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18 years old, originally from Riverhead long island

Annotated Bibliography 2


The heart of the campus. (2010). Interior Design, 81(14), 137-139.


This source can be useful because it speaks about another college and what they did in order to change the way that their atrium looks. It can maybe inspire some of us at City tech to make a change towards our own environment. This can also help other schools that are wanting to make a change but don’t have an idea of what to do. It can also be beneficial to the people at the school who did the design because it can draw attention to them and other people might want them to do a project for their school. It can help us compare our atriums and make even give us ideas on things that we can do here at City tech.

Brake, A. G. (2011). a learning experience. Interior Design, 82(3), 220-227.


This source can be useful because it talks about a college that wasn’t satisfied with the fact that the rest of their school was being renovated except the place where many students come together to study. That being the case they found the resources they needed in order to make a change. They were able to make a change but still have the space relate to the rest of the school so that the students would not feel disconnected. This can help because our research is examining City techs lounges, etc which can help us think about how having certain things can help students at City Tech. For example the environment and the way that it is.




 Freebody, Peter. (2003). Qualitative research in education, SAGE publications. 31-33.


This source can help us better understand our observations and how we can use this knowledge to create positive change within the school. The text explains how we can reason and debate what we know about our findings in an educational facility like city tech and apply qualitative mathematics to our findings in order to create positive change. This source also supports creating social policies for the mass good and community progress. This source helps us use our new found understanding of city tech’s educational environment to take part in creating this positive change. With this knowledge we can create an environment that fosters happiness and the well being of students.


Freebody, Peter. (2003) Qualitative research in education, SAGE publications. 76-80


This source teaches us to interpret our data and most important findings in a way that we can efficiently and reasonably apply the educational conduct aspect into the relationship between socializing areas and happiness at city tech. Most of the lounges that had high levels of volume and laughter I noticed also had the most smiles. Areas of city tech with nothing exciting happening in them felt dreary and boring, which can be supported by the student I observed sleeping in one of the less exciting rooms.


Works Cited

Rothenberger, Stuart. “Modern Eats.” American School & University 82.13 (2010): 138-141. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Dec. 2013.


The source above is about some of the plans that are made by some schools and universities to improve their food-service areas. Since cafeteria is one of the socializing in schools, they are the places that “encourage a variety of social interactions”. This could be a valuable source for getting ideas on improving the wellness on the campus. By looking at this source, people might get the inspiration of what plans can be initiated to the cafeteria that is around them.



Annotated Bibliography

This source is useful for people who make donations to City Tech. They can go to this document and they will be able to see what is expected of the donor. Although this document can be the most useful for people who intend on making donations to City Tech, others can benefit from it as well. It is important to stay informed on what is occurring in our school and one thing that people may tend to overlook is the donations that we are given. As well as the person who is making the donation, surely they would like to know where their money is going to. This document is also useful because not many people who make donations may know that they are supposed to be acknowledged for their kindness.
A. Donor. Bill. Of. Rights http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/aboutus/foundation/donor.pdf
This document can be useful to everyone who is attending City Tech, is planning on attending City Tech in the future or just wants to view our school. It has the school name, location, phone and more. As well as having the percent of the different races of people who attend City Tech and the part time/full time students. This document also has the schools academic information. This document can be useful for many reasons and many people. It is basically like the main things that people should know about City Tech and it’s academics.




– Diana V.


The source above is about a little bit history of City Tech’s cafeteria. The article tells the readers that one of the socializing areas in City Tech—Cafeteria was closed by the NYC Department of Health in 2011.This is a useful information for people to know about the issue of the cafeteria in the past few years regarding to the sanitation.  However, even though this was a news about City Tech in the past, it can still affect people’s impression about City Tech. For example, if a future student gets to know about this, that might affect the student’s decision of choosing to attend City tech.


The source above is another information about City Tech. This is a video that was uploaded by City Tech in 2012. The president of City Tech is the narrator of this video. This is a video that talks about the academic aspects of City Tech. It informs the audience about the programs that are offered in City Tech. This might be attractive to the audience because it is like a commercial for the college. However, it can be considered as a bias source because it is posted by City Tech, so the things that are being discussed in the video would be only the positive things. Therefore, this source is useful of letting people to know about something about City Tech, but at the meanwhile, they might also think that it is too good to be true in their mind.

