The Secret By (Dot Dot Dot)

The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne, talks about how the universe is run by something called Law of Attraction. The idea behind this is basically, you think positively or negatively thoughts and you are drawing out the results. The whole book is based on this concept about how to make your life happier with such a thing as Law of Attraction. You control your life with just a thought and that thought would bring you to something you could never have expected.

Through the story, they all explain the fact that you must feel good in order to get good results. Clamming that it is the perfect way in gaining what ever you want, whether it being wealth, or even to be cured my cancer, etc. our thoughts are primarily the cause of everything around us, if we can think it then we send this thought to the universe and sends this new found idea to your feelings. When feeling down, this can bring negative thoughts and is encouraged, starting and thinking happier or a positive out look in life or situation.

In other words, only you rule over your life, only you can bring these things to your self and the most efficient way in doing so is think positively. Don’t always look down in your life, start to pick it up with a thought and progress with unfold its self from there.

Vision of Happiness, Essay #2

In my views of happiness, I can recall times where I was happy, then I can try to break it down from there. When I was a young boy I used to love looking outside the widows, even till today, and whenever I looked out side I would see trees swaying in a distance as if calling me to play outside. I can remember my teacher calling my name when ever I looked outside, pestering me to learn my ABC’s, at the time, I always gave her the same response “I already know how to count.” I would laugh, the face she would always give me whenever I said such a peculiar thing made her question something, either I should stay in 1st grade or go back to kindergarten, I got left back and took 1st grade again. The little things of my yesteryears always made me happy and fill with joy, even today the little things make me happy but now I want to know what are these little things and how do they effect my everyday life.

In my early teens year, around 14 -16, me and my friends would always hang out, usually around the park and just ran after each other with rocks, sticks, mostly anything sharp. Every day I would walk past the park and remember all the funny things we had done. There is one specific day I remember, I had a huge argument with my father, I decided to storm out. No place to go, my friends decided to hangout with me, to kill time until my father cooled off. This memory brings happiness to me in a sense of comfort with the perfect strangers. In reality I don’t really know them enough to come say they’re people you can trust your life with, but at that moment I felt comfortable around these 3 perfect strangers. My father and I eventually talked it out.

Whenever I would stay home alone I would watch anime, play games but mostly draw. I’m no amazing artist but when ever I say a blank piece a paper my imagination would just flow out of my head and onto a piece of paper. It was as if each line I put was speaking to me, a symphony lines coming together to create such a novel, only those who can see it can only understand its beauty. Once I was done with one I would always tell my self “No, not good enough, more details.” I wasn’t only molding my drawing but my imagination by making them more vivid with each sketch. The progress of my sketching would always make me happy, to see my hard work finally paying off would make me realize my future is getting brighter and brighter.

Coming home from a long day of work and just laying down would always knock me out. I would always have this same occurring dream whenever I feel down or really tired. Running to a certain place or person, this person would always grab my hand and ask me if I was hungry. Before I could reply this person would shush me and say “I know just the place.” We would always go to this dinner and eat waffles with syrup and butter. It felt as if this certain being knew my every thoughts and whims in their hearts. It felt sort of nostalgic, in sense that my sister would always take me out to eat and order me a specific meal after a dental check up. Tears running down face over the fact of me not wanting to go to the dentist in the first place, my sister would comfort me with her words and make my tears change to weeping and then gone. Her hands warming my cold ones, this made me happy, someone caring for me when no one else can at the moment would bring a tear to my eye. I am blessed with a wonderful family.

I don’t like to read, it’s something I find no joy in, or so I thought until I picked up a book called Fahrenheit 451. This book opens my eyes on what is happiness. This man Montag was not happy with his dull life, so then he starts to read books in a society that burns and kills such acts. He realizes that he’s missing something in life and doesn’t come to realize such a thing till he runs into a women name Clarisse. She opens his eyes to a much more beautiful society we once lived in and that reminds me of my own life story. A piece of his life reminds me a piece of mine and that bring me joy, to compare a mans life or moment to mine. This man felt so lost and couldn’t seem to understand why, what was his problem? His deal with this society? His moments brought in the story on how heroic he can be with the books, how much of change man he is now and fighting not to go back to that dull Guy Montag he once was. This book truly brought happiness to me in a sense of a man wanting to stand up for something he believes in, in his society. Anyone can change the world, it just the action that will trigger the domino effect.

Now days, something that makes me happy or glade to be around is the music. I love to just sit down and listen to music that speaks about my mood but some songs I carry with because they bring memories of hard times or fun times. A song I listen to is Candles by Daughter, saying she can’t be this persons lover and claiming that she only brought the comfort of love but was never really love just warmth. I can remember listing to this when my ex and me girlfriend broke up. Yet this brought happiness, it taught me that not everything is forever but that don’t mean you should look at the glass half empty but rather half. I thought of all the happiness she once gave me and now that I am alone the memory comforts me, they bring warmth to my head.

