joe Lhola spoke about his family and friends/colleagues and his childhood. He spoke about the city being cohere. He brought up the other party from time to time and said that he does no only want to appeal to one group; he wants us to all be in unity. He spoke about taxes and the importance of education to him.  He even thanked the NYPD for all of their hard work and took a stand. He also described how he wants to bring down crime in New York.

From 4:00 minutes to 4:15 he described New York City as a city of hope, a place where dreams come true. In a way you were able to understand Lhotas vision of happiness for the city which is togetherness.  It’s interesting because when he talked about the other party he made it seem as though they wanted to live in a Utopia land, if you go back to 4:40 to 4:45 you will see him speak about a tale of two cities and how he wants us  come together. From his speech I gather that he wants to appeal more to the privileged because he did not really touch base on the lower or poor, he mainly spoke about the middle class. From 4:25 to 5:12 he spoke about how his family struggled and his parents gave up a lot for him to be able to get a good education. He talked about how he plans on making charter schools better. Other than that he did not really touch base on the economic struggles that many lower class are dealing with. When Joe thanked the NYPD at 8:28 he said “we need to keep our streets safe” and in other words showed his ideology that stop and frisk is good because it helps keep the city safe.  Towards the end of his speech from 12:40 to 13:05 he specifically said “Cancer and corruption of tsunami sleeves” I found that interesting because to me from his speech he is more on the side of the middle class and upper rather than the poor.

Bill De Blasio’s speech appealed to people more, it was personal and humble. He showed that he genially cares for his voters and has their best interest at heart. He spoke about how he is for the people, mainly the lower class but he still made it known that he cares about the city as a whole. Joe Lhola’s speech appealed more to the middle class. He spoke about unity but to me I don’t see how he wants unity among the city when he is for things like stop and frisk. Many people who are victims of stop and frisk are not going to want to vote for him because they disagree with his belief. You can see the differences in the two speaks and the two men themselves.  Hopefully whoever becomes mayor is prereformative.

Victory speeches (Summary & Opinionated analysis 2)

Bill De Blasio’s daughter introduced the democrats primary victory speech by thanking the overall voting population as well as praising her father for coming so far. As Bill approached the microphone he hugged his family and began to thank all that supported him, voted for him, and his fellow democrats. Bill expressed his pride for his family before commemorating all who risked there lives in 9/11. A local Brooklynite, he preaches a tale of two cities in which he aims to unify and resolve. The democrat encourages a movement that can transform the way the people of New York think about their city. De Blasio does not fail to move the crowd as he explains his motives to force change and imply new policies that support a ‘no one left behind’ attitude.

Live from midtown Manhattan, republican Joe Lohta opens his primary victory speech thanking his family, friends, and dedicated campaign team as his supporters cheer him on. Joe sees the the democrats tale of two cities not as a unifying aspect but rather as class warfare which is prompt to divide the city even more. Lhota aims to gentrify and transform the neighbor hoods in New York city by keeping our streets safe and supporting the NYPD.  Joe Takes stand in education reform and viewing it as the civil rights issue of our time. The republican stresses the need for a mayor like himself who handle the city in its good times, and its bad times. Joe Lhota strives for a city where the people of new york can work, have fun, and look forward to raising there families in.

Analyzation: Bill De Blasio’s speech seemed very much more in touch with the common people. I think his vision of happiness relates very closely to to the majority of new yorkers. He has empathy and expresses it when he commemorates and reflects on 9/11 (9:15). Bills perspective on the city can be symbolizes by two sides of the same coin. He sees both sides of the city-(11:27) that being the wealthy, and the less fortunate. De Blasio emphasizes his points and plans to benefit the well being of New Yorks citizens (12:30)

Joe Lhota, coming from a family thats been living in the city for four generations (4:44), sees many of the issues in the city much different considering his family started from the bottom. Joe being the first in his family to attend college (5:03), sees opportunities as something easy to acquire through hard work, but in my opinion the times have changed meaning that a college degree does not always guarantee a career these days. Lhota seems very dedicated to improve childrens education in New York. With out a doubt Joe Lhota has played the role of a leader considering he is head of the Mass Transit Authority (MTA) but as i read in the comments of the video this is the same guy who raised the tolls for the verrazano bridge as well as bus fairs.

Bill De Blasio’s speech seemed a lot more personal then Lohtas for several reasons. De Blasio’s daughter opened for him in his home borough of Brooklyn. While Joe Lohta’s family was there they didn’t have a key role in the nominees victory speech. The democrat also took a keen moment to reflect on the events of 9/11, a day all New Yorkers were heavily affected by. Both candidates were very thankful for all the support which is a given when making a victory speech. Both candidates see the city much differently hich makes it hard for me to truly choose a side. While De Blasio sees two cities in one, Lhota states his family worked up the ladder to get where he is financially today. Although his statement is true, we are living in a much different world today than the one that he claims to of worked hard through his 50-60 years of life. One thing Lhota does without a doubt have over De Blasio though is experience as a leader, although a little reading informed me that at the time Joe Lhota was chairman of the MTA bus fares as well as bridge tolls were raised whichi believe does not sound to good for anyone in the city of New York.