 –Fenfang Huang


 The source above is from City Tech’s own college website. This is about the club activity at city tech. As what it says on the webpage “City Tech clubs are an integral part of college life because they allow students with common interests to come together and work toward a common goal. They are also a great way to meet your peers, get to know the college, expand your college education beyond the classroom, and participate in student-sponsored social events on campus.” Therefore, those clubs are the socializing areas that play an important role on promoting happiness in City Tech as the what the webpage shown.


 The source above is taken from the internet. It is about the Student Government Association in City Tech. The source informs people that “The main function of Student Government is to uphold our rights as students. The SGA also coordinates many activities for the student body, such as community panel discussions, voter registration drives, cultural programs, club fairs, dances, and many other activities.” This source can be useful in the way that it tells what the SGA’s responsibility in the college community at City Tech. Therefore, it is a piece of information that is important for those people who are looking for a place to get latest information about the activities City Tech.

 -Wesley Ackley

Observations (Wesley, Fen Fang, Diana)

Observations (Wesley)

Our research topic is socialization within city tech. What I’ve observed is that most interaction in general creates happiness and smiles. Most people who were eating or listening to their music seemed content. I also noticed that the art work on the walls sparked positive conversation. I found the room that produced the most joy was the room with the ping prong table as well as the pool table. Most of the socialization in that room created roars of laughter.

In one of the quieter lounges I noticed someone sleeping on one of the couches, I also noticed two students using a lap top to play music on a low volume. On the bottom floor of the atrium there were students playing guitar, expressing themselves  through an art form. There was also a higher volume down on this floor. There were people eating, laughing and conversing all around this area.

After observing these areas and rooms at city tech we proceeded to hand out surveys we created relating to them. On our second day returning to the ping pong room it seemed much more lively than the last time we had observed. The pool table had a crowd of people watching and a long waiting list to match it.

Observations (Diana)

     My group went to the atrium, the room where ping pong is played on the fourth floor , a room on the second floor and another part of the atrium. We went to these places because they are all social spaces where people go to interact, as well as do work. People usually go to the atrium to do work between classes, people can also do work in the other places we visited, but what I found was that in the room with the ping pong table more people were playing than doing work.

     A few of the place that we went to were quiet while others were loud. There seemed to be more people sitting in groups doing work than people who were alone. Also there were not a lot of place to charge your phone or laptop except in one place. This can be a big  inconvenience for students, making it difficult to get work done in those areas. This can discourage people from doing work in those place and can cause them to go somewhere else that might be crowded.

Some of the places that we went to were cold which can make it difficult for students to focus and get work done. Other places had very little sitting or tables to do work. Things like this can be a big inconvenience because it can cause students to go to place that are already packed, making it uncomfortable to interact with one another. Which can then affect how happy people are over all in the school.

Moving forward which this project for future research we can take pictures of the places that we go to and add that into our project to show people what it is that we are talking about. Some people may not have had the chance to go to these places yet so it can be useful. It will also be easier when we speak about things to have a visual.

Another thing that can be done is we can go back to the places that we went to and observe them again, this time based on the diversity and the cultures of the student body at City tech. We can observe the languages spoken, the food that is eaten and the interactions among in these places. We can also research the different programs occurring in these places that pertain to studies.

Observations (Fenfang)

     For our group project, we worked on how the socializing areas affect people’s happiness at City Tech. These places include the lounges, cafeteria, atrium, etc. We went to many of these settings and conduct some observations at these places.

     The first place that we went to is the school cafeteria. In the cafeteria, we observed that the cafeteria is not only a place that students can eat there, it is also a place that students use it to do many other things. For example, there were some students studying quietly; there were lots of interactions and conversation, so it seemed that the cafeteria is pretty noisy; I could see that there are people eating, and there were different kinds of food are available. In the aspect of the environment of the cafeteria, it seemed that it’s okay. Actually, there are many garbage cans and vending machines, the floor is pretty clean, but some of the tables are a little bit dirty. The ceiling is pretty nice because the design of it is special. However, it would be better if the cafeteria has some water fountains . Also, the light in the cafeteria is dim.


     Another place that we visited is the ping pong room on 4th floor, which is next to the library.  We could see that  there are also many interactions. Students seemed happy with playing the activities of ping pong and table tennis. On the 6th Floor Atrium, we could see that people are so relaxed. They  were sitting there playing cellphones, talking. We observed that there is also a phone station there and few pictures with frames hanging on the wall. This can be considered as a part of art. Compared to the previous 4th Floor Atrium and 6th Floor Atrium, 2nd floor lounge room is quieter. There are few tables and chairs. Some people study there.  There are also many fliers in that room. That would allow students to know about the current events.