The ideas of my happiness is simple, the little things in my life bring the happiness and with it memories, that I will take to the bitter end. It is either I taking a walk to the nearest train station, taking the R all the way to Jay Street, closing my eyes along the way and feeling the train rocking me to sleep is just the happiness I need, until I have wake up so I won’t miss my stop. Happiness is the memories I have made with people that have either touched my heart with their warmth or stories. Many have different perspective of happiness and I see it as a moment in time that sticks out to you and brings a sort of a nostalgic feeling whenever that memory comes up. I cant help but to reminisces of these times in my head and just fall back and just remember every little detail that I can, now that’s happiness in my head and eyes.


NYC Democratic and Republican Mayoral Victory Speeches


Bill de Blasio Speech

During Bill de Blasio speech, which took place in NYC on September 11, He spoke about 9/11, which took place 12 years ago, and how New Yorkers helped one another calling them the “Perfect Strangers.” He mostly stood on the topic of 9/11 and clamming “On that day no one was left behind.” He then changed the topic to the modern day by clamming that “New York has become a tailed of two cities.” He explains by singling out the wealthy by them rebounding from the great recession and life couldn’t get much better for them here. Then to another topic of the peoples hopes and dreams, parent for example, saying that the greatest fear of a parent is for their children not being able to reach their “God Given Talent.” He claims we need change from this Blumberg Era.

Joe Lhota Speech

During the Joe Lhota speech, which took place on September 10, he started off by saying that the people need a mayor who can best serve the city, then he states that his campaign is about the issues, principles and experience. He supports the NYPD and supports the fact about stop, question and frisk. He also speaks about tail of two cities and doesn’t want to go back to the economic despair, fear and hopelessness. He claims that small businesses are the back bone of society and he supports it all the way through.


During the Bill de Blasio speech he tackles on a lot of good point, poverty, the wealthy and the Era we are in now in which he calls it the Blumberg Era. Some of his key points were mostly on the 9/11 claiming that we were one as a city, calling those who helped the “Perfect strangers.” Clamming that the wealthy have benefited from the Great Recession that luxuriant condos replacing the community’s hospital. He is attacking the issues that communities are facing now. Also adding the poverty and dreams of parent all across NYC.

During the Joe Lhota speech, He sticked to what he knows like the idea of tails of two cities and then he started to explain what that is in his own eyes. later on he states that he’s behind NYPD and its Stop and frisk methods. He sounds very proud and strong when it comes to the issues he is trying to push across us and that comes to no suprise since he wants to win but the fact that he spoke about small businesses shows that he really wants to start off small and show that even the little things matter here.


Both of these views of the people’s happiness differ, Bill explains in details about what he wants to do for the community and whom he will tackle to get such progress. Joe’s view of happiness for the people was mostly on small businesses and NYPD, he wants to give an opportunity to every man women and child either by jobs and/or education. Their view differ, sure but they both have a long way to go till they capture the audience attentions and peruse them to vote for them. I go for the one with the funniest hat.


Summary of “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know”

Census wants to know how happy SOMERVILLE, Mass is and in April 30, 2011 a survey was given. In that survey people were asked to rate their happiness from a 1-10 then asked why did they choose that particular number. It soon came to the ideas that if the town wasn’t happy, what was the caused of its unhappiness. One particular person wrote, “I would like to be three inches taller and speak Quechua fluently.” He rate his happiness a 6. The survey was very broad, it wasn’t just one specific thing it had peoples problem from the govern body of the town to a persons learning skills. Mr. Curtatone said, “Cities Keep carful track of their finances, a bond rating doesn’t tell us how people fell…” Not everyone was one board with the idea of a survey determining how the city or town should be made or build. Through the reading I cant really say if it was dumb or smart, it was interesting, the concept of basing the town with how happy the people were was an interesting thought. I would have loved to be apart of such a group if I lived in that town.

My view of Happiness

My view of happiness, when I was first asked this question I picture my art. I love to draw sometimes for hours on end. The reason why I consider this to be my happiness was mostly because I love to lose my self in my art. To lose one’s self in something that is yours and yours only would always make me smile. It felt as if I was a kid in a play ground and all I had with me was my imagination, the sandbox was my white sheet of paper and the bucket to create a sandcastle or anything were my pencils, I could create anything and everything and that made me “happy.” I thought about it some more later on that day. There are many things that make me happy, one them is watching anime, a favorite show I love “Kill Me Baby” And “chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai” are shows about high school life for these teens. I love to laugh at the idiotic things these characters do, such as pretending to be ninjas or a demon slayer. These shows make me happy because I love to compare their everyday life to my middle school times, when friends and I ran around pretending to be ninjas and/or zombies, just the memories alone would make me grin. There are many things that make happy but something that will always fill me with joy is getting advice from my father. His lectures and words inspired me to be something more then just an average Joe. My father has helped me through difficult time and that is what makes me happy.