     The Ground Floor Atrium can count as the most interesting Atrium. It is also can be called as the Atrium Amphitheater. There are lots of interactions too. Some people were reading, some were eating, some were having group discussion. The interesting part at this place is there are few students playing guitar. This activity add much flavor to the Atrium Amphitheater. The chairs and seats have different color, this made there such a “colorful” Atrium.

From the observations, these socializing areas contribute a big part to the student life in City Tech. I learned that these places provide lot of chances for the students to have socializations with others. Also, it is a good idea to have these atrium areas on most of the floors. That allows people to find a place to take a rest easier. Even though these places can provide a comfortable environment to the students, there is still a need to improve and make them even better.

(Revised Nov. 29th)

Happiest places in NYC

The happiest places in the city i have realized can be anywhere for me. But there are two places that stand out the most to me. One of those places is anywhere on my skateboard. The love i have put into skateboarding has given me the opportunity to get my soles as well as my soul off the ground to a point that feels like astral projection, when i skateboard i feel as if none of the evil in the world can touch me. My skateboard also allows me to move through time and space faster than people running because of the balance I’ve developed over the years. I like to meet different people everywhere in the city and spread positivity wherever I’m at. I love to make people smile and feel good, I’ve learned I can learn a lot about myself by talking to older people as well as younger people. Talking to little kids for example make me feel like a little kid again which is beautiful. Older people I’ve also realized can teach me a lot, some times I think they are losing hope and no longer believe in true love but I make sure to make a fallacy of such beliefs. Whenever I have Rhythm And Poetry aka rap music I’ve also learned can help me feel good wherever I’m at, for they serve as modern day hymns that give me power. The second place that makes me most happy is the building where i currently reside. “No time for sleep i gets deep as a baritone, killer bee that be holding down his honey comb, loungin’ sun, wu brother #1, swingin’ swords chopping guillotines here they come” -Method Man (Shadowboxin’). To I,  these lyrics reflect the lounge where I interact with the people in my building as well as finish homework, and create art. I believe its important everyone perceive there place of stay as a loving place where they can accept, spread, and amplify the love they’re feeling because as Byrnes text said, the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. Where you rest your head is important because its where your dreams develop.

The big picture

It is believed by the students that the professor has the authority, clubs are appreciated. Homework is acknowledged. The desks are too small, we need to be responsible in college in order to be self sufficient. The space seems dull and simple. Everyones experiences are varied by each persons perspective. The elevators go up and down but very slowly. The food is good. School is a good place to interact with people. When you skip orientation theres no need to fit in. The professors are nice and were starting to like math. The atrium is a cool space to be in because it circulates well. expression is important  because it changes the way we feel. The purpose of school is to gain knowledge and retain it so one can become wise.Wisdom is knowledge retained. Apps assess happiness. Track yourself and question your well being. To quantify is to put things into numbers and then learn how to apply data into what is happening in your life. What makes ones quantified self maximum is unknown. Question in general. Is it possible to “hack h(app)iness”? The goal is to save the world. The world working together is going to save the world via love because that is the most powerful law in the universe says the secret text by Byrne. To aggregate means to come together. Build policies to maximize well being. GDP=gross defective profit. Tell yourself perception is key. Measuring, interpretation, aggregation. People can block love from coming to them.

City Tech

So far my experiences at city tech have been great. I have transitioned well from high school to college being that i’ve adapted so well to having more free time to myself. In high school it was the same repetitive lifestyle seven days a week that just felt so stand still my mind moved at a slower pace. Now I strive to finish my homework as soon as I’m out of class so I have free time to do what I love. All of my experiences with the city tech staff have been great. Im learning to excel in areas i was once weak in. I am learning to become a better writer in ENG 1101, understanding algebraic thought better every day in MAT 1190 , becoming more of a professional every day in HUS 1101, and learning a whole lot about my self in BIO 1100. The security guards I’ve realized are all also very kind. One thing i believe that would improve the school the most would be to open all the exits and entrances. Making all doors open to the faculty and students would allow the entire city tech community to move through time and space faster. This might mean hiring more security guards, which would cost the school more money, but in the times we are living in there are people who need jobs like this. I believe hiring the right people for the jobs (guards who actually make the students feel secure in a school environment) will create very, very positive change for the school and will also allow the city tech community to positively develop faster. Another concern that is brought up very often is the speed of the elevators. I believe if you are going up stairs more than 3 floors… then by all means take the elevator. I’ve found that if you are going downstairs to any extent you should ALWAYS take the stairs. I find that walking down 10 floors after english class actually makes me feel like i have MORE energy than i did before i started walking down the stairs, mainly because it gets a persons heart pumping while gravity does all the work. So if everyone going downstairs took the stairs, everyone going up would have faster access to the elevators as well as many other positive experiences (i.e. less crowded elevators). This alone would allow the school to circulate ten fold faster than it ever did before. If you find you need exercise in your life- take the stairs up instead of the elevators, it will benefit your work ethic in ways you never imagined. Hustling up stairs to get class, working the physical body to gain knowledge in a class room. If you don’t like exercise, you may enjoy your class more because you get to sit down and take a physical break. This is just a few of my thoughts correlating to my experiences at city tech and I believe the positive possibilities for our college are infinite.

Quantified self

Personally at this point I believe we can all agree that happiness or contentedness comes from within, especially after reading “The happiness project”. I see the key to being happy in todays world is simply understanding how to be content when things aren’t going great, and how to spread the love when you are truly happy. Giving my change to people on the street that appreciate it greatly makes me feel happy because i know what goes around comes around. If anyone truly wants to feel good about life I suggest they find themselves, and by that i mean understanding your thoughts, feelings, and then interpreting how you should positively express them instinctively. So when you’re sad, learn to be content. When you’re happy, learn how to pass it around and it will inevitably come back around to you because we live in a friendly universe (Says “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne). People shouldn’t feel hedonistic, in todays world true pleasure will find you, chasing it will only make it farther from you. Using a program like the H(app)athon may work to maximize some peoples happiness for the time being. I think whats most important in response to these passages is that as humans we have free will, which means we can choose to think/feel/live however we want. So I wouldn’t chase happiness, I would study knowledge of self to alter your perception of life in ways that can make you feel more content about living when you’re not happy. Also accept the fact that no one can deny your thoughts or feelings, If you have strong feelings about something express it, don’t just say it. Being happy all the time isn’t healthy anyways! High levels of dopamine often cause schizophrenia later on in life, so when you’re down consider yourself blessed.

open happiness

coca-cola-open-hapiness1    I chose this advertisement because it is simple and straight forward to the audience. Although it may not be true that simply opening a bottle of coca cola will lift your mood, the advertisement still has a positive message. I also like how the ad has a simple color scheme of just red and white. Theres no actors or questionable expressions, its just one simple logo with a unmistakeable statement next to it. But as I look closer there is also a TM in much smaller font to the right of “open happiness”. The TM stands for trademark (unregistered), which I just learned specifies a recognizable design, symbol, or expression that identifies its goods or services of a particular source from others. In this case “open happiness” is an unregistered trademark of coca cola.

The Secret

The secret, is now not so much a secret. The secret is a piece of literature written by Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction and how it is believed to be the natural force that governs our lives. Have you ever thought something and then it just so happened to become a part of your life? well that is just how it works. The secret of the law of attraction is supposedly something we all posses whether we are consciously aware we are allowing it to guide us or unconsciously aware that it is guiding us. Further understanding how the law of attraction works can bring prosperity to those who utilize its power. One can attain  wealthiness, good health, and become one of the richest people on earth just by  applying the concept of the law of attraction to their life.  So how does it work? Well first you have to think, thats the basis of it all, literally your thoughts. Once you’ve thought of something (whatever it may be) you have to then feel as if you have it. For example, suppose you apply for a job and are awaiting a call to hear if you’ve been hired or not. Now you really need to be employed at the time in order to pay for medication to help your severe back pain, so you make sure to fill out the resumee as best you can ,list a reference or two, and leave a good impression on the staff each time you’re in there. You feel good about your actions and that the future holds good things to come. Now upon receiving the call you are informed you were not hired for the position you applied for, instead they found you eligible for a position in a department with equal salary and easier work. Through your thoughts, feelings, and actions you can manifest your own reality through the law of attraction. The secret is bringing your thoughts into your life.